Get Involved

Volunteering is an important part of becoming a part of Flipside and other stuff year-round. Everyone, including the Flipside organizers, buys a ticket to attend. No-one gets paid to make any of this happen, and this is so much more than just a party. Whether it’s your first year or the 14th, we’ve got a spot for you to help make the magic happen!

Volunteering is participation and it’s one of the best gifts you can bring, with out volunteers there is NO Flipside.

Want to learn more about our volunteer teams? Visit our Operations page for more info. Do you know how you want to volunteer already? When shifts open, you can head on over to the Flipside volunteer system and sign up!

Have questions about volunteering that the wiki isn’t helping you with? Or you need a quicker response? Contact the volunteer coordination team!

Wanna be kept up to date about volunteer opportunities for Flipside? Join our low traffic list for announcements of volunteer opportunities for Flipside and Flipside-related events throughout the year.