UPDATED 3/15/2024 Cool beans, there’s a fire sale in 2024!

UPDATED 4/15/2024 There was a typo on this page that said the sale ends on April 16.  That is incorrect, it ends TODAY April 15 at midnight.  We apologize for any confusion or inconveniences.

if you missed purchasing your Burning Flipside tickets during the regular ticket window, you may be pleased to learn that Burning Flipside is releasing a second round of tickets! No, it won’t be easier, but it will be a second chance!

The second ticket window opened March 15, 2024. Tickets will be processed in the order in which they are received. The secondary ticket window (for registration and postmark) will CLOSE April 15th OR whenever we run out of tickets, whichever comes first. (The deadline came first this year.)

Complete the registration, check your email, and print your form.

Get a money order for the total amount on your form. Make it out to “Burning Flipside”

Mail your form and money order to:

Burning Flipside, Ticket Request
P.O. Box 9987
Austin TX 78766

Got questions? Email if you cannot find the answer.

There are three ways to get a ticket to Burning Flipside:

  1. Buy a ticket during the ticket registration process (thousands of tickets available), or
  2. Purchase a ticket from a participant in the aftermarket (limited to participants with available tickets).
  3. Win the STicket contest for the ticket art (one pair of tickets) or the sticker art (a separate pair of tickets).

2024 Ticket Details

NOTICE: Being unaware of our policies will not be a basis for a refund or an exception.  The 2024 COVID-19 Policy is simply be responsible: do not come to the event sick and please find a way to leave if you get sick while there.

  • Ticket request window: January 8th-January 29th, 2024.
  • Adult (ages 18 or older)/Teen (ages 14-17) Ticket Prices: $151
  • Kid (ages 7-13) Ticket Price: $40
  • Child (ages 0 to 6) Ticket Price: $0
  • Maximum tickets per request/login:
    • 2 adults
    • 2 minors (Teen, Kid, and Child combined)

Ticket Registration Process

Step One: Register

Step Two: Mail in your Flipside Ticket Request Form

  • Print your form
  • Get a money order or cashier’s check for the amount on your Ticket Request Form payable to Burning Flipside.
  • First time with a Money Order? Check out the FAQ for tips!
  • During the request window, mail the form and payment to:
    Burning Flipside, Ticket Request
    P.O. Box 9987
    Austin TX 78766
  • Requests must be POSTMARKED during the window.
  • FYI, decorated envelopes are cool.
  • If you are sending something other than a regular sized letter envelope with clearly written addresses and postage, it’s a good idea to swing by the post office to make sure you didn’t break any of their rules, and have sufficient postage. Check out for details!
  • Issues? Check out the FAQ

Step Three: Wait

  • Check your mail in case your envelope was returned. If it was returned during the window, fix the issues with it and resend. Contact the ticket lead ( if it was returned after the window.
  • Check the email address that you used to register periodically for emails in case there was an issue or for ticketing updates.
  • Check for updates. Issues? Check out the FAQ
  • If you are ticketed, you should get an email with a Will Call Ticket Receipt or access to get your Will Call Ticket Receipt (one for each ticket). Skip to Using Will Call below.
  • If you are recovering from St. Patrick’s day and you realized you haven’t heard about your ticket request, and you’ve checked for updates, contact the ticket lead (
  • If after all that you are not ticketed, you will need to acquire a ticket in the aftermarket… Oh look that’s what’s up next. Sweet.

Buying a Ticket in the Aftermarket

Looking for a ticket in the Aftermarket?

Step One: Find a participant who has a ticket to sell

  • People who participate in the community usually have much better access to aftermarket tickets, so go to church night, volunteer for the event, tell your friends. There are participant-run tools out there, so get involved and let people know.

Step Two: Verify the validity of the ticket

  • Request that the seller provide you with a verification code for the ticket. Tickets are will call only and all tickets have a verification code.
  • Check the code on the site
  • Keep the code until the ticket has been successfully transferred to you.

