Catalyst Collective

Catalyst Collective, or CatCol, is the entity with legal responsibility for Burning Flipside. Like the rest of Flipside’s organization, the members of the board of directors of Catalyst Collective are volunteers and regular participants.


Catalyst Collective’s purpose is to inspire artistic endeavor, foster social interaction, nurture innate leadership, and create a thriving community. To attain these ends, the organization resolves:

To promote and foster the ephemeral, static, and industrial arts by creating an environment for the creation of art, a community that values and engages in the creative design process, and providing the opportunity by which people can explore, learn and exchange the industrial skills with which to create art.

To develop, educate and support a community of servant leaders by catalyzing group and interpersonal cooperation, providing volunteer leadership training, and encouraging techniques in conflict resolution.

To establish participant-based community that promotes social responsibility within the participant-created community and civic responsibility to society at large, by developing sustainable processes that empower others to spread these principles.



Our events foster an environment of creative self-expression, where participants feel supported to honestly express their inner selves, through artistic creation, performance, and in their social interactions.


Our events foster an environment of personal accountability, where we hold ourselves responsible for our own actions, and take personal responsibility for meeting our own needs, for the event itself, and for the event’s impact on the world at large.


Our events foster an environment of cooperation, where participants work together to resolve potential conflicts between one another, to help mediate conflicts between others, and to create art, performance, and social spaces on a larger scale than one person could alone.

Contact Catalyst Collective.  Read our bylaws here.

The old mission statement from the prior entity reads: “To act on behalf of the Texas burn community to help that community stage Flipside, an event inspired by Burning Man. AAR is responsible for the business and legal aspects of the Flipside event. Although AAR is structured as a for profit organization, all of its proceeds will be used to facilitate and improve Flipside. AAR will undertake outside activities only to the extent required to facilitate the event. AAR encourages involvement and creative expression from the community in support of creating the Flipside event. Community building is a necessary and desired result of these actions.”  Read the old bylaws here.