CC Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2022

Attendees: Sam, Henry, Stephanie, Charles, Problem, Christie, Clovis, Turtlebunnie, Effie, Mercedes, Adam, Bill, Edie Cosmos, Shortcake, Izzi, Prost, Janabanana

Facilitator: Prost
Stackinator: Sam
Scribinator: Prost

ACTION ITEM: Prost – Get with Izzi regarding current members listed on web site.


Austin Artistic Reconstruction Update

Problem – Changed warehouse mask policy. Used to be linked to old Austin Public Health levels, no longer in use. Now in line with CDC Community Risk Levels: low/green, medium/yellow, high/red. Masks not required for low (green). If we hit medium (yellow), masks inside warhouse. If high (red), warehouse is closed except by approval of LLC.


Regionals Update

Clovis – That Thing in the Desert happened. Probably superspreader. B’org emphasizing for post-op vols in addition to housing, food, etc., confirming they will be extra careful for your health.

Henry – Burnt Soup happened. They will continue doing water effigies.

Prost – Myschievia in 2 1/2 weeks.


Area Facilitator Update

Edie – Still in slow period for site prep, starting to set schedule for work weekends. Will try to avoid Safetyside this year.

Charles – Getting ramped up as Communications Area Facilitator. Trying to find STicket lead, trying to get ready for this for town hall. Working with Izzi in her existing Communications role.

Izzi – Had retreat?

Problem – About to have it.


Extending the Reach of the Combustion Chamber

Sam – Not proposing specific course of action. Want to extend reach, explore ideas that don’t suck. Combustion Chamber is very Austin-centric. Would like to serve a larger area. Could we use Zoom to expand our reach? Maybe recruit zoom coordinators who would attend our meetings, relay stuff to/from external communities.

Bill – Been doing some hybrid Audio/Visual work professionally. Takes a lot of good equipment to make a good hybrid meeting where everybody can hear.

Problem – Hybrid meetings even with really good A/V wind up making one group (internal/external) second class meeting attendees. In the past, have a had a lot of trouble getting other communities engaged, particularly since those other communities have their own advisory boards where they direct their energies. Think people would be confused about why they go to a specific contact to talk about Flipside.

Turtlebunnie – For the younger people that we would love to start seeing active, they may not even know about us. At a bar with two other burners the other night, approached by strangers who complimented our good energy. One from New Orleans. They didn’t know about burners, told them about Engulf. Need to go where the young people are. Not usual discussions about social media, rather meeting young people in person. Used to do road shows, had good attendance. But other communities (e.g., Houston) tend to be focused on their own burns.

Clovis – Would favor more a webinar style. People can watch, but they wouldn’t necessarily get in queue to speak, could submit questions and comments through chat. Still some privacy concerns. Also, if people aren’t leaving their house to come here, they’re already not doing that.

Henry – Sometimes attend church nights in other communities. Could carry an informational sheet/pamphlet. Solicit questions on their own turf.

Izzi – Is there a service for automated Closed Captioning? Is it possible to have mics in remote locations? Road shows, loved them. Speaking of ambassadors, could we have a cross-event big conversation once in a while?

Adam – Feel like Combusion Chamber (CC) input is not necessarily extra-regional. Think the perspectives would be similar to what we would find locally. CC has been going downhill for a while. Ten years ago, people knew what the CC was/does. Now community has no point of reference for what the CC is. We do publicize meetings, it does get brought up in conversation, but clearly we haven’t cracked public awareness of CC. Like it or not, community tends to argue about Flipside stuff on Facebook. Problem with how CC is constituted, had a number of thoughtful members who joined the CC, but got alienated because CC just talks about stuff, but can’t actually solve problems operationally.

Bill – Agree with Adam. We don’t engage with the theme camp leads enough, would be good if we could address the theme camp leads leads. These are the people who are paying attention. Even if we can’t get them to the meeting, would raise our engagement. Aware there may be issues with that as a tool.

Izzi – Do see some people making inciteful arguments on Facebook, maybe we could target those folks to come to a Combusion Chamber meeting, apply as members. Maybe we could have a theme camp-specific meeting and invite theme camp leads.

Henry – Combustion Chamber is an informational hub. We take in info and pass it along, it does affect operations.

Mercedes – Like the ideas from Izzi and Henry. Was previously City Planning, many theme camp leads were leary of giving out their contact info, needed guarantee that it would be limited to need-to-know City Planning info only.

Clovis – Think advisory is for the best. LLC has more continuity and is actually responsible for the event. Trust the LLC to act on our advice as necessary. B’org is much more top-down. Road shows sounded like good idea, but they were a lot of work and time for low return on investment. Meet and greets at the event had a low turnout, same with meet-and-greet at the warehouse.

Bill – Gonna test out how Flipizens Facebook group drives Combustion Chamber engagement. We will have a Sound Policy meeting in mid-October [Oct 16]. Hopefully people have had time to process and calm down. Will take time to let people know in advance, we will see what happens at that meeting.

Clovis – Town Hall tends to draw people concerned about the community. Should make sure we announce “Sound” and “Kids” topic at Town Hall.

Izzi – Ambassadorship is two-way. Our members could go to other meetings, or reach out to other persons of interest in those communities. As content person, could we do a Combustion Chamber feature, something small? If Combustion Chamber has specific info need to push, can add it to Announce/Flame/website.

Stephanie – Heard about Flipside for a long time. Met somebody who was an Uber driver. Got on Flipizens, found it to be useful but really overwhelming, toxic, etc.. Hard place to have first impression, but something needs to be there to introduce people to the community.

Clovis – Texas Burners group is a lot more tame.

Bill – Maybe Combustion Chamber should have a better name?


Town Hall Walkthru

Date & Time – Saturday, September 24th, 2022. Tailgating starts at noon. Meeting starts at 2:34pm.

Event Co-Producers – Sam/Bill

Voting Coordinator – Turtlebunnie


  • Welcome, Pledge, Leave No Trace
  • Austin Artistic Reconstruction Update – Cooper
  • Retiring and New Area Facilitators – Cooper
  • Volunteerism – Tina or designate.
  • STickets Contest – Charles
  • DaFT Effigy Proposals – TBD from DaFT Selection Committee (Stephy chasing somebody)
  • Theme Presentations
  • Voting Break
  • Pledge
  • Warehouse Use – Turtle
  • Combustion Chamber Update – Prost
  • Community Announcement (Ignition Philter et al)
  • Theme Announcement, Closing, Leave No Trace

Sound – Dave Demaris

TODO: LLC working on portapottie.

TODO: Bill will be Speaker wrangler.

Izzi – Do we know of theme camps coming to Town Hall? Would like to see more theme camps have a pop-up presence. Will add a blurb to the announcement.


Combustion Chamber Business

Effie – Community member expressed concern their should be a bigger emphasis on art, not just volunteerism.

Sam – Mika has resigned from Combusion Chamber due to life circumstances, taking other adventures.

ACTION ITEM: Prost – Get with Izzi regarding current members listed on web site.



  • Sound Policy
  • Town Hall Wrapup

CC Meeting Minutes – August 22, 2022

Attendees: Adam, Problem, Sam, Cooper, Christie, Edie Cosmos, Shortcake, Mercedes, Effie (almost)

Facilitator: Prost
Stackinator: Sam
Scribinator: Prost

ACTION ITEM: AAR to confirm Area Facilitator speakers and/or delegates.
ACTION ITEM: Cooper to contact property management company about approving a portable toilet.


Austin Artistic Reconstruction Update

Adam – Four new provisional members.

Cooper – Anything about nonprofit status?

Adam – No, still in works.


Regionals Update

Prost – That Thing In The Desert next week. Burnt Soup back for 2022.

Sam – Freezer Burn Town Hall on Sep 10.


Area Facilitator Update

Edie – All quiet right now.

Problem – Getting ready for AF retreat in October.

Prost – Any changes in AF’s?

Adam – New Comms AF, Charles Heuter (formerly Media Liaison, Ice lieutenant, Safety Signage).


Town Hall Planning

Date & Time – Saturday, September 24th, 2022. Tailgating starts at noon. Meeting starts at 2:34pm.

Event Co-Producers – Sam/Bill

Voting Coordinator – Turtlebunnie


  • Welcome, Pledge, Leave No Trace
  • Austin Artistic Reconstruction Update – Cooper
  • Retiring and New Area Facilitators – Cooper
  • Volunteerism – Tina
  • STickets Contest – Charles
  • DaFT Effigy Proposals – TBD from DaFT Selection Committee
  • Theme Presentations
  • Voting Break
  • Pledge
  • Warehouse Use – Turtle
  • Combustion Chamber Update – Prost
  • Community Announcement (Ignition Philter et al)
  • Theme Announcement, Closing, Leave No Trace

ACTION ITEM: AAR to confirm Area Facilitator speakers and/or delegates.

Prost – Did STickets work well without reward tickets?

Adam/Problem – About the same as usual.

Prost – Portapottie?

Cooper – Will contact property management company.

ACTION ITEM: Cooper to contact property management company about approving a portable toilet.


Combustion Chamber Business

Prost – Call for new members at and after Town Hall.

NEXT MEETING – September 19


  • Town Hall Walkthrough
  • Extending the Reach of the Combustion Chamber (Sam)

CC Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2022

Attendees: Sam, Henry, Adam, Jacob, Mippy, Turtlebunnie, Kataluna, Problem, Izzi, Clovis, Prost

Facilitator: Prost
Stackinator: Sam
Scribinator: Prost

ACTION ITEM: LLC will ask Area Facilitators if they or their leads need speaking time.
ACTION ITEM: Clovis to find a volunteer to provide sound.
ACTION ITEM: LLC to ask landlord if we can have a portapotty for Town Hall.


