Get Involved

Volunteering is an important part of becoming a part of Flipside and other stuff year-round. Everyone*, including the Flipside organizers, buys a ticket to attend. No-one gets paid to make any of this happen, and this is so much more than just a party. Whether it’s your first year or the 14th, we’ve got a spot for you to help make the magic happen!

Volunteering is participation and it’s one of the best gifts you can bring, whit out volunteers there is NO Flipside.

Do you know what you are volunteering for already?  Well, then head on down to the Pyropolis Wiki, and find out all of that information about your department!!

Know you want to volunteer, but unsure where? first time around or just want something different? Let us help you find a good fit! Fill out the “I Wanna Volunteer “ form.

Want to volunteer , have a general idea where and a general when, fill  to this one sharpen your knowing.

Many of our sign ups are available at Pyropedia, our wiki.

Have questions about volunteering that the wiki isn’t helping you with? Or you need a quicker response? Contact the volunteer coordination team!

Wanna be kept up to date about volunteer opportunities for Flipside? Join our low traffic list for announcements of volunteer opportunities for Flipside and Flipside-related events throughout the year.

  • *Note the fine print on this one. Only four tickets are given away for free in a design contest held in the Fall. Two tickets are awarded to the designer of the Burning Flipside sticker for that year, and two tickets to the designer of the Burning Flipside ticket for that year.