Step Three: Pay the requested amount

  • Do not pay more than the face value of the ticket. Please report anyone requesting more than face value to the ticket lead, or the LLC (

Step Four: Transfer tickets

  • Provide your email address to the participant you are purchasing the ticket from and they should follow the directions below to transfer the ticket.

Step Five: Check your email

  • If you are ticketed, you should get an email with a Will Call Ticket Receipt or access to get your Will Call Ticket Receipt (one for each ticket)
  • If the person fails to provide a ticket to you, please contact the ticket lead with the verification code they provided (

Selling a Ticket in the Aftermarket

Step One: Find a Participant to purchase your ticket

Step Two: Provide a verification code to the purchaser.

  • This should be in the email you received with the Will Call Receipt, or log into to get the verification code
  • Do not provide the full code yet.

Step Three: Exchange funds

  • Do not request more than the face value of the ticket.
  • Do not require additional goods or services that exceed the value of the ticket.
  • Feel free to gift a ticket with no expectation of anything in return. It’s fun.

Step Four: Transfer tickets

  • Request the purchaser’s email address and log into and click on the paper airplane icon on the ticket registration page to transfer the ticket.
  • Check with the purchaser to ensure that they received the email.
  • If they do not receive the email, contact the ticket lead to resolve the issue. (

Note: You can also transfer a ticket by providing the will call receipt to the person, who must then log into to transfer the ticket. This is less secure for all parties and may result in someone arriving on site without having properly transferred the ticket.

Using Will Call

  • Before heading out to the event, print out your Will Call Receipts from the e-mail or from Remember, there’s one for each ticket.
  • Bring a state-issued photo ID in your name. The ID and Will Call Receipt must match!
  • Go to the site, arrive while the Gate is open. YOU MAY NOT ENTER IF THE GATE IS NOT OPEN. Show the awesome gate workers your Will Call Ticket Receipts, and your state issued photo ID and follow their instructions.
  • Enjoy Flipside.

Note: Your Will Call Receipt contains all the information that someone needs to know to transfer a ticket away from you to them. Safeguard your Will Call Receipt.

Bonus Fun Details!

Ticket codes

Each ticket has three codes associated with it:

Verification code

Also called a short code this is an 8-character alphanumeric code. If you are offering your ticket to someone else, you can give this code to your recipient before the transfer so that they can verify the ticket is valid.

Full code

This is a 32-character alphanumeric code; the first 8 characters are the same as the verification code. Anyone with this code can register the ticket in their name, so safeguard this information until/unless you are ready to transfer your ticket to someone else. This is also the code in the barcode on your will-call receipt that the Gate crew will scan when you arrive.

Word code

This code begins with the 8-character verification code, and is followed by 8 random words. This is equivalent to the “full code,” but is easier to read and type. As with the full code, anyone with this code can register the ticket in their name, so safeguard this information.

Ticket Request Statuses

If you log into and look at your ticket request status, these are the options. Please note that it can take a few days for your status changes to be reflected in the system. Ticket Request Statuses are for your ticket request only. If a ticket is transferred to you, your ticket request status will not be changed.


You completed a ticket request, but it has not been processed by the ticket team. Either the ticket opening has not happened, or your request was not received. It is the most suspenseful status. Congratulations.


You completed and submitted a ticket request, and the request is being returned. This can happen if you do not follow the very simple instructions above or if there are more valid request than tickets available.


You completed and submitted a ticket request, and the request was received, and you followed the very simple instructions above. Good job!


You did it all right enough and you have a ticket.


You did it all right, but so did many other people, and your request was pulled in this year’s random “soft” deselection process. It’s a soft deselection, because it only applies years where the Mass Gathering Act Permit is not obtained prior to ticket opening, and if we subsequently receive the Mass Gathering Act Permit, your ticket request will be processed.


You completed a registration, but prior to being processes as received you canceled your ticket request. You can request to have your ticket request canceled by contacting the ticket lead ( Ticket requests cannot be canceled after ticket requests have been processed.