Hello, Flipizens! It’s time to start thinking about Burning Flipside, and we have lots of news.

Here are the highlights:
1. Adult Tickets to Burning Flipside will cost $111 this year.
2. New ticket type: “Teen.”
3. New Ticket System
3a. All Tickets will be will call this year.
3b. Registration for tickets will be from 1/07/15 to 1/22/15 with the mail in window from 1/07/15 to 1/22/15.
4. New Website

Here are more details about the above.

  1. Adult Tickets to Burning Flipside will cost $111 this year
    For the past 2 years, Burning Flipside tickets have cost $95 for an Adult (14 and up), $35 for a Kid (7-13), and $0 for a Child (0-6). However, as we previously discussed at several Combustion Chamber meetings and Fall Town Hall we are increasing the price of tickets. At this time we are only increasing the price of Adult tickets from $95 to $111 per ticket (tax included). Child tickets will remain free, Kid tickets will be $33, and Teen tickets (see below) will be $111, same as Adult.

Ticket costs are going up to keep pace with rising costs of goods and services, and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the event and the infrastructure that supports it. The new price was set in the hopes that it can remain stable for several years, balanced with the desire to keep Burning Flipside as affordable as possible.

  1. New ticket type: “Teen.”
    Burning Flipside has previously used 3 ticket types: Child (0 -6), Kid (7-13), and Adult (14 and up). We are adding a Teen (14-17) type to accurately reflect minor status in the ticket system, so that guardians of all minors will receive the correct information about bringing their children to the event. Please contact if you have questions about transferring an Adult ticket to a Teen ticket or vice versa.&

  2. New Ticket System
    Burning Flipside’s volunteer-run, volunteer-created ticket system has been designed to meet the particular requirements of our event, and every year, we learn more about how to make it run better. Those experiences have been distilled into a new online ticket system, which should be significantly easier to use and is designed to work as well with the computer in your pocket as it does with the computer on your desk.

You can access the new ticket request system at

3a. All Tickets will be will-call this year.
A big change to our ticket system is that it is all will-call this year. This means that when you are ticketed in the system, you will receive an e-mail with a PDF to print out for use at Gate, and instructions for transferring tickets. You will receive a traditional paper ticket at Gate, which you can keep as a keepsake and will need in case you need to replace your wristband or exit and re-enter the event. You will still receive a survival guide by postal mail, and you can always read the survival guide online at

3b. Registration for tickets will be from 1/07/15 to 1/22/15 with the mail in window from 1/07/15 to 1/22/15.
This year we are consolidating the ticket registration and mail in windows. This means that as soon as registration starts on 1/07/15 you will be able to mail your request and money order in that day. Or you can wait until 1/22/15 to register and mail in. This should allow you greater flexibility and reduce the last minute rush to mail ticket requests.

  1. New Website
    Along with the ticket system, the whole Burning Flipside website has been reorganized.

– The public-facing website at has a new look and structure. Forms for ticketing, etc have been moved to
– The new is where you create ticket requests, manage your ticket information, transfer tickets, and fill out other forms (such as theme-camp registrations).
– The new is your central logon for the other parts of the website. You can also optionally store your contact information here, and that will speed up the process of filling out forms in the future.
– Pyropedia at has a lot of useful information about the event and organization, and is used by many department leads as sign-up sheets for their departments.

on behalf of AAR, LLC:
Patrick Boyd
Trevor Goodman
Noreen Long
Adam Rice
and Thomas Monclova