Art projects seeking support

Welcome to our Art Projects Seeking Support Page, a listing of Burning Flipside projects that are seeking your support through monetary contributions, expertise, and/or direct participation.

Burning Flipside is a wonderful place for self-expression (so much we made a principle of it!). If you love art as much as we love art, we’re glad you are here. You can help make it go!

Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC, does not guarantee the success, transparency of finances, project management effectiveness, or individual appeal of any of these projects. AAR does not guarantee that you will like this art, see this art, or agree that it is art. We just like art and want art to come to Flipside.

If you are bringing an art project to Flipside and are seeking community support for it, fill out the form and let us know.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Art Area Facilitator.

Dating Bracelet Booth

Dating Bracelets are a way to transmit a message to other burners that you are not only open to a new connection but also describes the type of connection you are interested in. It brings snake bracelets and large European beads that get assembled into beautiful bracelets using the unique color code. Please help make this a Texas burn tradition!

Project lead: Your Shyness

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Fuck YOU Telecom

Many of you know what Fuck You Telecom does, but for the many new burners we have this year, we are Flipside’s best and only “telephone company”. We provide wireless phones for a lot of the larger and many of the smaller theme camps as well as setting out several phone booths scattered around the more remote regions of the event. These phones are often used to prank call other camps, find friends, and occasionally to call in an emergency situation to safety HQ. We’re equal parts art and non-official participant provided safety infrastructure.

However, due to a severe staffing shortage, funding due to years of yall not paying your bills, and personal health issues, FUT is travelling very light this year. So instead of asking for help for FUT for 2022, I’m here to talk about 2023. If you are interested in helping FUT bring our full size telephony system for snark and for participant emergency comms use for next year, I’d like to talk to you. Either online, or at the event this year. I will often be found at FUTelecom’s HQ (camp), or travelling the burn possibly wearing a hard hat. Feel free to stop and chat whenever you find me, or have PedEx send me mail, or use the “contact lead” link on this page. Looking forward to seeing you all!!


Project lead: FUT CEO

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Homecoming Tailgate

Are you interested in getting involved with the Hydrocarbon Homecoming at Flipside this year?
Are you a “let’s throw a party and cook some food” kinda person?
Do you have a great burner-themed idea for a tailgate setup?
If so, come on over and get on board with the Tailgate Brigade!
Step 1: Fill out this form!
Step 2: Show up and do the thing!
Step 3: Share in the glorv of victory!

Robo reconing: The Suckup Smackdown

Looking for help decking out two robo units for use at Flipside. The robots will be going head to head in challenges (drag races, armed (think knives, shivs, etc) battles, and more. What I am looking for is someone that would enjoy making one or two of these bots less normal.

Project lead: Terlingua Ed

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The Hydrocarbon Homecoming

The Hydrocarbon Homecoming

Saturday, May 28th, in the City of Pyropolis we will converge on the effigy field by Ice around 7pm. 

Before we get on-site, we need YOU to come frolic and make some magic happen!

Visit for ways to get involved! Currently looking for mum makers, decor enthusiasts, foodies to contribute to the tailgate, football weirdos, cheerleaders, musicians (skills of all levels!), helpers for set up, tear down, etc. 

This is an event for all of us by all of us (with no specific theme camp affiliation- like the effigy, an art built by the community for the community!). 

Even if your level of participation is just showing up- don’t forget to pack something(s) fabulous!It’s the homecoming we all need.

Since we’re organizing it, let’s make it the homecoming we all deserve.

Welcome Home ❤ Come play!

Wee Camp!

Wee Camp is coming to flipside for 2022! We are gonna have a small spot on the Playa to have a little fun! We aim to be a miniature version of the much bigger flipside, culminating in a Wee Effigy Burn Saturday night! But we have a small problem! We seem to have a smaller camp than usual, and really want to make the best use of our space, event though there isn’t a bunch of it, so we are looking for some small art to make Wee Camp feel more cozy! From models of your own Camp to tiny LED art or miniature art cars!

We currently have one 10×10 mushroom to fill up with art that can be secured to the ground or a rug, but its possible we may be able to expand with help from the community!

We also need volunteers for Wee Burn! A little perimeter, a small amount of fire spinning, and a whole little parade of kazoo players!

The Theme for Wee Camp this year is Fairy Fantasy, with our Gigantic D20 as our paradoxical Wee Effigy (that part is already done!)

Contact Jake-a-lope for more information!

Project lead: Jake-a-lope

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