The following Polices may not cover all aspects of using the warehouse. These policies are under revision (because, as only one example, we no longer have a hearth, or allow burn barrels).

PLEASE NOTE: Outside of Church Night (an open community night on Wednesday nights), all use of the warehouse, meeting space, and adjacent parking lot must be scheduled with a Warehouse Manager! If you have any questions, please contact your Warehouse Managers. If you have any uncertainty, (all together now), please contact your Warehouse Managers. If you don’t have any uncertainty, you probably need to contact the Warehouse Managers.

Warehouse Policies

The AAR LLC Warehouse is a community space. As such, we have certain rules that will help everything work smoothly. We appreciate your adherence to these policies. Sometimes people call the Warehouse the Wherehouse. It’s the same place—usually.



The purpose of the Warehouse is to provide a useful and comfortable place for group and individual projects, meetings, events and more for the Flipside community. The main thing that the Warehouse provides is a roof, power, restrooms and a big space to work and play in. The Warehouse is intended primarily to build community by offering interested parties the space to make their dreams and plans a reality.

Use of the Space

There are 3 major areas of space use as follows:

  1. group/individual “community use” space for shorter term uses (one day, 3 days in a row, one day a week for 2 weeks in a row, etc);
  2. “anchors of support” for persons/groups that want ongoing use of a set area
  3. storage space. Storage is limited to Flipside event infrastructure items and projects in progress.

To inquire about using the Warehouse, please contact the Warehouse Managers. As we hope the Warehouse will be a multi-purpose center for many people, the Warehouse Managers will make every effort to schedule use of the warehouse space in a manner that maximizes opportunity and effectiveness for those using/wishing to use the Warehouse. To best ensure your scheduling needs are met, please give the Warehouse Managers plenty of advance notice.

Warehouse Host

The Warehouse Host opens the space, completes waivers for all participants, ensures clean-up occurs and completes the exit checklist (see below) before locking up. Warehouse Hosts are chosen by the LLC as people who have proven their responsibility and are permitted to open and close the Warehouse. A Warehouse Host must always be available on site when the Warehouse is open.


Everyone that visits the Warehouse must sign a liability waiver and agree to follow the Warehouse policies and the instructions of the designated Warehouse Host and Warehouse Facilitators. If there is any uncertainty as to whether someone has signed a waiver, another should be signed.


Children are welcome; however, the Warehouse can be a dangerous place. You need to constantly supervise your child and be well aware of people using tools, traffic in the driveway, fires in the fire places, chemical stored openly and other potential hazards. You must sign a waiver for your child and the LLC is in no case responsible for injuries.

You must be 18 or older to be present at the Warehouse without being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Due to the communal nature of the work we do in the Warehouse, as well as safety and liability concerns, smoking is not allowed within the Warehouse. Smoking is allowed outside as long as there is no safety threat imposed (i.e. smoking near a can of gasoline!) Smokers are responsible for properly disposing of their butts and not leaving them on the Warehouse grounds.


All people working or attending activities in the Warehouse are responsible for following a safety policy which is posted in the Warehouse. Warehouse privileges may be revoked to any individual or group whose behavior endangers their selves or others.


The LLC is not responsible for any tools brought to or stored at the Warehouse. Any tools which are stored at the Warehouse must be labeled or are considered public use. All tools should be clearly and permanently labeled with the owner’s name. It is strongly recommended that you obtain personal insurance for your personal tools and materials of value. The Warehouse includes a tool lock up room with more limited access for storing personal tools. This is not secure storage but provides some limits on access. Additionally there are small tool lockers available on which you may place a pad lock. Tools must always be returned to the place they were taken from in the tool room after each use.


All painting work must be done on a drop cloth. As the Warehouse does not have the most perfect ventilation system, please restrict any painting with toxic paints to outside the warehouse.

