Theme camps

UPDATED (4/15/2024) The deadline for registering for theme camps and art projects has been pushed from April 15th to April 18th.

If individual participants and volunteers are the lifeblood of our community and of our event (is there any doubt?), then projects such as theme camps are the gloriously strange organs pumping and pushing and beauti-weirdifying the landscape.

But, what is a theme camp? There is no right or wrong answer; they are the inspired camp you bring. Usually, they are a group of people with a connected vision(s). Many theme camps are interactive; a place folk may congregate, may be entertained- a place to visit. Lights and decoration are highly encouraged. Like the event itself, some theme camps may be places we go to push our own personal boundaries and explore ourselves and each other. There may be music, noise or hilarious silence. There may be food or drink. There may be games. Theme camps are often designed to be a place where gifts are shared and where much of our mobile art comes home to lay it’s weary head. They are our artistic contribution in camp form; the eccentric physical foundation of our extraordinary event.

Theme Camp registration closes 11:59pm, April 18th.