e-mail lists

There are many Email lists available for the Flipside Community. This page attempts to sum them up. Instructions on how to subscribe, unsubscribe, etc., can be found in the links below. All but one are hosted by Burning Flipside, paid for with your ticket money.

Announce List
This is the most important list to be on. It is a low traffic email list (10-20 emails per year) and covers only the most important Flipside announcements. Stuff like when Tickets are going on sale, new important policies, announcements important to you even if you’re not going this year, etc.
Austin Chat
Anything but Flipside and Burning Man discussion goes. – This list may be offensive to some, annoying to others, and utterly useless to all, but we still keep posting.
Austin List
Our medium traffic “almost anything especially official Burning Flipside stuff goes” list. – This list is hosted by Burning Man. Topics for this list are Flipside, Burning Man, and other regional burns. The CC and LLC often use this list to communicate specific things to the community at large which may not be applicable to those subscribed to the Austin Announce list (above).
Burning Man List
People who go to Burning Man talking about going there.
Kids. Probably actually people with kids, since kids shouldn’t be unsupervised.
A low traffic list of announcements of volunteer opportunities for Flipside and Flipside-related events throughout the year.
Because we need all the help we can get.