The Hydrocarbon Homecoming

The Hydrocarbon Homecoming

Saturday, May 28th, in the City of Pyropolis we will converge on the effigy field by Ice around 7pm. 

Before we get on-site, we need YOU to come frolic and make some magic happen!

Visit for ways to get involved! Currently looking for mum makers, decor enthusiasts, foodies to contribute to the tailgate, football weirdos, cheerleaders, musicians (skills of all levels!), helpers for set up, tear down, etc. 

This is an event for all of us by all of us (with no specific theme camp affiliation- like the effigy, an art built by the community for the community!). 

Even if your level of participation is just showing up- don’t forget to pack something(s) fabulous!It’s the homecoming we all need.

Since we’re organizing it, let’s make it the homecoming we all deserve.

Welcome Home ❤ Come play!

Project lead: stephy

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