Clean Up

The Warehouse must be cleaned and ready for its next use when a person or group leaves. This is a Leave No Trace space, like everything we do. There are NO trash cans, NO trash bags, NO recycling, NO dumpster and NO mother to clean up after you and wipe your tooshy. Everyone is responsible for removing their own waste, project debris, flushing the toilets, food, wrappers, empties, etc. Please leave the Warehouse as clean as or cleaner than you found it. Please. Pretty please. We mean this. We’ll find you. We know where you live. You’ll find it all on your lawn with interest. I swear (or at least that person did –ed).

Projects and Storage

The Warehouse will provide some unsecured storage space for certain approved projects in progress. Any project brought to the Warehouse should be cleared with a Warehouse Facilitator prior to starting the project. Any project in progress at the Warehouse that is stored there must have all materials labelled with the person’s name and contact information. Things that are not labelled may be cleaned up and disappear. The LLC is not responsible for materials or items that disappear.
General rules for all projects:

  1. Clean up every time – you must put your materials, tools and anything else away when you leave each and every time. Get a bin for your projects. If things need “drying time” or similar as first and locate the project out of the way.
  2. Leave the space ready – You should not have to put people’s projects away to get started nor should they have to do this for yours.
  3. Label everything – your tools, your project, your materials and make sure the label has a means to reach you should it become necessary for the Warehouse organizers to move your stuff.

Special rules apply for very large projects.

Art Cars: We’ve had problems with art car build and these rules have been developed to limit our headaches. This has been brought about by irresponsible behavior. Try and help us keep this list of rules short by not exploiting loop holes.

  1. Deadline – Art car builds must have a deadline before beginning. 6 months is too long.
  2. Title – The title must be given to the LLC for safe keeping in the event the project exceed its deadline and the car needs to be disposed of.
  3. Keys – A copy of all keys must be provided in the event we need to relocate the car elsewhere on the property or dispose of a vehicle that exceeds it’s deadline.
  4. Debris – All parts removed from the car must leave the day they are removed.
  5. Tarps – All vehicles in progress must be neatly and completely tarped when not being worked on.
  6. Storage – There is NO STORAGE OF ART CARS. You’re expected to find it a new home following the build.

Large Structures & Sculptures: We’ve had problems with large builds and these rules have been developed to limit our headaches.

  1. Deadline – You need to finish the project on a time frame. 6 months is too long.
  2. Debris – All cut off bits of stuff, pieces, junk, etc. must be removed immediately. It’s not going to be reused by “someone else”.
  3. Storage – You can’t store it here.

Animal Policy

Other than Seeing Eye dogs or other assistant animals, please leave your pets at home. If you must bring your dog, he or she must remain leashed at all times, and kept outside of the Warehouse. This allowance may change at any time.

Neighbors and Sound

Please respect the residential neighborhood next to our parking lot and keep noise down. After 10 p.m. there should be no use of loud equipment, loud music or other loud noises that will disturb the neighbors.


Please be aware that we have warehouse neighbors on both sides of our building. On one side we have a transmission shop (regular business hours M-F 7am -5pm) and an Artist Studio on the right side (normal freak hours). When hosting a scheduled event please ensure that the parking for your event does not in anyway impede access to their businesses.

General Supplies and Equipment

There is no guarantee that there will be a stock of drinking water, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, drop clothes or any other materials. You must bring everything you will need to complete your project, event, etc.


Anything in fridge is fair game for anyone to take. Do not use the fridge to store food as sometimes it is shut off accidentally. If you have special food or beverages which you do not wish to share, keep them cool in your private cooler.

Safety Rules

  1. Anyone using tools must be trained and demonstrate understanding of the tool and its dangers.
  2. Safety Goggles are required for all power tools and when normally prudent (ie: hammers).
  3. Work Gloves are required for all power tools and when normally prudent.
  4. No drinking/intoxication for anyone handling power tools or working off the ground.
  5. Any heavy lifting must be done by a machine (i.e. chain hoist, boom or snorkel lift). Moderately heavy lifting may be done by small coordinated crews of people.
  6. The Warehouse Hosts and Warehouse Managers are the final word on safety and can tell you to leave if necessary.
  7. Individuals and groups are responsible for their own safety and should exercise caution in all their activities.

