Warehouse Use Request Form

Warehouse Use – Project

Form to gather required information for a project to use the warehouse.

All contact information should be for the project lead (person responsible for project).
Give a brief description of the project – materials, scope, purpose, etc.
Legal Name of Project Lead(Required)
Enter an email address you have access to and will check regularly. Any electronic key(s) issued will use this address.
Start Date(Required)
First date access to the warehouse will be required
End Date(Required)
Last date access to the warehouse will be required. All project materials and equipment must be removed by this date.
Select the days you will need access to the warehouse. This does not grant exclusive access to the warehouse. Other community members may be using other areas of the warehouse on any given day.
Warehouse Tool Use?(Required)
Will you need to access and use the warehouse tools for your build? If “Yes”, please set up an orientation meeting with a warehouse and/or metal shop manager. The tool room code will be provided once orientation has been completed.