Dating Bracelet Booth

Dating Bracelets are a way to transmit a message to other burners that you are not only open to a new connection but also describes the type of connection you are interested in. It brings snake bracelets and large European beads that get assembled into beautiful bracelets using the unique color code. Please help make this a Texas burn tradition!

Project lead: Your Shyness

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Your message will go directly to the e-mail address provided by the project lead. Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC will not retain copies of your message.

Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC, does not guarantee the success, transparency of finances, project management effectiveness or individual appeal of any of these projects. AAR does not guarantee that you will like or even see this art, or agree that it is art. We just like art and want art to come to Flipside.

About Your Shyness

I live in Houston, TX. Came to Floodside as my first burn ever and could not stop burning ever since! I love the burner community and have been attending multiple Texas regionals every year and as well as TTITD. I was the lead of The Dacha camp over the last few years, I lead TexASS Invaders to The Loveburn in FL in 2022, now leading the Snail Tinder Mail camp for Flipside 2022 and The Dream Spa camp for Burning Man-2022. I am the artist who brought Rejuvenation Chambers to Texas burns (which were a prototype for an art project on the playa at Burning Man 2019), the TexASS Alamo to Engulf and Loveburn, and the Dating Bracelet Booth to UBS-2022. All that said, I am very shy on the inside and was awarded the royal burner name to match: you can address me as Your Shyness.