LLC Update

Problem – Not much to report, things moving forward, getting ready for Flipside. Made decision on Mobility, but need to speak w/ Eva before announcement. Meeting with accountant, lawyer on transition to nonprofit.

Clovis – Rules same on warehouse since City Health change?

Problem – No changes as of yet. Masks still required in WH.


Regionals Update

Clovis – Regionals conference on Saturday via Zoom. Burning Man sold tickets, went fast, don’t know anybody successful in open sale. Smaller event this year.

Turtlebunnie – Did they give total population cap?

Clovis – No.

Turtlebunnie – Want to know more about directed sale.

Clovis – Camps in good standing got opportunity for directed sales. Trying to preserve the culture, cut down on plug & play.

Henry – What about new camps?

Clovis – If you didn’t get an opportunity for directed sales, probably not eligible.

Kat – Still trying to register our art car.

Turtlebunnie – Shout out for George (moved to St. Louis). Looking for a replacement?

Clovis – Will be working on it, need to understand current process.


Area Facilitator Update

Problem – Please sign up for volunteer shifts. If you are doing a safety team, get in touch with your lead.

Mippy – Here to find out how I get in touch with the lead for Rangers.

Problem – Safety teams will be filling shifts closer to event so people remember their shifts. Guardians – not sure if it’s guardians@ or perimeter@

Izzi – Is way to load up ICS certifications in profile?

Problem – Yes, in volunteer profile settings. Most safety teams still require additional training.

Sam – Does first aid certification count? Mine didn’t get approved.

Problem – Could be in process, some certifications need individual review.

Prost – How was Safetyside?

Adam – Lightly attended, 73 people. Otherwise fine.


Town Hall

Turtlebunnie – Happy to see an in-person event.

Clovis – Basic thrust is volunteer recruit?

Kat – Will be called Town Hall?

Prost – Wasn’t really planning a big talking meeting, more like a Volunteer Fair or Open House.

Izzi – Would like to see some short introductions for new folks.

Problem – Will ask if Area Facilitators want to speak.

ACTION ITEM: LLC will ask Area Facilitators if they or their leads need speaking time.

Turtlebunnie – Does it start usual time?

Adam – Typically start at 2:34.

Mippy – Why the 4?

Izzi – Because 2, 3, 4.

Adam – Event already on our calendars.

Prost – Noon to 5?

Henry – Might want somebody to set out cones before start.

Izzi – Will put out Announce/Flame about it. Encourage people to carpool. Need someone to take point on setting up? What else in Announce? Encourage theme camps to tailgate?

Henry – Definitely need point person to get set up for 10×20’s, etc..

Prost – Sound?

Clovis – I’ll post on austin-list looking for a sound person.

ACTION ITEM: Clovis to find a volunteer to provide sound.

Prost – Are you volunteering for event producer?

Clovis – Sure.

Turtlebunnie – Will help.

Henry – Renting portapotty?

Problem – Will ask landlord, but they usually don’t let us.

ACTION ITEM: LLC to ask landlord if we can have a portapotty for Town Hall.

Henry – Toilet paper sufficiently stocked?

Izzi – Will check.

Henry – Do we need to check with neighbor business?

Problem – New neighbor, don’t know their weekend hours.

Izzi – Will come up Saturday to check.

Problem – Will check again on Church Night if they’re here.


Combustion Chamber Business

Henry – Going to have mixer?

Clovis – Think we should discuss on list, but usually don’t have many attendees.

Sam – Breezy wanted to highlight temple, looking for burn perimeter volunteers.


Topics – Town Hall Wrapup

CC Meeting Minutes – March 28, 2022

Attendees: Sam, Tina, Clovis, Puzz, Eva, Topaz, Problem, Adam, Prost, Han

Facilitator: Prost
Stackinator: Sam
Scribinator: Prost

ACTION ITEM: Board to discuss among themselves, and with Area Facilitators, what accessibility support they might be able to provide this year.

ACTION ITEM: Sam/Tina will reach out to the Leads and Area Facilitators for feedback on having a Town Hall or Volunteer Fair.

ACTION ITEM: Prost to raise Combustion Chamber renaming on the Combustion Chamber list.


LLC Update

Adam – Signed paperwork to become nonprofit. Filing with IRS soon. Process still takes several months. Have bylaws, letter of intent. Still need to figure out how to transfer assets, etc.. Operationally not much will change. Better liability protection for volunteers.

Topaz – Does it make things like accounting less complicated?

Adam – No. In the old days, as an LLC, we had to figure out our individual tax liability as members and then get reimbursed. Several years ago switched to an S-corp. Simplified taxes, but required better accounting.

Sam – What’s the new name again?

Problem – Catalyst Collective.

Problem – Registration open. Do all the things. Mid-April deadline for theme camps and art. Art cars deadline week before event. Volunteer!

Adam – Safetyside this weekend.

Tina – Registration for Safetyside closes today.

Prost – Shrunk the event?

Adam/Problem – Around 2500, much lower demand this year.


Area Facilitator Update

Tina – Volunteer for all the things.


Regionals Update

Clovis – George moved, will no longer be an Austin regional contact. We will be looking for a replacement soon. Almaburn this weekend. Unbroken Spring happened. Burning Man still on, ticket sale is this Wednesday. Only 10K in open sale, most sales were directed sales. More low income tickets this year.

Prost – I attended Unbroken Spring, Engulf.

Clovis – Love Burn happened, I think without any Covid restrictions.

Prost – Unbroken Spring required registration/vaccine verification with VaxYes; Engulf required vaccinations but only needed to show vaccine card.

Topaz – Who are current Combustion Chamber members?

Prost – Bean, Bill B., Breezy, Clovis, Effie, Henry, Izzi, Mika, Prost, Sam, Turtlebunnie


Mobility/Accessibility Services

Eva – Stand-in name for proposed department: Radical Inclusion Through Accessibility (RITA). Work to become hub for accessibility. Make sure everyone can enjoy the event. One point of contact for access. Can come to RITA and coordinate access for everything, even portos. Talked to people running programs now, current system is carts pick up people when available, with no guarantee of return. Could be stuck at effigy for hours with no way home, no way to portos. Mobility problems fall through cracks. Not just making sure have carts driving around, but also help getting out of tents, safe paths, making sure tent entrances are not blocked, etc.. Even though we have first aid kits, the event also has PETS. Need a department that can focus on these accessibility issues. Bean and I are proposing a group of people to provide assistance, an email address for communication, and to make arrangements prior to site. RITA could contact shaven apes, help with onsite landing and setup. So nobody has to suffer, be uncomfortable, encounter danger.

Problem – One issue you mentioned. Misplaced/blocked tent problems are really a Ranger issue. What would RITA provide that improves that? Do you need mediation training?

Eva – Hoping to head off problems before it becomes a Ranger issue.

Problem – We have problems with people moving City Planning flags.

Eva – Yes, it happens. Can escalate a Ranger if needed, but hoping to plan, flag, etc. to protect a mobility-challenged person’s spot.

Problem – I think Rangers and Shaven Apes can already mediate these tasks.

Eva – Another possible idea is to set up an accessibility open camping area closer to center, closer to portos, etc.. Easier to keep an eye on a specific area, have a specific place to help. Work with City Planning, get people registered for the place. Could have a bus stop at the area for easier access.

Adam – What is the bar for qualification?

Eva – No qualification, just ask. If you say you need help, you need help. If 300 sparkle ponies get a ride and only 15 truly needed, then 15 people got help who truly needed it.

Adam – Assuming want to run 24×5.

Eva – Need enough people to run the cart, need someone to sit at Mobility HQ. Would really like people with accessability issues to be the people who volunteer, run the department. Lets the mobility challenged participate, volunteer when they might not be able to do elsewhere. People have stopped coming to FS because of mobility issues. They need something to help them mobility-wise, willing to volunteer in these positions to make this go. Guessing 12 volunteers per day.

Adam – Could we put your chair in a cart?

Eva – Yes. Chair is about 60 lbs.

Adam – So you would need some volunteers able to put it in the cart. Talked with Bean about this in the beforetimes, earlier proposals would be anywhere/anytime, volunteer needs would have been astronomical. We try to avoid making Flipside, brought to you by Flipside. E.g., having Lamplighters. If someone wants to bring Lamplighters, bring it, don’t make it a department, prove it can stand on its own. You could register an open spot now for accessibility needs through the current theme camp process. Currently carts are busy, but available, if going the right direction. Maybe we need to educate current volunteer force to make sure they are offering rides to those to need them.

Eva – Yes, could just make it a theme camp. Still think it should be a department, bigger than a theme camp. Want to make sure we get the organizational support needed, e.g., Shaven Apes. Even if you’re camping within a theme camp but need help, want to make sure Shaven Apes find it; also need help tearing down, after Shaven Apes have stopped.

Adam – Not saying it’s a bad idea, just asking what we can do with existing structure.

Topaz – What does it take to start a new dept? What is the threshold? Departmentss vary in sizes, resource needs. As a department, it could be a lead with an email address and a radio, who could call for carts, Shaven Apes, etc.. Or it could be as grand as lots of carts and bus stops.

Adam – Some departments can be one person. Area Facilitators can create those at will, with no budget. But this could be relatively high overhead. One cart, one radio, 1K for whole event.

Problem – Probably around $500 for one cart, one radio.

Topaz – So then it would a matter of volunteers. Could keep it small this year and then expand it next year.

Problem – Typically at the Area Facilitator debrief in summer, we might move around, create departments. Have consolidated, created, removed departments in the past. At some point in the past, a proposed mobility department got rolled into Volunteer Assistance Services (VAS).

Adam – During my time coming to Flipside, we have seen a theme camp (Recycling) turn into a department, and then disband itself because it was abused/overworked.

Topaz – What are biggest issues?

Problem – Budget, an Area Facilitator to support it. Kind of goes cross-area, which makes it difficult to place it. Have to staff it. Would need to communicate it.

