Looking for Artists of ALL ages, mediums, & abilities to make 1-10 ORIGINAL pieces to be gifted

Hi I’m Kathasaurus, Queen Instigator here at TeamArtasaurus, and I bought a gumball machine that I want to fill with original pieces of art to be given away….yes that means your original piece must fit inside a 2” plastic dome!
Are you a knitter……make a cool headband
Are you a painter….what can you do with a 1.5” canvas or small rock?
Are you a sculptor…..make a pendant or earrings
Are you a poet……have you written any haikus lately?
What can you & your kids do with SHRINKY DINKS?!?!?

Please contact me at TeamArtasaurus@gmail.com for more info
Find me on Instagram @TeamArtasaurus
The gumball machine will be displayed at Flipside
Just think you can say things for street cred like….
“Oh yeah you know, I had some art displayed at a Burning Man event this year!” Hahaha

How to prep your art:
+absolutely sign your work or roll up a piece of paper with a message about your art, your age, or your business/Instagram/Etsy OR just let your art speak for itself
+your art should NOT be MOOPy….spray seal can be your friend
+ each piece can be placed in an envelope or ziplock, to be added to a dome by me
+if the dome is part of your art piece, please contact me and I”ll happily bring you some domes

Please take a picture of your piece and share it with us #ThinkInsideTheDome

At Flipside, please bring your art to the Department of Mutant Vehicles or contact me.

Art doesn’t have to be huge & complicated!
Shrink your imagination!

Project lead: kathasaurus

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