1000 Hands

We’re kicking off fabrication of our honorarium art piece, 1000 hands, at Flipside!

Promising to be one of the most monumental works at Burning Man in 2023, “1000 Hands” will be a 50′ tall fabric piece depicting a fiery landscape by day and illuminated scene by night. This work intends to spark commentary and reflection on our climate reality and stir up dreams of an auspicious future.

On playa, the artwork will be shaped by dusty desert winds and human interaction. Participants can swing from handles at the base of the tapestry, feeling “the world on their shoulders,” while witnessing the ripple effect of their actions displayed on a monumental scale. Only when participants swing in synchronicity will the piece move forward and gain speed and traction.

At Flipside, we’ll be facilitating participation in putting together the art piece. Attendees will be guided in contributing by adding fabric pieces that contribute to the greater picture of the art from afar and learn about the leave no trace practices we’re minding.

As the name suggests, we’re hoping for contributions from over 500 people on this piece, showcasing the power of collective action and artistry.


Project lead: Maria

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