Rejuvenation Chambers

Sensory deprivation tanks experience reduces stress, calms the nervous system, and helps one to enter a deep state of relaxation. If you are familiar with the concept, you will love our portable version that we call Rejuvenation Chambers. If this is new, you are in for a treat!

Read some reflections from those who tried the earlier version of the chambers:

“It was incredible! I feel like if anyone is stressed or has too much on their mind, the deprivation tank lets you focus on what’s important and helps you get a new experience out of the burn. I went in and I feel like I have not been this relaxed all weekend.”

“I was alone with myself for the first time all night. I wish I could feel that good all the time… And I think I can be around people now and be myself again”

“The sensory deprivation chamber is one of the coolest things I did. I went to the big burn and I think it would have been a really really nice experience to have out there. To sorta feel… the world get shut out for a few minutes. I lost myself a little bit. It was really such a nice space. I am one of those people who have done the actual sensory deprivation chambers, and I found this to be a much more positive experience.”

We know it will be wonderful, but we need your help covering the costs of some much needed modifications! Thank you so much in advance and see you all at Flipside!

Project lead: Shy

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