Adam – Would have to identify and educate a new lead. Just had the Leads All Hands where we do the education.

Topaz – Do you feel like it’s out of question for this year?

Adam – Think we can accommodate this year with limited support but not yet a department.

Tina – Think VAS could cover some of this. To Eva, do you really want to segregate mobility challenged into a separate accessibility camping area.

Eva – Not really, but think we need an accessibility spot in Parking. Having an accessibility camping area may be a touchy subject. Would want to ask if anybody wanted that. But would want to make sure that people could camp near to portos, accessible paths, etc..

Tina – If 15 people who need it are served makes you happy, what is the magic number? What if there are 100 who need cart services, but only 15 get services because of sparkle ponies, and 85 don’t.

Eva – Sparkle ponies need to make space on the cart. Signs on cart to make this clear. Cart drivers make this clear before people get on. Saw this work at Lakes of Fire.

Tina – Needs to be planned really well. People can be agro when they’re tired. Already requested 2 VAS carts this year, maybe with 3 we could cover it with bus stops and try it out.

Puzz – Used this service at Lakes of Fire 2019, learned more about it. Had good volunteer turnout because people love to drive carts. Lakes of Fire started with shuttles for anybody for Parking. Got overused when open to everybody, decided to focus on people with mobility needs. They do have an excess of carts, 40 for whole event. Lakes of Fire trying to make sure accessible portos are more widely available. Think we should start with an email address and see where this goes. Needs probably will go up, aging population, more injuries, long covid, etc..

Problem – 2 yrs since last event, but 2 mos till next event. Limited in what we can do. Things we can probably do: email address, radio to contact departments, signage at crossroads and such to make bus stops, let volunteers know to stop for people waiting there. All of that fairly doable without last-minute budget impact. This year maybe we have a dozen using the service, could grow in users and size later.

Eva – Right now think we need to start process, plant the seed. Don’t even know if we’re going to be on this land for next 10 yrs. Get it started, it can evolve as we go along. For it to work, we have to work as a community.

Problem – Next steps: we need to take it back to the whole board, to the Area Facilitators.

Clovis – Glad topic introduced, Area Facilitators need to chime in on this. Which area does it go?

Adam – Point of information, Flipside in the past, theme camp asked about private porto. Didn’t want to do it, so we asked what problem are you solving? Problem was many members were plussized. So we put a larger porto next to them.

Eva – Concerns like this could be handled if there was an accessability contact.

Adam – If you’re in a theme camp, wouldn’t it be better if there was a spot on the theme camp registration to denote any accessibility needs and send it straight to City Planning?

Eva – RITA contact would be better placed to understand accessibility needs and describe them to City Planning. Are times when you need mediaries. RITA group could also participate in flagging, etc., to keep an eye on mobility needs. Can take some things off City Planning plate specifically for mobility needs. RITA can take on the extra work so existing departments don’t have to.

Han – Instead of configure city around accessibility stops, could the mobility-challenged get early entry to pick spots they need? Could people use their phones to signal needs at Flipside? Could we coordinate with Shaven Apes for a Monday shift for breakdown?

Topaz – Once you start entering disability issues, need to look into ADA and other disability law.

Han – Need a special cart for wheelchairs?

Eva – Not sure about early entry, would need another meeting. Early entry adds more time onsite experiencing the difficulties that the differently-abled face. Not sure about phone services, maybe loop in FUTelekom in the future (though think won’t be there this year as theme camp). Re: Shaven Apes for breakdown, already hard to get enough volunteers, not a shift at present. Want to have a signup sheet for specific times.

Tina – Might want to include chair needs.

ACTION ITEM: Board to discuss among themselves, and with Area Facilitators, what accessibility support they might be able to provide this year.


Town Hall

Prost – Do we want one?

Clovis – Not sure about a post-SXSW surge.

Problem – 3 open weekends left in April.

Clovis – Think we shouldn’t have one.

Prost – Think it could add some energy, great opportunity to recruit vols.

Adam – So you’re proposing something like a Town Hall Lite?

Prost – Yes, more like a Volunteer Fair, social event, no meeting per se.

Adam – To Volunteer Coordinator Tina, would an event with 200-300 people be good for vol recruiting?

Tina – Only 40 signed up for Safetyside, would enough people show up to get that many vols? Are people gonna come? People already opting out from big events. Wouldn’t mind having one, but don’t want it if it’s not attended. Can go back to leads and ask them if it’s a good idea.

Clovis – When would we have it? Only a couple of free weekends in April.

Sam – Think we should have it on April 23rd.

ACTION ITEM: Sam/Tina will reach out to the Leads and Area Facilitators for feedback on having a Town Hall or Volunteer Fair.


Combustion Chamber Business

Combustion Chamber Renaming

Prost – We need a new name for this body to avoid confusion with new nonprofit, will discuss on Combustion Chamber list.

ACTION ITEM: Prost to raise Combustion Chamber renaming on the Combustion Chamber list.


Topics – TBD

Combustion Chamber meeting minutes 11 Nov 2019

LLC update

  • We will be making a second site visit to our prospect land this weekend, but this is still very preliminary.
  • Warehouse lease expires in one year, we’re starting to discuss renewing the WH lease and have no current plans to move.
  • Will be having our budget meeting with the AFs tomorrow.

AF update

No AFs present

Regional update

  • Burning Man exhibit in Oakland was underwhelming.
  • BMORG is still working on plans for their GLC successor.

What happens if Flipside is cancelled

  • Any cancellation would be due to an apocalyptic scenario, and would probably be very close to the event.
  • We have a lot of fixed costs, regardless of whether we hold the event.
  • So full refunds would probably be out of the question. So would free tickets for the following year.
  • We have discussed working with people who need their refund, but make the case to the community that we also need that money.

Site selection criteria

Existing criteria:

  • Needs to hold about 3000 people. 100+ acres.
  • Water feature if possible.
  • Shade if possible.
  • Landowners that can be good advocates for us in the county government.
  • Political environment needs to be amenable
  • Maintainable perimeter
  • Access to emergency services

No objections to the existing criteria, or suggestions for new ones.

Next meeting

  • CC mixer
  • Interpersonal incident FAQ Q&A (Kat)

CC Minutes – 1/28/19

This is the last one for now, consider this the eye of the minutes storm. There are more incoming from this year and previous years. Gratitude for your patience as we get this caught up.

Attendees: Henry, Clovis, Mayor of Flipside (for life) the Honorable Prost, bonobo, Sam Arnold, Gyesika Safety, Tommy Shultz, Bill Blome, Patrick “Problem” Boyd, Adam Rice, Bryan “Breezy” Frolick, Howard, Tim, Laura 

Facilitator: Bill Stackinator: Sam 

Agenda: standing agenda, and Town Hall walk thru 

● Introduced Laura as new scribe to group, and everyone went around and introduced themselves. Reviewed how meetings work – we discuss only ideas and proposals, not people. Say decorum if things are going too far afield. 

LLC update: (Problem) 

● Had a retreat last week for the AAR team in Wimberley. 

● As of tonight, the ticket window is closed. Will do opening sometime next month. Looking unlikely for a hard lottery 

● Biggest concern for this year is that there no longer any hospitals in Milam county, and how that impacts ambulance service. County is asking us to get a second ambulance. 

○ Because of this concern might not have the permit in time, and might have a soft lottery. 

○ Not so worried about the cost, but more getting the staff out there to staff the ambulances. 

○ Need to encourage people to do more self care – stay healthy and hydrated, drive yourself to the hospital or to get medical attention rather than using the ambulance. 

○ Concern came from the county commissioners, sheriff, and other elected officials in Milam county that are worried about the number of rides we used last year. 

Henry: the hospital in Taylor will probably be overwhelmed with visits from the surrounding areas, especially on a holiday weekend. Need to factor that into our thinking about this situation. 

● (Unsure who was speaking): Most of the visits last year were heat related; need to get folks to drink water, take care of themselves. 

Regional update: (Clovis) 

● Freezer Burn just happened, and Love Burn is going on right now. 

● Coordinating SXSW with Burning Man folks coming into town. Looking for some products and speakers – will put notices out to the community if they want something. Requiring our event reports right now back to the main organization. 

Henry: Are they setting up a booth or just attending? 

Clovis: They have people who are attending SXSW – Kim Cook will be here (she is in charge of all of the art at Burning Man). Also there will be communication people, ticket leads, and other folks. 

AF update: don’t have someone here to give an update. 

Bill: Got updates from 3 AFs so far, and can reach out to more of them before the town hall. 

Problem: the effigy has been picked and it will be announced at town hall. 

TOWN HALL WALK THRU: Prost (white boarding): Clovis got some emails on things to cover. Bill got a few requests for tables. 

Henry: Was asked by someone from Dallas to bring up this item…can a podcast be made of what is going on at Town Hall that can document (maybe stream) the event? 

Clovis: Could a set of minutes work? 

Problem: technology is there. But politically this is hard to do. 

Clovis: Could need someone to take minutes and post them. Not a lot of information is shared at the meeting. 

Bill: To help with community discussion and facilitate communication, can send out the minutes along with a list of the leads, and other people to contact if anyone has questions. 

Clovis: Can ask folks to post their own personal recap online. 

Gyesika: think recording is a can of worms we don’t want to open up. Probably don’t want to do that. 

Clovis: Shouldn’t have decided this so close to the event given how “sticky” it is. 

Henry: Was just asked to bring it up. 

● Will investigate getting someone to take minutes and post them online. 


● Welcome, Pledge, LNT – Tommy will be MC. 

