Art projects seeking support

Welcome to our Art Projects Seeking Support Page, a listing of Burning Flipside projects that are seeking your support through monetary contributions, expertise, and/or direct participation.

Burning Flipside is a wonderful place for self-expression (so much we made a principle of it!). If you love art as much as we love art, we’re glad you are here. You can help make it go!

Catalyst Collective does not guarantee the success, transparency of finances, project management effectiveness, or individual appeal of any of these projects. Catalyst Collective does not guarantee that you will like this art, see this art, or agree that it is art. We just like art and want art to come to Flipside.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Art Area Facilitator. If you’d like your project included here, submit a project registration.

Former Future Now – A Space Junk Waystation

Where every old art can be new again!

A new metal vulture queen, reassembled from the hips (arms – they became arms) of Dr. Tiki and the head of Cathartica, plus a loungey camp chair (which needs new fabric) will take up residence under or around a 1v pvc dome with lighting and room for more art.

This waystation needs your repurposed/reimagined/recreated creations to make it a whole lounge. What kind of art? Assemblages, collages, sculptures, ephemera, painting, 3-D, 2-D, metal, wood, blinky, wire, more!

Got some old art to recycle into new art? Got cool retro décor? Come help create or add to the atmosphere of Former Future Now! Contact me at if you’d like to add art, or help create the space.
Also searching for 2 burn barrels (already cut or not, not to be returned) conduit, and rebar.
We can always use some monetary support. Ppal is same as contact email. Message for venmo

Project lead: Izzi B (aka Izzi Hoo)

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Fuck You Telecom

Attention Flipizens!! Fuck You Telecom is coming back, under old management! We’re preparing to place our horrible phone disservice all over Flipside, ready to connect you to distant burners, Rangers, or that asshole trying to sell you an extended warranty for your car! But we need help rebuilding our systems! Kick us some change so we can buy new batteries, the more we get the more payphone booths we can deploy to far flung corners of the burn! If you prefer to help more in the labor department, we’re also accepting volunteers! Check out the links below for ways to donate time or money! PAY YOUR BILLS FUCKERS!!
Venmo: @Daleag02
paypal: @wizard42
cashapp: $the1wizard

FUT volunteers:

Project lead: Dale Gibson

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Love & Light

Feel our radiant connection and collective love with “Love & Light,” an experimental art installation making its debut at Burning Flipside 2024. Suspended above the Pecan Playa, this chandelier adorned with resin poured sun catchers will illuminate the forest with a kaleidoscope of hues dancing in harmony under dynamic sound reactive LED lights. But “Love & Light” isn’t just about visual spectacle—it’s a testament to community and diversity. Engage with us as we invite you to contribute your handwritten expressions of affection, “Love, [name]” messages which will be preserved in resin panels. This collaborative effort, akin to a fingerprint of our collective spirit, symbolizes the beauty of unity. And in a touching tribute, honor the memories of loved ones by submitting their handwritten samples, preserving their essence within the exhibit. “Love & Light” is a celebration of our differences and the unique marks that we leave on our community. Join us in basking in the warmth of shared light, reflecting on the love that surrounds us, and honoring the luminous memories that continue to inspire.

Please use this form to participate:

Project lead: Allie

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Memories With Santa

Christmas Town is growing bigger with every burn we attend! We want to help create beautiful holiday memories with you, however sometimes it’s hard to remember everything that happens on the playa.

Our art project is Memories with Santa! We need your help to get the supplies we need to make this happen. We will have a life sized Santa that you can sit on and we will take your picture with a Polaroid camera. We will create a wall of photos to display at every burn we attend. Christmas Town is at every Flipside and Myschievia.

The money collected in support of our art project will be used for a Polaroid camera specifically used for burns, film, a life sized blank dummy that we will dress up as Santa, as well as any other items needed to assemble our photo booth. Burners will be allowed to take their own photos with their phone/camera for personal memories as well!

Project lead: Ali Oop - Head Elf at Christmas Town

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Queenie and Tag’s Black Rock City Clownstravaganza: An Improvised Comedy Musical Adventure

Queenie and Tag’s Black Rock City Clownstravaganza: An Improvised Comedy Musical Adventure will feature clown duo Queenie and Tag riffing off and collaborating with the Flipside crowd to create a completely spontaneous musical pitch on the spot.

The show begins with Queenie and Tag’s attempts to sell the audience timeshares on the Pecan Playa. They eventually reveal that their true dream is put up their musical show “MY LEG!” featuring obscure Moby Dick adaptations like “Thar He Blows” and “Glub Glub Glub.” But after failing to get funding from the audience to produce the show, they decide to guide the audience through improvising a brand new musical from scratch, to hilarious effect.

Using a mad libs formula onstage, Queenie and Tag elicit suggestions from the raucous attendees to fill in blanks for whimsical story starters like “Once upon a time there was a __” and “Until one day.” The topics shouted out by the crowd become the theme, setting, characters, and plot points driving the musical unfolding before them.

