Lloyd the Warehouse

Location: 3106 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758

This is our new warehouse, sometimes called the Wherehouse, recently named “Lloyd.”

Lloyd is a great space for working, for thinking, and for making things go. It is also occasionally a good space for making with the letting it all go and the recreating. Mostly it’s all about making it go, though.

There are rules for using shared space. Lloyd the Warehouse is no different, please read the Warehouse Policy to know what’s up.

To use Warehouse for projects, rehearsals, meetings and other community uses, you must contact the Warehouse Managers.

This map shows how to get there.

Once you get there, you might need to sign the waiver if you haven’t already. Then it’s on to the creativity.

Warehouse Hosts are the most notable public faces at the warehouse, but who knows, you might be the next one. What’s a Warehouse Host you ask? Well I’m glad you did. A Warehouse Host is the person who is featured at the Warehouse for whatever event is going on. They open the space, help prepare it for everyone. During use of the space, they ensure that anyone in the space has signed a waiver, and also knows the rules and policy of the space.

The Warehouse Host probably knows where most things are, and is the most popular person in the Warehouse. At the end of the evening, the Warehouse Host gets to boot the stragglers and close the space up.

The Warehouse is a Leave No Trace Space! Pack it in, pack it out! Put up your tables and chairs! Sweep! Feel free to use the vacuum cleaner!

Beyond that, the Warehouse’s potential is limitless. Let us know what you want out of a Warehouse space, either at a Church Night, by smoke signal, or telephonetic powers.

Cheers and enjoy the Bad-Ass Warehouse of Legendary Righteousness known as Lloyd!