● AAR Update (should only need 10 mins) 

● Ticket Update (5 mins, Michelle) 

● DAFT (6 mins, TBD) 

● Burnable Art & DMV (2 mins, Stephy) 

● Volunteering (2 – 3 mins, Tamara) 

● CC members (5 mins, Prost) 

● Work Weekends re announce the dates. (2 – 3 mins, Edie Cosmos) 

● Registration deadlines – (4 mins, Stephy or Mercedes) 

● Ignition Philter – looking for a jury, will pick that then. (XT) 

● Community announcements (TBD) 

● Closing (2 mins, Tommy) 

Discussion on agenda 

Clovis: could do art at the end? 

Gyesika: do art after DAFT? And before vol. 

Henry: with DAFT, when they come on stage…will how much space they will take up in the warehouse be discussed, and how much space is for other projects? 

Problem: discuss warehouse space with the WMs to reserve the space and make sure they have a place to do their projects. 

Ben: just discuss with WH management. Need to tell them about it. 

Clovis: need to discuss warehouse space with the management team, DAFT has first rights on the space. 

● Decided to put art right after DAFT. 

Remaining questions and discussion: 

Bill: haven’t been to a TH meeting in a while, do we have the WH manager stand up and talk about space? 

Problem: we have, but they usually come to the Fall TH. 

Bill: should we add that in? Should we not do it? 

Gyesika: do we want to announce the AFs and Leads? 

Adam: We announce them in the fall 

Clovis: the AFs can decide to come and discuss. 

Prost: We used to have everyone get up on stage, and introduce themselves, and discuss all topics. Went to a booth model so that people can get basic important info, and then go to the booths they are interested in. Don’t want to add too much back in to the overall presentation. 

Henry: there is no time keeping. 

Prost: tommy will be MC of the town hall, and can help keep things going. 

Problem: the effigy is designed, will have the design available for folks to look at the booth. Deadline for stickets. 

Clovis: will make sure clean up happens before town hall. Some stuff out in the warehouse is there is from freezer burn. Will make a call out before TH. 

Bill: how many tables are available for AFs to use? Total number requested so far is 6 or 7. Should talk about a vol pre-town hall event to make sure enough people are here to help with TH. 

Clovis: Believe we will have plenty. Don’t have an exact number. 

Prost: didn’t put a call out for vol for Fall TH, and there were enough to help. 

Henry: I will get here early, around 9 and start setting up shade structures for folks. 

Clovis: I will get here around noon. The theme camps will show up and then there will be lots of volunteers. 

Motion to close stack – Gyesika made motion, Bill second, Sam third. 

Prost: One more thing, need someone to help wrangle everything, and to keep people presenting when they need to. Bill will help with that, along with Clovis. 

Next CC meeting is 2/4 – TH after burn, and should the LLC pay to get more social media posts, more traffic/promotion. 

Gyesika: we can also announce that we need to do that at community announcements. 

Prost: Want to get the CC up and running again. Need to give that announcement at TH. 

Adam: CC forum is up and running. 

Tommy: was nominated to the CC right before life went a bit sideways. Health is taking a bit of a decline. Not going to flip side this year. Going to have to put in resignation. Will still be active, want to re-engage once things are turned around. 

Bill: who would like to facilitate the next meeting? I can do it again. 

Gyesika is stacking. 

CC Minutes – 2/4/19

Attendees: Sam Arnold, Patrick “Problem” Boyd, Adam Rice, Bryan “Breezy” Frolick, Bill Blome, Laura, Clovis, Gyesika 

Facilitator: Bill Stackinator: None 

Agenda: standing agenda, TH after burn, and should the LLC pay to get more social media posts, more traffic/promotion. 

LLC update: (Adam) 

● Will meet with our civil attorney as we do each time this year. Go over the waivers, survival guide, etc. Get comments in before next week for survival updates. Haven’t made changes in years, only a few things required by the landowner. 

● Had Town Hall – was well attended and people had a good time. Have a few open lead positions – echelon, guardian, and a handful of other positions that are less critical. 

Regional update: (Clovis) 

● No update. Same as last week all is good. Some regional events are working on a code of conduct, but the survival guide fills a similar role. 

Bill: It covers everything you should know. and outlines how to act. 

Sam: We tell everyone to go read the survival guide when they first come out 

Adam: Other events have the code of conduct, and the only things we aren’t doing in our survival guide are listing everything that can get you into trouble and what can happen to you if you do those things. 

Bill: Between the waivers, the disclaimers on the back of the ticket, and the other forms we cover everything that should be covered. 

Adam: The other codes usually are more explicit about consent issues. 

Bill: We will kick you out even if you signed a piece of paper. 

Adam: Having a code of conduct can reassure other community members that we do have a system in place to deal with bad behavior. 

Problem: Other events have set up a conduct committee to monitor the grievance process. We like to keep things closer to the vest for the protection of everyone involved. We don’t make a rule unless we have to make a rule. 

Bill: That’s not what we do here, we don’t like extra bureaucracy. The idea of radical self-reliance and that the community can come together and monitor the behavior of the members is our way. Work on it at a camp level, or a theme camp level. Like doing it this way. 

Adam: We do have a “trump” card in these situations, or an ace in the hole, where we repeat on the ticket and on the signs you see all over the event “You can be denied admittance for any reason or no reason.” 

AF update: Adam – Monthly AF meeting is a week from tomorrow. 

Remaining questions and discussion: 

Bill: Can we dovetail the AF updates into a discussion on town hall? 

Clovis: Yes. All of the AFs wanted their leads to speak at the last minute. Didn’t mind it. AFs/leads should be able to tell us what they want to communicate at the Town Hall Event to help schedule it ahead of time in the future. But even though it was last minute we still got done fairly quick, and were able to get everyone in. 

Bill: Felt it was fairly concise. 

Clovis: We ran just over an hour, and then a couple of hours of socialization. 

Adam: I thought it went really well. Not sure how successful it was for volunteer recruitment. Not sure everyone heard the messages they needed to hear. 

Bill: Prior years we might have had more volunteer recruitment – actively engaged the people who came to TH. 

Clovis: Shaven apes handed out stickers. City planning recruits internally. 

Problem: Genesis is a more volunteer area. 

Clovis: Not sure how successful it is to recruit for May event in Feb. 

Problem: Most department don’t need help this early. DAFT is one. 

Should we pay FB to get our message out? 

Problem: Last year our ave post in 2018 had 2337 people see it. So far this year in 2019, its 944. This year only 810 saw the ticket post. 3187 saw it last year. 

Bill: Does anyone have experience with FB ads and using them? (Group said no). I do, and what I can say is that for what we need, we wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money and it would be effective. Seems like we shouldn’t throw down money before we try a system to help get the word out organically. Can we identify 12 people or 20 people that would commit to sharing messages to the Flipizens page organically? 

Adam: CC members maybe? 

Bill: We could test it now until Flipside and see if it makes a difference. 

Problem: Would like to get people more involved and make our own “algorithm” and maybe only use FB for the ticket posts. We should boost posts so that they hit more people that like our pages. Let’s try and work around FB than with them at this point. 

Adam: Philosophically opposed to FB, only a member to communicate with the community. Don’t want to give them money. Believe that when you pay for ads you get all kinds of info about the people. 

Bill: You have to pay extra for it. 

Adam: That seems like a slippery slope. There is an additional level of creepiness that you can get when you pay FB money. 

Problem: We already get info from FB on the people who interact with our posts. 

Adam: Another thing that crosses my mind, is that people are drifting away from FB – people don’t look at it anymore. Some people are moving to Instagram. 

Clovis: Lots of people are on instagram. 

Adam: Maybe we can republish content from FB, twitter and to instagram. Maybe we can use the envelope pics on instagram. 

Bill: That almost opens a bigger discussion – the nature of social media tools is that they will all ebb and change over time. 

Problem: Communication tools in general are the same way. Email is kinda dead unless you are doing business. Lots of businesses now use Slack. 

Clovis: The list style. 

Adam: Trying to keep up is like Whack a Mole. In AAR – had discussions about building our own APP to get info out to the community. Also could give everyone an “@flipside” email address to get information out. The social media aspect is only one part of the problem. 

Sam: It might be a good idea to use the envelope art, and other art, to help distinguish different messages. On the Website right now, all the messages all have the big Flipside graphic on it for all of them. 

Problem: For a while the site would pick a graphic to go with a post, and sometimes it wasn’t appropriate. Sometimes offensive images were uploaded and then shared out to the community by accident. 

Clovis: Do we have a social media lead? No? 

Adam: It’s under content, and our lead does WordPress for her day job. She’s really good at it. 

Problem: Was hoping that the shock value of the discussion being about social media and paying FB money would entice people to come to the meeting. I see every post our FB site does, and I can see how many people we are currently reaching versus how many we could reach with paying for ads. 

Gyesika: Is this how I get Nomads? 

Adam: A guy did a prank once to make the ads so specific so that only one person would ever see them. 

Bill: Once you start filtering by zip code, you can get super specific in how you want to target the ads. It could be something like males, in this zip code, who like cats, and so on. Most people usually don’t do that when they do ads because you want a large audience. 

Problem: $10 for ads will not get us much. 

Bill: I will vol to send an email to the CC list this week trying to motivate some coordinated sharing of the key posts. 

Problem: There have been 10 or so emails to the ticket lead saying they didn’t see the emails about the ticket window. 

Sam: I saw multiple posts about the tickets. 

Clovis: There are always people who don’t pay attention. We could do a phone tree and still have some people we miss. 

Problem: We only have 510 people following us on FB. 

Adam: Let’s wrap this topic up and move onto other topics. 

CC Business 

Clovis: Found us a photographer for photos if we want to do that. 

Bill: That sounds like a good idea – (Gyes and Sam are in favor.) Do you want to send an email to the list? 

Clovis: I’ll send an email to the group. 

Adam: Can I make a suggestion? When you see someone who needs a pic, just take a pic with a smartphone. 

Gyes: Something I did for Freezer burn, was to upload photos to a website to make “wanted” posters of everyone. 

