On the Burning Flipside Effigy

At the ceremonial center of the temporary City of Pyropolis is a temporary structure we refer to as “the Effigy.” Every year the structure is different, inspired by the theme and by a community of local artists. There are very few hard and fast rules as to what the structure may be, so defining it outside of its historical context is nearly impossible. That said, historically, the Effigy has been a large wooden structure that serves as the central icon of the event, often being climbable, frequently incorporating a stage for performances, and embodying some human element that creates identification and attachment in the community. In the spirit of recognizing ephemeral nature of our experimental culture, we burn the Effigy down on Sunday night in a large ceremonial bonfire celebration.

Design and Fabrication Team (DaFT)

DaFT is the crew that creates the Effigy. Historically, the DaFT Lead recruits this team from willing volunteers in the community – from completely uninitiated strangers to expert carpenters—anyone can be DaFT! DaFT is a way to contribute directly to the communal expression of Art at Flipside, as well as to gain new skills and friends. Please use the volunteering page to reach out and connect. DaFT season normally begins around Spring Town Hall (late January/early February). 

Effigy Proposal Process

Before DaFT can assemble, there must be a plan and purpose — the Effigy project. Anyone may propose an effigy, and the DaFT Selection Panel (made entirely of past DaFT Leads) has created a set of proposal guidelines and procedures to make it easier for a submitter to turn their idea into a giant burning reality. If you are interested in proposing next year, please do so! The deadline to submit a proposal for the 2024 event is 11:59pm CST on January 1st, 2024. 

Potential effigy designers should become familiar with this document for detailed information about the proposal guidelines, process, and expectations.