CC Meeting 26 September 2016





ATTENDEES: Mer, Cooper, Button, Adam, Problem, Clover, Henry, Pixie, Rocky, Prost, Beth, Izzi, Babbage, Breezy, Christie, Turtlebunny


MOTION:  Do scribe interviews next Monday, October 3.  MOTION PASSES.

7:44 AAR Update (Adam)

  • Thomas and Princess stepped down, let the record show that they served the board admirably. We have a process for bringing on provisional members

AF Update (Mer)

  • We had Town Hall, and we had a retreat.
  • There was a warehouse cleanup. [woots all around]
  • Our policy on the warehouse should be: don’t treat it like it’s your house, treat it like it’s your best friend’s house.

Town Hall Recap

  • So the way this works is, we talk about the positive things first, then do feedback. Good format for all sorts of things/meetings.
    • Kudos to Bean, Squirrel–they painted the bathrooms.
    • Dano led the charge on disposal of trash.
    • Henry helped get rid of a bunch of stuff.
  • Other things people liked:
    • Having the meeting outside worked.
    • Set-up and tear down was quick, kudos to a well-organized group of people
    • The fact that Izzi called out hands for tear down meant that it got done quickly
    • Storm clouds helped the impetus for teardown efficiency
    • Okay so we’ll make sure to schedule a tornado for 5min after close next year
    • From what she’s heard, the feedback is that voting inside the meeting space/room was good. People getting a few minutes of AC helped.
    • Three tents + chairs were good. Plus, we were able to get chairs out of the conference room: we got to use the event as a way to reorganize things. We didn’t get complaints from neighbors.
  • What can we improve on next time?
    • I think we need airflow in the tents outside.
    • We had a few extra tables that we didn’t need and weren’t being used.
    • Maybe we need fewer tents for the AAR booths?  [It becomes apparent that the referenced tables are the ones we set up in between the shade structures to cover up the AV cables being run for sound]
    • We should engage volunteers and departments and make those tables available to them ahead of time.
    • We should encourage, not ask, if the AFs want to use the tables
    • Anything we can do to help the voting process go more smoothly?
    • [Re: marking participants as they acquired stickers and came inside to vote]: We went with sharpies over stamps, we won’t do that again. Sharpies weren’t going onto people’s hands because of sweat and sunscreen.
    • Next year: need a stamp
    • It’s helpful to have a table.
    • Was there a bottleneck of people at the stamp/sticker table? How can we fix that?
    • Ut was slower because we didn’t have a stamp and the sharpies weren’t working
    • We should have 2-3 people doing stamps
    • I’ve always viewed the corruptability of the voting process as a feature.
    • It’s better to print out theme names instead of writing them out
    • How was the sound setup at the back?
    • Historically the people at the back get louder, so you can’t hear in the front, so if you put speakers in the back ….
    • There’s no such thing as perfect
    • So no change. Thank you for bringing sound, Babbage
    • Liked sound level, didn’t blare in her ears.
    • Felt like CC presentation was boring (even though it gave the LLC time to count votes)
    • Maybe we can figure out a way to make it more dynamic and interesting
    • Was it a conscious decision to have the art AF present on DaFT selection?
    • AF didn’t want to do it, so I stepped up
    • I don’t think we did as great a job of reaching out to speakers.
    • So we should set expectations with speakers earlier
    • We should maybe do that in the middle of august

Respect Discussion Recap (Kat)

  • Do we want to defer until Kat can be here?
  • Only about seven community members showed up. That was okay, because you can have a different discussion with a smaller group. Some people might have been scared about the length of time we allocated for the discussion.
  • We need to look at the scheduling of those things to give ourselves protection, timing it so that more people can attend.
  • We thought that scheduling it around town hall would mean that a lot of people who were in from out of town could come, but I don’t think there were many out of towners that showed up
  • We should check in with kat re: scheduling and participation [for events like this in the future]
  • We should ask community members what they want to talk about
  • It was a lot of info to take in. I liked the open discussion format. Kat had trouble with the wifi and that impacted her flow.
  • Maybe we should check that out the day before to make sure it was up and running. I always have a hotspot I can bring and deploy. Problem, we have several different access levels to the wifi, maybe there’s another level that can be used for meetings like this?

CC Business

  • CC Retreat
    • We’re down to 12 ppl right now, doesn’t include a scribe and an LLC. looking at $150/pp. Was wondering if people were willing to give financial help, right now it looks like a crunch unless we ask people for specifics. Personally stressed about putting this on my CC. have 8-9 ppl who can afford to go, 3 who can’t, 1 who said they can help. Should we move forward?
    • We could have a day long meeting at the warehouse
    • The CC can use our place for the retreat if they want
    • OK I’ll kill the reservation but protect the dates
  • Scribe Interviews
    • How are we going to deal with scribe interviews?

MOTION:  Do scribe interviews next Monday, October 3.  MOTION PASSES.


TOPICS: Revisiting the Three Principles