Friendly Universal Telecom

Friendly Universal Telecom is the friendliest telecommunications group ever. In fact, we’re so friendly, all of our technicians are guaranteed to have never said a single curse word in their entire lives. Plus our service is also top of the line, or at least it would be if people would pay their bills. But since they didn’t, we’re making a very big FRIENDLY request for some funding, and we hope that all the people who skipped out on their bills go friend themselves.

We know times can be hard in this extremely friended up world, despite all the friendly people we see everywhere. But if you could look deep in your heart and toss us a few dollars, we will put that money to good friendly use adding payphones, replacing/updating our equipment, and working to provide even better service than before at every festival event we attend.

We also have added Patreon as an option. If you would like to throw us a few dollars every month, with some possible perks, it would be very useful in our continued expansion efforts. Every year we (as in Dale) spends hundreds of dollars upgrading equipment to try to make FUT even better. So any help is appreciated.

Project lead: Dale Gibson

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