Year-round schedule of events

Flipside planning calendar: 2019

The Burning Flipside community is busy year-round, with events happening as we ramp up for Flipside as well as ongoing community events. You can always see what’s coming up in our calender (and even subscribe to that in your own calendar app). For the coming year, the major milestones are as follows:

Ticket window

The window for creating and mailing ticket requests is Jan 13th–Feb 3rd, 2020: they cannot be created before the start of the window, and they must be postmarked by the end. Requests will be processed in late February with actual ticket e-mail messages going out shortly after that.

Work Weekends

Work weekends are where we prepare the land for Flipside. This includes clearing beaches and paths, removing dead tree limbs, laying roads, etc. These run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, and you are welcome to camp out overnight.

  • Work Weekend 1: Feb 14–16, 2020
  • Work Weekend 2: Mar 13–15, 2020
  • Work Weekend 3: Apr 17–19, 2020
  • Work Weekend 4: May 8–10, 2020

Town Halls

Town Halls are held at the Warehouse twice a year. Town Halls are for major community announcements, learning about volunteering opportunities, and reconnecting with your fellow Flipizens. Fall Town Hall is when we vote on the theme for the upcoming event, and Spring Town Hall is where the effigy design is unveiled.

  • Spring Town Hall: Feb 1, 2020
  • Fall Town Hall: Sep 28, 2019


Load in is when we move Flipside’s infrastructure out to the land. This is always the Saturday before the event starts, and is an all-hands project.

  • Load-in: May 16, 2020

Load-out and cleanup

Load-out and cleanup is when we remove Flipside’s infrastructure from the land, along with every trace that the event ever happened. This is ordinarily the Saturday after the event ends, but sometimes is pushed back a week due to weather.

  • Load-out & cleanup: May 30, 2020

Burning Flipside

Burning Flipside is always on Memorial Day weekend, starting the Thursday before and ending on Memorial Day itself.

  • Burning Flipside 2020: May 21–25, 2020

Year-round events

The following all take place at the Warehouse

Church Night

Church nights are held every Wednesday, starting around dark-thirty and lasting until everyone leaves. They’re an opportunity to socialize and work on projects at the Warehouse.

Combustion Chamber meetings

The Combustion Chamber is the advisory body to Austin Artistic Reconstruction. It holds public meetings every other Monday (approximately) starting at 7:42 PM. For the schedule and meeting topics, check the Calendar.

Art Night @ Lloyd

Hosted by the Pyropolis Art Guild, art nights are held every Thursday at the warehouse (approximately) starting at 7:00 PM and running about three hours. Come work on your art and socialize with other artists- all art forms welcome. This, like all events at the warehouse, is a leave no trace event.