Exit Check List

Before closing the Warehouse, the Warehouse Host should ensure the following tasks are completed:

  • Flush all toilets
  • Verify water in sinks is turned off
  • Make sure the work space is swept and cleaned
  • All trash and trash bags are removed from the premises
  • All power tools and other electrical equipment are unplugged
  • Everything is returned to where it belongs (tools, supplies)
  • All lights are turned out.
  • Refrigerator is turned on.
  • The back door is locked.
  • The tool room is locked.
  • The front door is locked.
  • The hearth is completely extinguished.
  • Burn barrels are completely extinguished.
  • Trash, scraps and stuff in the driveway is swept and removed.


From time to time various people wish to use the Warehouse as an event venue. Each request is considered individually to determine if it is a good fit for our community work/meeting space. We do not charge for use of the Warehouse space. Because each event is different it’s impossible to lay out hard and fast rules defining what will and will not be allowed to occupy the Warehouse. Guidelines for how requests are considered are:

  1. Is community of Flipside primarily involved and how?
  2. Is the point of the activity to raise money and if so how does that benefit the community of Flipside?
  3. Is the point of the activity to convey skills and if so how does that benefit the community of Flipside?
  4. Does the activity conflict with something already being done at the Warehouse?
  5. Does the individual sponsoring or requesting the space have a history with Flipside, the community and the organization?
  6. How is the activity or event organized?
  7. Have considerations been given to setup, teardown, clean up, trash collection, trash removal, etc.?

That list is not exhaustive but should provide a good idea of how events will be examined.

Requirements for the event

Basically, everything is your responsibility to coordinate, clean, set up, tear down and make happen. Specifically we expect the following:

  1. Tables and Chairs and Shade – you’re welcome to use them on site. You’ll be responsible for getting them out, setting them up and putting them away dry and clean.
  2. Trash and Cleanup – You’ll need to provide for removing trash and we expect a cleanup crew to gather cigarette butts, bottles, cans, etc. the day after the event. We prefer this start before noon so that the place is back in shape by the evening.
  3. Setup – Let us know what extra time you might need for event setup beyond the scheduled event.
  4. In-Charge Person (We call them the Host) – We’ll need to know who the designated in-charge people are and be sure they know the Warehouse rules, are comfortable telling people to knock it off, and can contact the right people in case of emergencies or other problems. If none of the hosts can be around the Warehouse must be closed up and locked when they leave. They’ll need to be able to coordinate with each other to insure one of them is around while the Warehouse is open.


The Warehouse is a shared community space. In most respects this space is able to work by virtue of trust in the interests of community members to keep the each others projects, tools, materials and equipment safe from theft and to treat each other with respect. However, there are always one or two people in any group who will gladly abuse trust and actively work against the interests of the whole community in selfish pursuit of their own interests. This has already happened.

AAR LLC maintains locks and combination key boxes in an effort to limit access and thereby keep the premises more secure. Additionally, AAR LLC has installed a video recording system principally to discourage people who would abuse the trust on which the property operates and, if necessary, to aid in the identification and prosecution of individuals breaking the law.

Fire Performances

Fire performances and classes may be held in the parking lot to the extent that they can be done a safe distance from vehicles, buildings and non-participants; and that the area is not under a Burn Ban. Fire performers are expected to have appropriate safety gear, a ready fire extinguisher and a spotter ready with wet towels. Fuels for performances should be kept at a safe distance and away from non-participants.

Fire Hearth

The hearth inside the Warehouse is there for heating the space during the winter months. It should only be lit by a Warehouse Host. A fire extinguisher should always be on hand near by. All furniture must be kept a safe distance from the hearth when it’s lit. It must be extinguished when the host is leaving for the night. It must not be allowed to burn itself out unattended and MUST be completely extinguished with water before leaving.


The law is the law and you and I and everyone at the Warehouse must abide the law. If you break the law we are not responsible for you, and if necessary the LLC will cooperate with law enforcement fully.