Adam: The difficult part about photos is getting them all done because everyone isn’t always together at the same time. We can accept lower quality photos so that we can get everyone’s photo by using phones. 

Gyes: What topics are for next time? 

Adam: Review how safety departments work, and reduce medical transports through self-care. Oh I see what the problem is – I was looking at March. 

Problem: Education update and reporting interpersonal incidents are on agenda for next time. 

Sam: I see the same thing. 

Clovis: Someone needs to get ahold of (didn’t get name) – send it to Misti and she will make him show up. I will try all of the methods of getting ahold of someone. 

Bill: I’ll facilitate next week, and let’s sign up Prost for stackinator. I enjoy signing him up for stuff. 

Adam: March 18 meeting – review how safety departs support the community and reduce medical transports through self-care. 

Clovis: Need to get some of the AFs and leads involved. 

Adam: Izzy owns safety departments and I own self-care. 

Clovis: We should post these topics on FB, and then pay to promote it and then add in the social media topic. 

Bill: It is important to have non-CC folks show up to discuss the interpersonal policy. 

Move to close meeting by Bill. Adam second, Gyes third, meeting done. 

CC Minutes – 2/18/19

Attendees: Sam Arnold, Patrick “Problem” Boyd, Adam Rice, Bryan “Breezy” Frolick, Bill Blome, Laura, Clovis, Henry, Mayor of Flipside (for life) the Honorable Prost, Cooper, Izzi, Katrina, Mary, Seph, Susan 

Facilitator: Bill Stackinator: Sam 

Agenda: standing agenda, Edjumication, Reviewing the process for reporting interpersonal incidents 

• Bill explained the rules of the meeting, that we are respectful, and that we give our names to the stack and go in order. 

• For any votes, only the LLC members can vote. 

• Izzi requested that Edjumication be covered before the reporting discussion. The group agreed to this topic order. 

LLC update: (Problem) 

● Meet with lawyers – reviewed waivers, new case law, survival guide. Survival guide should be wrapped up shortly, right after ticket opening. 

● We have a mass event permit, so probably won’t have a soft lottery. 

● Sam has asked for permission to post minutes – Prost has access. Should discuss that during CC business. 

AF Updates: (Susan) 

• Had our first work weekend – got through 4 brush piles but have 12 more. Should dig out some of the culverts under the walk ways because they are getting blocked. Roads are in pretty good shape. 

Adam: Standing water? 

Susan: It was great – not a lot of water everywhere. Safety looks dry, passage to the corral is soft but not soggy. 

Problem: Daft has started – work days are Wed and Thurs after 6PM, and Sunday at noon. There is a mild concern from DAFT, the lead did an inventory, and some Ryobi batteries have gone missing. If anyone sees/knows anything, please let someone know. About 6 batteries are missing since Nov. Sticket contest has ended – will get in touch with people on the results very soon. Art project and theme camp registrations are open. 

Adam: the registration closes 4/1. Art car or event closes 4/17, 

Regional update: (Clovis) 

• Broken Springs is coming up, Corpus had a beach clean-up. Burning Man meet and greet is coming up March 9th, 5 – 9 PM. El Mercado South. Low income ticket window opened, go apply right now. Price went up but the number available is larger.\ 

Katrina: Have you seen any responses to the price changes in the Burning Man community, and how they are trying to stop commodification? 

Clovis: Mostly positive reaction to all of the changes. Have us listed as an official burn to get into their calendar. 

Edjumication: (Izzi, Seph) 

Izzi: Edjumication traditionally focuses on newbie topics (how to attend flip side, etc). This year want to expand the reach of the Ed and have classes here at the warehouse on topics that the community wants to learn about; this is a more comprehensive effort to help educate and tutor the community. Seph is the lead. 

Seph: Will rely heavily on computers to organize things, find teachers to teach things, and students to learn things, and bring them together here to learn. 

Henry: What kinds of topics? 

Seph: Anything anyone wants to teach. Try to avoid anything too controversial, as the focus is on learning useful skills and not a podium. 

Henry: So not a TED talk for burners? 

Seph: Trying to avoid that at first, and have folks learn a skill or come out with new knowledge. Hopefully that is what this can start out as, and then could turn into maybe more TED Talk like later on. 

Izzi: Wanted Seph to come to the meeting to get feedback from the community on the idea. We don’t expect the teacher to cover the cost of any materials, but the classes are free to everyone. Won’t charge for classes. 

Seph: A few possible topics to cover are power tool training, someone wants to teach dog training, how to buy your first home, Ableton, fixing a generator, getting your car out of mud. Have a test form out there to gather student feedback on what they want to learn, and then circulate those requests around the community to find teachers. 

Henry: Would the class be here at the warehouse, or at a given place? 

Seph: Mostly here at the warehouse, could be elsewhere. Would like to start here. 

Henry: For example, if someone wanted to teach a tree identification class, that might need to be held outside? 

Seph: Want to connect the students and teachers, open up the Warehouse doors and let them do whatever they want. 

Bill: I think it’s a great idea and could have a lot of flexibility. Am I correct that this is under the official Edjumication lead? 

Seph: I would like to request, or ask, if can I change the name to education? 

Izzi: I would like to see it maintain the more traditional things that happen at flip side – how to get together a theme camp, project management for artists, burner charm school or burner 101. 

Bill: Yes, like how to negotiate camp boundaries with your new neighbors. 

Izzi: Or how to use your safety teams. 

Prost: You are working on online forms? 

Seph: I need to determine how I can move the forms to the flip side website. 

Prost: We should tell folks to come and talk to you, or to email – 

Seph: I hopefully will have a link on the site soon that will make it much easier. 

Bill: Awesome thanks for the update. 

Incident Reporting Process 

Cooper: There is a link to the process on the website, under policies. There has been a significant increase in the number of incident reports in the last few years. Adam wrote the policy as an FAQ to help address the issues, and to make sure the policy was being explained clearly and that all questions/concerns about the policy were addressed. So, the first item I wanted to know if everyone knew that the policy was there on the site, and then go over the policy. (Cooper wrote on the white board – FACTA as the acronym for the policy) 

Cooper: F – First Hand Reports. The foundational principal of the policy is that it relies only on First Hand Reports. We (the LLC) don’t respond to social media, we don’t look to FB for reports to act on. Instead, we do review posts that come to our attention and will reach out to individuals to encourage first hand reports, and to come forward. 

Cooper: A – AAR LLC/Accountable. we consider all reports and then decide to act or not. 

Cooper: C – Confidential. The reporter and the decision are kept private. There is a denial of entry list. We control access to the Warehouse, the official events. Can’t control other spaces. 

Cooper: If you witness something, you can report it and then we will dig into it. But we need to talk to the people directly involved. Always remember we can decide to boot anyone at any time for any reason or for no reason. 

Cooper: T – Talk about this more. If you meet new burners, new people to the community, or if something comes up. Remind everyone that this process exists and is very important. 

Cooper: A – Anywhere. The incident can happen outside the event, or anywhere. The reports should be given to the LLC. When we get a first-hand report, we have a discussion with the person who reported it, and also talk to any other first-hand witnesses. The LLC then considers everything and makes a decision. The person who is reported also has a chance to talk to the LLC about the incident. Once the decision is made, the reporter and the subject of the report are given direct communication about the decision. 

● Where we can’t control things, or ensure privacy, is in the realm of social media. Not only is that not something the LLC can control or influence, but the LLC will never discuss or post anything related to an incident on any type of social media. 

Izzi: There is an LLC member at every event, and you can go to a safety team and say I need to talk to an “Actual”. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t report until after the event, anyone can email us: Can also reach out to each individual LLC member via the website; click on the member and then there is a form that is presented and sent to that member. 

Adam: Anyone with a 2-way radio can raise an Actual. If someone is traumatized, it can be hard to make a report at the event. There is no problem with reporting later on and the team is there to help as much as possible. 

Katrina: Remember that the F doesn’t stand for Facebook. If someone is making a report, or writing out their report on Facebook, be a good member of the community and point them to the policy and help them directly contact the LLC so that they can make a first-hand report and the LLC can respond to it. 

Bill: This sounds like a good legal process, and a sound approach. How is it working? Is there anything else that the CC can do to help with this process? 

Cooper: It takes a lot of time to do this process and requires a lot of follow up. We thought about some type of delegation, or a splitting up of the responsibilities. But the LLC is responsible for the decisions, so need to handle the reports with the full group. One area where we are currently struggling is that there may be incidents at other events, and people might assume that the decisions taken at those events should apply across all events. 

Adam: There is always the issue of people not knowing about the process, but overall, we think things are going well. We are interested in getting feedback – is the FAQ not covering all needed topics? I have a question that needs answering and it isn’t there? There are some people who might read it and not get what it is about, hopefully not too many people like that. Can’t go into details about how individual situations are handled, and we understand that everyone has a different angle on what happened. We emphasize that this reporting process is not a judicial process, and we are trying to protect our own liability and protect the integrity of the community. 

Problem: I disagree with Adam a little bit on this – there is an impression out there in the community that the LLC doesn’t do anything about reports and that is false. We have a denial of entry list, and it has grown much larger in the recent past. Reporting is difficult enough but having an impression that the LLC won’t do anything makes it much harder. We have acted on this issue since I’ve been on the board, and we’ve had a denial of entry list since I’ve been on the board. 

Adam: There was 1 case where we followed the process and decided not to take any action. 3 cases where we couldn’t follow the process – someone moved out of TX and had no phone. Also had a few cases where the reporter gave a report, and then didn’t communicate back to the LLC and we couldn’t complete the process. But the vast majority of reports are fully reviewed, and a decision is made. 

Katrina: There is a good deal of mis-information about this process. For example, that if something happened somewhere else the LLC won’t do anything, or if there isn’t a police report LLC won’t do anything. This false information does damage and makes the process harder and might make it harder for people to report. These things are definitely not true for the current LLC. 

