Theme Suggestions

Here are the themes that have been suggested for the next Flipside event.

Theme suggestions have been sent to the printer for poster-making. If you've still got a theme you'd like on the posters for voting, please make sure to show up early to town hall and ask around for someone to help you get your awesome theme name on the poster.

Theme Proposed by
#hashtagburn #hashtagart #hashtagculturalmovement
<Insert Theme Here>
A Bundle Of Sticks Or Twigs! Claire
As Seen on TV
Ass Leeches at the Creek, a Love Story
Awful Anteater Assembly
Bea Arthur's Backyard Bacchanalia and Backyard Bat Mitzvah Benzo!
Bombardier Beetle Bonanza
Burning Flipside 2014: The Ties That Bind Nicole Perdue
By Lurko's Beard kris blahnik
Cat Catapult Catastrophe
Cirque de Fabulosity foxyroxy
Crazy Ass Texans Burning Stuff Babbage
Damn Trees Babbage
Dante's Disco Inferno Sin Camp
Delicate Duck Dystopia
Expressive Elephant Eulogy
Far-fetched Phytoplankton Fantasy
Flipside 2014: Wonderland Your mom
Freedom From Choice
Groovy Grizzly Graduation
Harshmellow Weenie Roast Not Me
Heavenly Harpy Haberdashery
Home Is Where the Art Is
I Would Like To Apologize For My Dog Part 3: Chasing My Own Tail
Interdimensional Disco Ball Pinkalicious
Interstellar Though Propellor Erich Graham
Irate Ibus Ideaology
Is this thing on? !Bob
It's a Good Thing I Don't Need Cash Here Because I Left My Last $20 On Your Mom's Dresser
It's Turtles All The Way Down! Turtle Inferno
Jackass Jackass Jackpot
Jesus Love You
Kooky Koala Kickball
Lazy Llama Lagoon
Leather Knee High Cat Beef
Magical Awkwardness Tim Thraeryn
Monocerous Stomping Ground His Nobs, of the International Cribbage Conspiracy
My Theme Can Beat Up Your Theme
Mystical Monkey Massacre
Narcissistic Nautilus Nightmare
No Me
Occult Octopus Octarchy
Parnassian Parrot Pareidolia
Psychonautical Revolutions Jellybean
Quarrelling Quetzal Quest
Remote Control: An epidemic of mass hypnosis, puppetry, and mind control has overtaken Pyropolis. Trolls abound in this chaotic abyss, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. We must climb the effigy Control Tower and Burn the Puppet Master! Brandon (The Existential Waldo) Wallace
Rising up From The Ashes Eva Love
Sleepless in Pyropolis Babbage
So far, it's Lurko's Beard; all three stickers. Elon!
Soldering Irons of Justice
The H of Haquarius. nobodobodon
The Legend of Ranger Wanky's Ghost Penis
Theme: Awesometastical. Effigy: Sparkle Rainbow Farting Flying Unicorn
Ticking Time Boob NobodobodoN
Translate Server Error Babbage
Unifornication XTC
Watch Out! Drunk Texans Burning Shit
What would _____ do? Clan Inebriated!
Yo Ho It's A Pirates Life Kevin (in honor of talk like a pirate day)
You Can't Spell Fart Without ART!