CUDL is bringing our new human connection backed cryptocurrency to Flipside with our initial coin offering (ICO) event on Friday night. We’ll be constructing an elevated stage at ICE with full lighting and sound for our show.

After our event, we’d like to offer our stage (with a lighting set up, but not an amplified sound set up) to other Flipizens who want space to showcase their performance art projects. We are currently in talks with a number of other projects that want to use our space for musical, film, and other performance art projects. Help us help the community by donating to our cause to ensure we can get a large enough stage to accommodate everything from a play about a banana cult to a symphony performance to a Foley night!

Each 8′ x 4′ platform is $25 for us to rent and we’re seeking donors to help us make the stage as big and useful as possible! If you have a project you want to hype, we will add it to our stage skirting, which will be made up of painted logos of our various supporters and donors.

Get in touch with me (Winnie/whimsy) if you want to be a CUDLstage supporter!

You can also make direct donations here via Venmo: @misswinnie. Please add a note that it is for the CUDLstage and leave your contact info if you would like for me to reach out about getting info for the stage skirting or if you have a performance project you want on the stage!

Submit your idea for a CUDLstage performance here:“. Sign up form closes April 24 and schedule will be sent out for confirmation April 26!

Project lead: Winnie Hsia

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