The Forge of Hephaestus

A ruined Greek temple sits abandoned, its once proud pillars burned and blasted from within by a superhuman force. An ancient stone forge slumbers silently among the toppled stone. Savvy Flipizens seeking to harness the forges shocking power must do so at their own peril. But know this; local wooks whisper that the forge hums with a unnatural light as the sun sinks below the horizon each night. Come at sunset, Fortune awaits.

We need a little bit more funding to supplement our art grant from Ignition Philter and truly deliver the atmosphere that we want the piece to have (lighting, fabrics, metals).

We have a few components we would love to borrow from the community:
-Smoke machine
-1000W+ AC dimmer or 10A+ Variac

We would love your help realizing this project, please email me or contact me on facebook if you are interested in helping us build, torch stuff, weld, sew, paint, mortar, etc.

Project lead: Duncan Anderson

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