Splitting volunteers into singing, dancing, audience, and “barkers”, Queenie and Tag will oversee the on-the-fly creation of lyrics, music, choreography, and song performances based on the crowd’s contributions. Two clowns, three once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and one giant unexpected finale performance – all made up completely on the fly from audience input!

With only the loosest structure and rowdiest Burner energy to work with, Queenie and Tag will tap their quick improv wit and trust in their faithful Burners to spontaneously generate a comedic musical extravaganza pitch that no one, especially the cast and creators, will see coming. It’s “Yes And” in its messiest, most unpredictable perfection.
We would love to request funding for this show for elements like costumes, props, music equipment, set pieces, and promotional material to ensure Queenie and Tag’s Black Rock City Clownstravaganza: An Improvised Comedy Musical Adventure can make the biggest comedic splash possible at Flipside 2024!

The idea is to perform at multiple camps- reach out if you would like to host!

Donations can be sent to…

Venmo: @Nathaniel-Fishburn (

Paypal: @nathanielcfishburn

zelle: 970-290-9662

Project lead: Nathaniel Fishburn

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Ring In The Year Of The Dragon


My project is on track to be out there as envisioned!!!

Transportation has been coordinated and shouldn’t be an issue.

I received some good input from a few sources about cultural sensitivity and accuracy. I’m happy to listen to any other feedback because I think it’s an important consideration, so if you have any knowledge about the subjects being celebrated, feel free to let me know what may have been done better or what else could have been included.

I should have enough help with setup between the folks at Fire Garden and Shaven Apes.

While this project is no longer needs any support, I wanted the chance to say how much I appreciate what everyone has done to help.

So many people (there will be an
acknowledgement at the installation) generously gave their time and expertise or provided much-needed financial support. I really can’t express how grateful I am to have received so much help and love from the community. THANK YOU!!! -Mitch

Step right up! Step right up and help breathe life into this interactive installation that celebrates the celestial and assesses your strength through carnival fun, Chinese culture and fire!

Support Needed:

Financial- Ignition Philter was kind enough to make this ambitious build possible through a generous grant. While these funds covered about 75% of the cost, and I have spent most of what remains from my personal funds, I find myself unable to polish the project off due to medical complications that have drained my savings. I’ll need roughly another $100 of materials to make the vision come to life without significantly impacting the quality of the finished product. Any amount contributed is greatly appreciated and will be carefully prioritized toward getting the project looking and functioning as originally intended.


Labor- My mobility has been temporarily hindered and this has begun to nudge the timeline of the build. I’m confident that with a little help from the community, this build can still be a dazzling display. I will be attending church nights seeking assistance constructing and painting the aesthetic elements of the piece. I also live close to the Lloyd warehouse and would welcome anyone with room in their schedule who would like to come help with testing, troubleshooting or programming the mechanical and technical aspects.

Cultural Consulting- While the theme of the piece draws inspiration from the Chinese Zodiac, I am not culturally or ethnically Chinese, and I want to make sure the design celebrates Chinese culture without appropriating, diminishing or contradicting any aspects of it being referenced. I would greatly appreciate the input of anyone with expertise or lived experience in Chinese culture, particularly as it relates to Chinese New Year celebrations or the Zodiac, who is willing to review the aesthetic design elements or help produce/edit written briefs that will accompany the installation to provide cultural context.

Transportation – The project is designed to be moved to location and assembled, but to ensure structural integrity, it is not entirely modular, leaving a riser that will need to be transported in one piece. It will be 14 feet long by approximately 15″ sq. It should be light enough that it can be moved by two people. There will be other pieces that I can fit in my vehicle, and while I may theoretically be able to strap the riser to my roof, for the sake of safety and sanity, please reach out if you have room for any components.

Project lead: Mitch Gosler

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Secret Secret

Man, forms are annoying.

I’m doing some art. If you like my art, I could use some $ for expensive paint and parts for my secret-huffing-bong.
Don’t worry, it’s actually all for The Art. I will even text you receipts if it makes you feel better.

I’ve already spent money on some of the materials, and made sure the artist got off, you don’t gotta worry about those parts.

If it matters, I expect this to be much less controversial or difficult than last years.

If you would like to contribute to this project, email me at

Project lead: Princess!

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The Flipsonian

The Flipsonian is Pyropolis’ largest museum, education, and research complex. This organization is a non-profit organization that RELIES ON SUPPORTERS LIKE YOU to help fund the groundbreaking VOID research, critical education resources, world-class exhibits and amazing experiences to make every day one to remember.

The Center for VOID Research is specifically looking for donations to help offset the growing costs of sending probes into the VOID. Your contribution will allow us to bring our latest experiment straight to the citizens of Pyropolis: a telescope into the VOID itself!

Your gift to the Flipsonian will fuel innovation, inspiration, and exploration — And you’ll join a family of caring, curious people dedicated to discovering and sharing knowledge by supporting the largest museum and research complex in all of Flipside.

Keep the Flipsonian’s mission thriving– give today!

Donations to the Center for Void Research-
Venmo @ckmiller

Volunteer for the Flipsonian –

Visit for more information!

Project lead: Audrey Maker

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