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Burning Flipside is held over Memorial Day Weekend, May 25–29, 2017, near the campgrounds of Apache Pass River Theatre, on the private grounds north of the San Gabriel River, just outside the town of San Gabriel, TX.

Burning Flipside is a Texas regional art and music festival inspired by Burning Man. It is a place for radical self expression and an experiment in temporary community building. It is a place of acceptance, inclusiveness, and respect. It is organized entirely by volunteers. The art and entertainment is created solely by participants. There are no spectators. There are no concession stands. No cash transactions are permitted at Flipside. Even bartering is discouraged. This is a sincere experiment in creating a gift economy. If you need something, ask for it. If you have it, gift it! This is a Leave No Trace event. There are no garbage cans. Participants pack out their garbage. Personal responsibility is key. It is a private event created entirely by volunteers.

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We Wee Whee - Effigy By: Kaleb and DaFT 2016 Photo By: Rabbitt
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