Mary: Can we share the no entry list with other burns? Or forward the reports? 

Problem: We asked our lawyers about it, but if we start sharing this information with other events then we take on additional liability if something happens. The lawyers have advised us not to share our information. We are trying to figure out a way to share information without increasing liability. 

Henry: If somebody has something happen to them, and they go to another event that person should report it to the other event? 

Problem: That is something we are thinking about doing but doing it in a way that doesn’t increase our liability. 

Henry: Can folks get names on who to contact at the other events about reports? 

Adam: Yes. The tricky part of it is that each event’s board determines what is enough information for a report. What we can do is provide a list of names at the other events that someone should make a report too. 

Seph: Can other events request our reports, and do we share them? 

Problem: They can ask but we do not share them. The issue is that if we ban someone for something serious, or for a minor infraction. Now all of the people are labeled as “banned” regardless of severity. We aren’t a court of law, and we aren’t trying to determine legal facts. If we publish that or share the reports, it opens up more liability. Us keeping the list secret means that we will put more people on it. 

Seph: What if a person reports something, and they check a box that says, “you can share this email.” And all the events have to go out to some type of central list and find the reports/emails? 

Problem: We must store the information somewhere, and if something gets deleted, or lost, then we can be liable. Forwarding email along is easy to do, but things can go wrong. 

Seph: You have a list, and you push out changes. You don’t notify them of updates. 

Problem: Seems like we have the same liability even in that approach. 

Katrina: The biggest concern is the vulnerability of emails, and how to ensure that only the right people see the information. Membership in these events, and leadership of the events changes frequently so it makes it much more likely that someone is on a group email when they shouldn’t be. We want to give agency back to the person who made the report, and we would like to find a way to give the person the ability to send the report to other events easily and without having to rewrite things, and so on. Then the person is empowered to make the decision about their information. 

Henry: What if the person reports something, the LLC can advise the person that they might want to make a first-hand report at other regional events. I hate that it’s all on the victim to make all the reports, but it seems like the only way to ensure privacy and give the victim agency over what happened. 

Adam: One thing as a practical matter – reporters aren’t going to use one method to contact the LLC. They use email, personal discussions, email, talk at events, and so on. Once, the LLC got a second-hand report from someone who felt that something should be reported, but they weren’t involved in the incident. Had to work very hard to try and get the victim to confirm the report. We didn’t handle the situation very well and didn’t make the best decision we could have in that situation. By handling second hand information, we are making the impression, or implication, that someone needs to act when it should be up to the person directly involved in the incident. 

Clovis: The BM list was just discussing this, that email systems are used to discuss things between LLCs. Is there informal communication between events/boards? 

Adam: We don’t do that, and we don’t share information like that. We must live by our own rules, no second-hand reports. 

Katrina: That is what we must do, and it is hard. 

Adam: There is one TX event where when you sign their waiver you agree to let them share report information with other events. We must tell them we don’t want it because of first-hand reports. 

Bill: Cooper is there anything else you want to discuss? 

Cooper: Nope I think we covered everything. 

Bill: Thanks for explaining everything to us, and this discussion helps drive home the importance of the first-hand reports. 

Katrina: Did everyone feel like you got the answers you wanted? We were told previously that we were too defensive. 

Bill: It’s a touchy subject, and we get it. We use the LLC term all the time, and we can forget that one of the letters stands for Liability. 

Seph: Sounds to me like you are pushing this as far forward as you can, without crossing a legal line. 

Izzi: Thanks for that feedback. 

Bill moved to close stack on the issue, Clovis 2nd. 

CC Business: 

Izzi: Who has access to the website to post minutes? 

Prost: Sam is willing to post the minutes, so he should have access. I do use the access twice a year to get CC nominations and get a scribe. 

Cooper: Do you both need access? 

Prost: Yes, that’s what I would like. 

Problem: OK, just don’t want everyone on the CC having access. 

Izzi: The minutes go out to the entire CC list, for review before they get posted. 

Problem: I’ve never seen anyone read the minutes. 

Izzi: If I have to vote on them, I read them. 

Prost: New CC members. The form has been open for a couple of weeks now and have 1 new recruit. Someone is moving here from South Africa, been to burning man. I did put together a blurb for an official announcement. I can reach out and amend the announcement to try and get more people nominated. We aren’t in a rush. 

Next meeting 3/18/19: Facilitator – Clovis Stack – Gyes nominated, but Bill will cover if needed. Agenda for next meeting: How safety departments support the community, encouraging better self-care at the event. 

CC Minutes – 3/18/19

Attendees: Sam Arnold, Patrick “Problem” Boyd, Adam Rice, Bryan “Breezy” Frolick, Laura, Clovis, Henry, Mayor of Flipside (for life) the Honorable Prost, bonobo, Doc Holiday, Citizen, Molly 

Facilitator – Prost Stackinator – Sam 

• Prost explained the rules of the meeting 

• Everyone can speak, but we speak in turn. Sam keeps the list of who wants to speak and will call your name when it is your turn. 

• Speak with respect, talk about processes not people. 

• For any votes, only the LLC members can vote but everyone’s input is valued. 

Agenda: standing agenda, Reducing Medical Transport Through Self Care, How the safety department supports the community 

LLC update:(Adam) 

• Met with Kit the landowner this week, and the lease should be signed this week. Patrick observed that the LLC has 8 more meetings before Flipside – lots to do before the event. 

Problem: New trailer was broken into, the people took a pry bar and got into it. Hoping that we can get the trailer to its permanent home soon so that we don’t need to discuss getting security cameras again. 

Henry: Did the thieves get the license plate inside? 

Problem: Only took a spool of wire from the trailer. Left lots of other more valuable stuff in there. 

o Want to remind everyone that the closer we get to the event, the harder it is to 

take any action in regard to anyone that someone in the community doesn’t want to attend. 

Adam: As we have said before on this subject, when we felt backed into a corner with a previous situation and only had 2 weeks before Flipside we didn’t handle the situation very well. We won’t do that again. So need to bring forward any concerns or first hand reports sooner rather than later. 

AF Updates: Problem: 

• There was a work weekend this weekend and it went well. 

• DAFT is in full swing, and the team still needs more people. Anyone who wants to help and learn new tools can come by, and also got new tools. 

• Ticket entry is open and a few people have complained about a few bugs, but everything has worked out very well. 

• Survival guide is at the printers. 

Prost: I think you meant the ticket process is complete, and people got their “will call” email notifications. 

Problem: Yes, that’s what I meant. 

Regional update: (Clovis) 

• Had a regional meet and greet, and it went pretty well. Large crowd and a lot of new- comers. 

• UBS was this last weekend, and everything went well. 

• Recent hot issues: Vogue fashion shoot, where a clothing designer reused art from Burning Man. 

o Got permission for a lot of it, but not all of it. o The thing I was most put off by it was some piece that looked like Temple 

writings on parchment clothes. o Should have gotten permission before making commercial products. 

• Jennifer Riser was there at the Fashion Show and covered it as her part-time job; she wasn’t there to represent BM. 

o I trust her intent, and I trust the artists intent, but he still should have gotten 

permission for everything he used. o BM put out a press notice about it. 

• Talk about a new GLC and haven’t heard more about it. 

• Alamoburn is in 3 weeks. 

Reducing Medical Transport: Adam: First off, want to set expectations to the broader community for our medical situation. 

• We did have 18 medical transports in 2018. 

• The hospital in Rockdale had 5 beds, and last year they called us and said don’t send anyone else. 

• There is a small hospital in Taylor, with 6 beds. As there are no longer any hospitals in Milam county, this small hospital is serving that large area. 

• The closest large hospital is in Round Rock – and that will be a two hr. round trip. 

• We are going to have 2 ambulances this year at FS, and it’s a lot of money. 

• Some people do self-transport, and the LLC appreciates that as an ambulance isn’t taken out of service. 

• We don’t want to begrudge anyone the use of the ambulance, but self-transport is helpful overall. 

• In 2018, it was super-hot and humid, and the medical transports weren’t directly heat related, but the heat made things worse. 

• At my second FS, I got up and went straight into action without a shirt on…didn’t have any sunblock and didn’t put any on all day. I went to bed that night with purple skin. 

• When you see someone doing something that might be inappropriate for the heat and sun conditions, check in with them. 

• And everyone should be open to those comments; if someone says to you “hey you are overdoing it”, maybe listen to them and drink water, go get in shade, take it easy. 

Henry: I encourage people around me to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And encourage people to cool off, go find shade, take it easy. 

• I am going to go around with extra bottles of water and pass them out. 

• The community needs to help PETs as much as we can to help stop things from becoming serious. 

• Is it PETs or Rangers who give maps to people going to the hospitals? 

Doc: The rangers will help people get directions. 

Adam: We don’t have anyone handing out paper maps to anyone, just giving helpful directions. 

Sam: Question – is the hospital situation mentioned in the Survival guide this year? 

Adam: No, it is not. 

Doc: Can we put it in the Flame? 

Adam: Yes, we can do that. 

Prost: If you see someone who isn’t taking care of themselves and they need encouragement to drink water remember that self-reliance is one of our principals as well as being a part of the community. 

• We could encourage theme camps to keep a water cooler there for whoever needs cool drink? Just put ice in a chest and leave it there all day. 

Problem: The whole county doesn’t have any hospitals at all and only 3 ambulances, which is why we got two of our own. 

• Please take care of yourselves and help each other. If you need to transport someone to the hospital, we can arrange a free in and out pass. 

• Also, can let you back in after hours if you are taking someone to the hospital. Talk to PETs. 

• You don’t pay any ambulance fees, we take care of that. But you have to pay any fees assessed by the hospital. It’s cheaper to go in a personal vehicle. 

