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Welcome to our Project Support Page, a listing of Burner Art Safari bound projects that are seeking your support through monetary contributions, expertise, or direct (Covid conscious) participation.

Normally this page is dedicated to Burning Flipside bound event art projects, but as the 2021 event has been canceled, this page is temporarily geared to support artists participating in our community led art tour. Learn more about Burner Art Safari here:

Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC, does not guarantee the success, transparency of finances, project management effectiveness, or individual appeal of any of these projects. AAR does not guarantee that you will like this art, see this art, or agree that it is art. We just like art and want art to happen.

If you are making an art project (or projects!) to be displayed at the Burner Art Safari and are seeking community support for it, let us know

Don’t forget to register your art project for “placement” on the Burner Art Safari map. Art registration will open March 15th and will close May 25th.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the Art Area Facilitator

Puff the Magic Dragon who lives by the C

Puff will soar above the playa spreading light and love to all.
Puff the Magic Dragon is a video mapping project that involves 2 HDMI projectors and a PVC dragon shaped structure.

Puff still needs funding for the remaining supplies to complete the build but has has some supplies donated. We are currently estimated around $500 in supplies remaining for this build.

Project lead: Nathan Goodfellow

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