Stickets Design

Sticker. Ticket. STicket?

Getting a ticket to Flipside means getting a physical ticket, and a sticker. Both are created from the community.

We are doing things differently with STickets than we have in the past. We no longer award free Flipside tickets to the winning artist for the sticker and ticket. This better aligns us with the community value of “everyone buys their own ticket.”

BUT, we would still love to have you submit art you created to help add to the community! Even if it isn’t selected for the ticket or the sticker for that year, it may end up on our website or in the Survival Guide. With your permission, of course.

The deadline to submit your art this year was April 17, 2023. For the complete guidelines, see here. Questions? Email the STicket Lead here:

Interested? Awesome! If you’ve read, understood, and agreed to the guidelines above, then you shall cultivate the patience to wait for Flipside 2024 and submit then.