Doc: To add to the people pushing too hard, Rangers are specifically trained to communicate in a friendly way and help facilitate communicate with these people. 

• If there are situations where people are overdoing it and aren’t listening to helpful advice, we would like to know about it and help with them. 

• In regard to last year, it was a 105 heat index the entire weekend…the Ice Tent had an aluminum structure last year and it made a 20-degree difference. 

• Even the Vols got over heated, and people out in the effigy field and greeters also got overheated because they didn’t have a shade structure. 

Henry: I have a shade structure I can share with everyone. 

Problem: We do have a few shade structures for everyone to use. 

Laura: Something my husband and I did last year, is we brought electrolyte popsicles. Whenever we went walking around, we had a small cooler and passed them out. Almost everyone we offered one to took it and was very grateful for the cool treat. 

Henry: I brought a cooler with a large shammy in it that was in the water and would drape it over people and help them cool down. 

Doc: Could thermal shock make them want to go to sleep? 

Henry: It dropped their core temp very quickly and helped them. 

Prost motioned to close stack, and Citizen second. 

Review of Safety Depts and the Community: Doc: I am a Ranger LT, and I coordinate stuff on Burn night. 

• I have my own views on safety, and I am passionate about it. I wanted to see what would be discussed about safety. 

• Heard feedback on UBS and the medical situation and wanted to talk about it tonight. 

• UBS didn’t have a standing medical department, and instead had a free form medical team/response. Everything I heard is second hand as I didn’t attend the event. 

• As far as safety departments in general for FS, do we have our Fire Chief? 

Problem: Yes – its Trigger. 

Adam: There is an email for the safety departments that have everyone on it. 

• I don’t know what Izzi’s purpose was for this topic was, but it was partly to set expectations about what the departments do and what they don’t do. 

• Need to take care of your own safety needs first, and then fall back to the safety teams if things are beyond your capabilities. 

• Rangers are not police, and the sound people aren’t there to turn down other people’s music. 

• PETS are not there for every stubbed toe. 

Henry: Firemen aren’t going to stomp on your Poi. 

Problem: They are there to help people out when they really need it, but everyone needs to take care of themselves. 

Henry: I can answer what the Firemen do. We pull shifts and drive around to make sure everyone’s fires/campfires are safe, etc. 

• We don’t come up to a camp unless there is an issue, or someone reported something. 

• We also help with any artistic fire demonstration/etc. 

Doc: Rangers are there to help people do things and facilitate – help you find the bathroom. 

Clovis: They have been known to confiscate pancakes. 

Doc: Those were important pancakes. They are there to help, not be police and monitor behavior. 

Molly: I would like to know more about Sanctuary because I’ve never done it before, and would like to help with it this year. 

Citizen: Sanctuary is there to help with any mental health crisis. 

• I am not Sanctuary LT, but we are there to provide ground assistance and help people get back to having fun and have the experience they want to have. 

• It’s also there for Vols and to help them debrief and enjoy the event as well. 

Problem proposed closing the stack on this topic, and Prost seconded. 

Prost: Molly and I went to UBS, and they had a rainy event where things in the parking lot were really wet. It wasn’t a Freezerburn level rain event. 

• It’s only a 400-person event, and when we were that size didn’t have a dedicated PETs team. Have to remember that some events are smaller and doing the best they can with their community. 

Henry: They had 3 medical people last year. 

Prost: Seemed like it ran pretty well, and the board member I know didn’t seem stressed about the situation. 

Problem: Trying to judge smaller burns, and how big their vols are, isn’t really appropriate. 

• For us, if there is actual a problem, then let’s handle it. 

• But let’s remember that smaller burns are trying to build their communities and have appropriate levels of vols. 

Prost: I would recommend everyone go to a smaller burn to experience a tiny FS. 

CC Business: 

Molly: I came to get more info about the community and learn ways to get more involved. 

Citizen: There is a sanctuary social this week, will send you the info. 

Henry: What happened with candidates for CC members? 

Prost: Got 1 candidate and will set up a time to interview that person. Will open it up again after FS. 

Clovis: We can just impress people like the British did in the 1800s. 

Next meet is April 22, after tax day. Will discuss Stickets, and should FS sponsor a temple in 2020 and beyond. 

Facilitation – Clovis Stackinator – ??? 

CC Minutes – 6/10/19

Hey Flipsters! We have a scribe again, which means we can have CC Minutes again. To celebrate, enjoy these hot fresh minutes from the Flipside AfterBurn Meeting, which took place back on June 10th of this year.

More minutes incoming! So many minutes! Take cover and bunker in place!

Attendees: Sam Arnold, Patrick “Problem” Boyd, Adam Rice, Bryan “Breezy” Frolick, Bill Blome, Laura, Clovis, Henry, Mayor of Flipside (for life) the Honorable Prost, Izzi, Kataluna, Blanche, Tim A, Han, Tim M, Dale, RD, Brently, Liv, Wrinn 

Facilitator – Bill Stackinator – Sam Scribe – Laura 

Burning Flipside Afterburn Prost: this is an open topic to discuss the good and bad of Flipside. 

Clovis: any failure points, like the LLC? 

Kataluna: What? We are not… 

Adam: We did get out our information report already on the Website already. Don’t want to sit here and read that, but we can discuss any questions or anything anyone feels isn’t covered. 

Problem: 3% of tickets didn’t show up, fairly low. 2650 people showed up. 4 total medical transports, which is half of last year. 

Blanche: And it wasn’t muddy!! 

Kataluna: I’ll take it and I enjoyed. 

Henry: There was a lot of confusion about which direction the roads went. Some people removed the signs, or bypassed the greeters, and then people couldn’t tell what direction to go. 

Kataluna: I saw that on Thurs night, and I was confused about which way to go. I saw a city planning person moving the sign to get it in the right spot. 

Henry: Several of the short cuts were very helpful. 

Problem: Suggested buying commercial grade one-way signs. 

Brently: Suggestion – gel safety covers for the carts that are different than everyone else. 

Kataluna: I liked the signs for the tops of the carts, which helped identify what the carts were there for. 


• Kudos to city planning for their messages this year about RVs, helped explain that really well. Covered all kinds of vehicles – vans, campers, etc. 

• Kudos to AAR for sending out a message about the rain we got and that we might cancel, which is great. The message saying the event was on might have gone out, I just didn’t see it. 

• I heard complaints about the roads and which way they were supposed to go; probably a signage problem. 

• We did have a mixer – we had 4 CC members and 1 community member Linda show up. Very glad that things are continuing the way they are, don’t want to change things. 

• The effigy didn’t get open until Sat, and this isn’t the first one to wait that long. Would like DaFT to take a hard look at why it happened, and what can the community/org can do to help next time. 

• Really appreciated the post-event report, it’s the 21st flipside but it’s the 22nd event. 

Henry: I noticed that the greeters were getting people to volunteer when it was their first-time at the event, and they don’t know what to expect when they volunteer there. Maybe there should be a broadcast, online video, that can explain everything about Flipside and volunteering for the first-time person. 

Bill: Continuing on volunteering, and this has been a hot topic of discussion post-Flip Side. I felt like the energy was really good this year. I’m sure there were hiccups happening, but I saw a lot of people helping each other out, and a lot of formal and informal volunteering happening. I missed the weekend after for the cleanup weekend but would like to hear from Clovis about it. Outside of maybe tweaking a few things, I would like to say that the volunteering community is alive and kicking even if they need some extra poking. 

Blanche: On the volunteering thing, I lost something of significant value that was turned into Echelon and by the time I got back it was missing. 

Kataluna: Are you sure it happened after it was in Echelon? 

Blanche: My friends found that I left something on their cart and turned it into Echelon. I got the item back, but when I looked inside of it the valuable thing was gone and my friends said the valuable thing was in there when they turned it in. Need to review who has access to what, like Echelon. 


• For the vast majority of the event, we were on top of things in terms of volunteers and things running as they should. 

• There were a few problematic areas: hard to get IT support folks, medics for the events, and the guardians shifts were hard to fill. There were a few low shifts, but mostly covered. 

• The big problem was post-weekend on site. At the warehouse, we had a ton of people to help unload trucks. It was really out onsite having enough people to help clean up, and we needed about 20 more people helping with that. 

• If you know someone who can do medical, or can help with radios, or can do guardian shifts those are the ones we struggle with. 

• I’m glad everyone has enthusiasm around volunteering, but don’t put a bunch of solutions in place in search of a problem. 


• I think the volunteering problem the weekend afterwards for clean-up was a bit worse than before. 

• Messaging channels sucks, no one reads emails. 

• When it’s after the event, it’s harder to get people onsite. The same people keep coming out year after year – and some people want to skip a year. And the people coming out are getting older and can’t move as quickly as they did before. 

• It was light, but it was doable but hard. We got out of there at a reasonable hour, but still a bit late. 

Clovis: I agree with Wrinn. The social media aspect sucked this year, and lots of messages about getting out to the land for clean-up showed up three days after it was over. I didn’t want to shame anyone with my post, I just wanted to get everyone’s attention on it. 

Han: We had 50% more vols than we needed; and we wanted to send them off to other departments that might need people “Greeters, Guardians.” 

Sam: Volunteer squad would like to hear about that. 

Han: I would like to get the word out there. 

Blanche: What if we had a post department? 

Kataluna: We do have one. 

Blanche: This is my 6th Flip Side and I didn’t know that. 


• Flip Side is organized to be a servant leadership model, so that everyone can get a chance to lead and do things. 

• We had 6 new AFs and leads this year, and so new people are learning how to do things. People did a great job. 

• When an AF steps down, then the people who volunteer with that person also usually step down. It’s not a terrible problem, because the new people will grow their teams and develop people. 

• The volunteer problem wasn’t any worse this year, and people are working on it and building up the teams. 

