Burning Flipside 2023 COVID-19 Policy

(This COVID policy is out of date, and this is left for historical purposes only. The 2024 COVID-19 Policy is simply be responsible: do not come to the event sick and please find a way to leave if you get sick while there.)

The policy has changed since 2022, please read the entire policy.

COVID-19 continues to plague the nation and our local communities. As of the original writing of this policy there are still thousands of deaths per week from this disease. So, while it is less deadly than it was a year ago, it is still a serious concern and we feel we must take action for the protection of the Burning Flipside community and, in particular, the volunteers that make Burning Flipside go. There will be two options for entry to Burning Flipside this year.

Option 1 – Proof of Vaccination

You can present proof of vaccination at gate. This proof must show that you are fully vaccinated as defined by the CDC. As of May of 2023 for an Adult that means an updated vaccination also previously known as a Bivalent booster. Basically if you got a shot after September 2nd 2022 you should be good to go. Types of proof of vaccination that will be accepted:

  • A CDC Vaccine card. You must present your physical vaccine card at gate. Photocopies or pictures are not accepted.
  • The VaxYes verification card for your Updated/Bivalent shot.
  • As VaxYes is now no longer functioning you can also use Clear (https://www.clearme.com/faq-categories/digital-vaccine-card) Digital Vaccine Card.
  • Other government, pharmacy, or doctor issued immunization records.

Option 2 – PCR/NAAT Test Negative Result

You can present a negative result from a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT such as ID-Now or RT-PCR) test that was performed at most 72 hours before your arrival at Burning Flipside. AT-HOME TESTS ARE NOT SUFFICIENT! The name on the test must match the ID presented at gate. A mismatch in these two names will result in you not being admitted.

Testing Options in the Austin Area:

Warehouse Policy

The current warehouse COVID policy is here.