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Welcome to our Project Support Page, a listing of Burning Flipside projects that are seeking your support through monetary contributions, expertise, or direct participation.

Burning Flipside is a wonderful place for self-expression (so much we made a principle of it!). If you love art as much as we love art, we’re glad you are here. You can help make it go.

Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC, does not guarantee the success, transparency of finances, project management effectiveness, or individual appeal of any of these projects. AAR does not guarantee that you will like this art, see this art, or agree that it is art. We just like art and want art to come to Flipside.

If you have are bringing an art project to Flipside and are seeking community support for it, let us know

Don’t forget to register your Flipside bound art project for placement. Art registration is open until 11:59pm CST April 15th, 2018. Log into the secure section of the site to register your art and view existing registrations.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the Art Area Facilitator

“The Compost Art Project”

The Compost Art Project is an interactive project linking art to the food cycle in a creative way. By taking a few carrot peels (clean, natural, compostable and usually the color orange) and arranging them into an art form you have elevated those carrot peels into a piece of art. Once you have made art with kitchen compost, I believe that it is nearly impossible to throw those “scraps” into the garbage. Our landfills are filling up and there is something we can do about it. The Compost Art Project is supported by burners (my husband and I), tested and found to be a success.
Side effects include but are not limited to;

Creating art in the kitchen (take a picture of the art and share)
Spending time outside by walking your compost art to the compost bin
Engaging in conversation about food, art, gardening and nourishing the earth
Noticing what vegetables and fruits you eat, perhaps eating better
Noticing how well you trim the edible portions of the fruits and vegetables (shows up well on film)
Discovering that the elements of ART represent very well in carrot peels, potato peels, and strawberry greens
Line, Form, Shape, Value, Texture, Space and Color
Keeping compost type materials out of the landfill helps your community
Adding compost type materials to your compost bin nourishes your yard
Growing a garden with the soil you have made by tending the compost bin is a great reward
Sharing pictures of the art, compost, growing adventures encourage others to make compost art
Sharing produce from your garden makes your friends and neighbors happy
Engaging in earth-friendly, creative and healthy conversation with family and co-workers can brighten up your day
This idea is easy to carry out and inexpensive
The workshops are designed to encourage healthy eating habits and less waste

To fund this project for Flipside this year, we need some skills sets. We need a short film, small-scale props and a few energetic people to learn how to present a Compost Art Workshop. Our little installation will be adjacent to The Tea House. Workshops will be under the Tea House shade.

Project lead: Cinder

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Eagle Burner

Only 4% of Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. Here in the Burnerverse, we believe this number should be higher. We present a list of 40 merit badges Burners can try for, some easy, some hard, and some that will stretch the boundaries of comfort. Come by our kiosk and get your placard to which your various awards can be placed. Achieve a critical mass of awards and be adorned with the much praised EAGLE BURNER patch and be the envy of the whole Burn. We need donations to make this go.

Project Any True Meaning

Project Any True Meaning (ATM) consists of ATMs that dispense poetry in the syntax of

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
May I ____ you?

Project ATM is meant to inspire conversations about consent by using poetry as a method of interaction. Questions that the project seeks to answer:

– What is consent?
– How do people provide consent?
– How do people deny consent?
– In what ways can consent be misunderstood?
– In what ways can consent be clarified?

We are currently seeking funding as well as digital artists, developers, and other creatives to collaborate on expanding this project. One ATM exists in Austin, Texas, USA. Project ATM’s collective plans to create ATMs in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Barcelona, Spain.

If you can contribute your skills, please email

Project lead: Emily Sparkles

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The G String

The G String is a giant art toy that looks like a 30’ long animated 3 dimensional Sprirograph drawing. The experience is that of approaching a rainbow caught in a tornado that can be heard howling from 100′ away as the woven string slices through air at 200 mph. The 900 RPM string whisks the air creating an energetic breeze on still nights. The sound is intimidating, yet the string is harmless. Pre-programmed light sequences create a wide variety of effects. A lone strobing light makes the moving apparatus and single strand of spinning string appear to be frozen in time, while all other senses contradict its static appearance. The scene transforms into a magical display as more lights illuminate, gradually revealing seemingly hundreds of color changing strands that form a beautiful fishnet vortex before finally becoming a translucent tube of rainbow colors. When the lights strobe, an elegant and organic fractal matrix is revealed that looks like the slowly turning mechanical workings of a wormhole.

When supervised, the elevated G String is lowered down to ground level. Once the rules are explained and consent is granted, The G String becomes an interactive experiential art installation. The lowered end of The G String can safely be tugged thereby altering the number and length of the waves and their place in space. Various filaments are passed out to participants. The filaments are tied to The G String in many ways, each has an impact on the overall display. These filaments can be relocated or otherwise manipulated by participants throughout the night, every quick interaction creates a new experience. Lighting is the key to the visual effects. Participants pan through lighting effects that alter color, intensity and speed of the art.

Project lead: Chris Callor aka Precious

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