Problem: There are a couple of things we are experimenting with: 

• One is a central volunteer app. The app will be one place to see all the shifts that are available, and folks can sign up there. 

• When you fill out the forms on the Website, you get an answer back from the leads/AF team to help get people into volunteering. 

Wrinn: Congrats to the fire clean-up crew, did a great job cleaning up things after the burns. 

RD: • I’m usually the first truck out with the effigy in it – and I usually coach the DAFT lead to 

spend the time directing the volunteers to do productive things rather than standing around and tripping over themselves. 

• Because we’ve had a smaller group before, and fewer strangers before, those relationships help drive the tasks and keep people productive. It’s not practical to have 1 person manage the site here, drive out, and then manage the site there. 

• I said we should load DAFT on Friday night, and that was a good thing to help get things going. 

• The lead of DAFT is a big job – you have to project manage people, the project, and help be creative and design the effigy. We need more structure to help scale. 

Blanche: I joined FU telecom this year, and XXXX is committed to working with Flipside to help provide more telecom for safety, and anything the community needs. Letting him know what we want to do with the phones earlier rather than later, is appreciated and XXXX is willing to do what is asked. 


• As someone who stepped down as an AF this year, the person who ran it this year did a great job (better than I did). 

• Volunteer levels seem fine to me. Leads change and that’s a good thing. There’s going to be transition, and that’s fine. 

• DAFT needs a PM in their structure, and it should be incorporated into their structure so that the designer can focus on the artistic side. 

• Some mother fucker towed my god damn Lincoln. That was a dick move. 

• It was a good Flipside. 

Bill: • With respect to XXXXXXXXXX, and XXXX not being the best communicator. We got a phone at Camp Camp this year, and I was so excited that it worked so well. That is some seriously heavy lifting to get that done. 

• To get stuff to grow and scale it’s best through the community rather than the org. 

• I will help XXXX figure out what will help him grow FU telecom in the future. I want to help him, and I want my telephone again. 

Blanche: He needs people to set up a camp for him, with the shade structures and so on, and cook food so he can focus on the phones. 

Prost: The phone was great until we got spam calls. I did find an emergency phone box this year – it was right there by the greeters and I knew what to look for. Kudos to making it more visible. If you paint it more visible might get asshats making prank calls. 

Brently: I wanted to mention things that were already covered, like DAFT is completely overloaded. Might form a subcommittee to review how to help teams like this as human beings can only handle 5 – 7 things at one time. 


• We try to direct leads to make sure they have enough team members and the right structure and support that they need to be successful. We also council them during their endeavor to help them not get overloaded. 

• There were a lot of new leads who had amazing and ambitious ideas of what they could accomplish in the time they had. That means someone can overestimate how much they can do, and our goal is to help ensure no one fails. 

• Some departments have high turnover, with at times getting a new lead every year or so. 

• We also have former leads come and offer help to the new leads. 

Brently: Any time I asked for help, I got it, and I made sure to always ask for it. Thank you to everyone in this room to helped me when I asked. 

RD: The lack of volunteers loading here at the warehouse and loading the trucks out at the land was very challenging and put a huge amount of drain on the leads. The community left a gap and DAFT filled it. 

Breezy: I brought my first piece of burnable art out there, and it went off very well. 

Adam: Copy the AR. 

Breezy: It was very hard to get perimeter team for it, but I got lucky. Hard to get volunteers to do that part, but I’m not sure how to get more people to volunteer for that. 

Tim A: 

• Adding onto what other people said about DAFT, as someone who worked on the build for the effigy I was broken and exhausted. 

• It wasn’t a lack of volunteers, as there would be people showing up and asking to help and the DAFT lead only had a certain amount of bandwidth to give instruction to individual people. There wasn’t always clear direction for everyone there. 

• There is an idea that DAFT leads knew what needed to be done, but they couldn’t always be in charge of it. Need a dedicated project manager. 

Kataluna: So, having a dedicated lead that isn’t a part of DAFT that makes sure DAFT happens? 

Tim A: There is a loose structure within DAFT that changes every year, and it doesn’t seem sustainable moving forward. There is a different lead and a different way of doing things every year – lack of carry-over of knowledge and best practices and how to do them the best way seems to not be happening. Need more structure and consistency year after year. The lack of that structure rather than the lack of volunteers was the biggest issue. 

Wrinn: Thank you very much for your art pieces, and all pieces were cleaned up very well. I didn’t have to worry about it. 

Kataluna: The nature of DAFT, and of it being a new lead whenever it happens, is how things are structured today but there is a ton of guidance there to help the lead. There were also a ton of people trying to help the lead. Don’t think it’s an org issue, it’s just people have specific work styles and vision. If we can see some carry over from this year to next, I think there will be improvement and it won’t be a problem. I don’t know that we need to add onto the DAFT team. 

RD: One of the things we have with our culture, is that we want to separate the real-world from our community. Sometimes we lose that connection to the best practices and high-level things that can help. 

Bill: • I don’t want to wade too much into the DAFT department, because being able to 

organize volunteers is a very specific skill. You can be a lead, and have a certain level of organizing volunteers, and there is value to having someone being able to direct those volunteers on a regular basis. 

• Jack Miller would put on these half day workshops on how to organize volunteers, and I’ve done it professionally and it’s really hard. 

• It’s impossible to be the figure head directing the top-level thing and then also direct the individual contributors to get the work done. 

• Don’t think the org needs to make big changes to DAFT, but maybe part of every proposal is “here is how I’m going to organize this thing or do this piece of it.” 

• The institutional history of this org is deep and long, and folks are willing to share and help. 


• Many times, we have leads that are SMEs, but not great as admins or doing the day to day activities. We encourage people to appoint LTs, and not take on everything yourself. 

• Many times, we don’t have many options for DAFT – some years we only get 2 viable proposals sometimes we only get 1. You go with the strength and weaknesses of those proposals and that lead, and you get an effigy. 

• If someone doesn’t like the way DAFT projects are managed, then put in a proposal. 


• I’m going to disagree with that statement, because sometimes if you are a great manager doesn’t mean you are a great designer, artist, etc. 

• As an artist, I would rather just go out and do something myself than ask somebody for help. 

• Think if we took the same approach to the Rangers as we do DAFT and the new Ranger Lead can run it any way they want; that’s not the case today and wouldn’t be a good idea. 

• As an artist, I think having someone there to run it from an operational standpoint is a good idea. 

Izzi: The artist needs to select that person, so that they will work well together. 

Prost: If someone shows up on church night wanting to know how to use a hammer, and the lead is showing them, then that takes that person away from more critical tasks. 

Kataluna: It isn’t just “here is a hammer” and you go after it. They need instruction. 

RD: I think some structure would be great for DAFT. We don’t have a great way to onboard people and get them up-to-speed. DAFT would benefit greatly from an information table or something to help get people up to speed. 

Motion to close stack by Breezy, Bill seconded. 

CC Calendaring for summer/fall 2019 Prost: Motion to disband the CC (not seconded). Prost got up and captured items on the white board. Topics 

● Review Ticket Window – 8/5 

● Re-examine 3 principles – 10/28 

● Effigy and temple ws/charrette – does the community want to get money together for a temple – 10/7 

● The new digital platform for vol – vol reg system review/input – 10/28 

Definition of an RVs – the LLC should work this out 

● Community input on video for first timers – VC can come and talk about it – 9/16 

● Fall Town Hall Planning – 8/5 

● Fall Town Hall Walkthrough – 9/16 

● Fall Town Hall Afterburn – 9/30 

● How would we respond to FS being postponed or canceled? – 11/9 

We did not have recycling this year again and it was fine. Haven’t heard anything from the community. 

● CC Mixer – 12/9 

● How the warehouse meets community needs – 9/30 

● Land criteria – 11/9 

● Incident FAQs – once in Fall and once in Spring 12/9 

Bill: A few months ago, we had a nice discussion about the process for reporting incidents. I haven’t personally heard about anyone being made uncomfortable, being assaulted etc. 

Kataluna: It usually takes about 2 weeks from now to start hearing about things. 

Problem: The vast majority of what we hear about are things that didn’t happen at the event. 

Bill: Sounds like there is a good time to discuss that later in the calendar. 

Kataluna: Can add it to the list and have it there. We get reports in Spring and Fall. Do it in the fall before the ticket window. 

Izzi: I see a lot of non-CC members here and would like to hear about topics that would be interesting to those members. 

Bill made a motion to close the calendar, Prost seconded. Closed. 

LLC Update Problem: We are an official regional burn, we signed the agreement again. Had a small event recently that you might have heard of. 

AF update Wrinn: Did the event and did a thing. Will get going on doing things again soon. 

Regional Update Clovis: We are an official regional event. Camera girl (Burning Man IT person) is retiring. 

Adam: Beach burn is coming up in 24 days. 

Izzi: There is the soup event coming up soon, and some parents have spoken up and said they would like to do a family friendly burn event. There is a burning parents group on FB. 

Blanche: I work with the rabbit soup folks and can offer to work with them on the parent/family version. 

Clovis: Oblivium just happened. 

Adam: There are 4 regional events the same weekend as flipside. 

Problem: Elemt 11 just happened. Colorado event just happened. 

Bill: Hopefully they had as much fun at their events as we did. 

Izzi: People tuned in KFLIP in South Africa when they were broadcasting during Flipside, and they loved it. 

Bill: There is a regional platform Called Shouting Fire that allows KFLIP to broadcast world- wide during the event. Any other questions about regionals? 

CC business Prost: Going to make another call for CC members somehow. Make a post on the Website which will go out to Twitter, FB, etc. Want to get more diversity in the CC. 

Kataluna: Yeah, almost all white guys over 35 on CC right now. Will put a post out on Face Book to help recruit. 

Gyesika stepped down from the CC. 

Next meeting is Aug 5th. Facilitator: Prost and Bill will stack.