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Welcome to our Project Support Page, a listing of Burning Flipside projects that are seeking your support through monetary contributions, expertise, or direct participation.

Burning Flipside is a wonderful place for self-expression (so much we made a principle of it!). If you love art as much as we love art, we’re glad you are here. You can help make it go.

Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC, does not guarantee the success, transparency of finances, project management effectiveness, or individual appeal of any of these projects. AAR does not guarantee that you will like this art, see this art, or agree that it is art. We just like art and want art to come to Flipside.

If you have are bringing an art project to Flipside and are seeking community support for it, let us know

Don’t forget to register your Flipside bound art project for placement. Art registration is open until 11:59pm CST April 1st, 2019. Log into the secure section of the site to register your art and view existing registrations.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the Art Area Facilitator

Big Top Mountain

I need some perimeter volunteers for this burn that hopefully will be scheduled on Saturday evening. If you want to help me burn my art, please email me so i have a solid list. Thank You

Project lead: Bryan Frolick

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Friendly Universal Telecom

Friendly Universal Telecom is the friendliest telecommunications group ever. In fact, we’re so friendly, all of our technicians are guaranteed to have never said a single curse word in their entire lives. Plus our service is also top of the line, or at least it would be if people would pay their bills. But since they didn’t, we’re making a very big FRIENDLY request for some funding, and we hope that all the people who skipped out on their bills go friend themselves.

We know times can be hard in this extremely friended up world, despite all the friendly people we see everywhere. But if you could look deep in your heart and toss us a few dollars, we will put that money to good friendly use adding payphones, replacing/updating our equipment, and working to provide even better service than before at every festival event we attend.

We also have added Patreon as an option. If you would like to throw us a few dollars every month, with some possible perks, it would be very useful in our continued expansion efforts. Every year we (as in Dale) spends hundreds of dollars upgrading equipment to try to make FUT even better. So any help is appreciated.

Project lead: Dale Gibson

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Rejuvenation Chambers

Sensory deprivation tanks experience reduces stress, calms the nervous system, and helps one to enter a deep state of relaxation. If you are familiar with the concept, you will love our portable version that we call Rejuvenation Chambers. If this is new, you are in for a treat!

Read some reflections from those who tried the earlier version of the chambers:

“It was incredible! I feel like if anyone is stressed or has too much on their mind, the deprivation tank lets you focus on what’s important and helps you get a new experience out of the burn. I went in and I feel like I have not been this relaxed all weekend.”

“I was alone with myself for the first time all night. I wish I could feel that good all the time… And I think I can be around people now and be myself again”

“The sensory deprivation chamber is one of the coolest things I did. I went to the big burn and I think it would have been a really really nice experience to have out there. To sorta feel… the world get shut out for a few minutes. I lost myself a little bit. It was really such a nice space. I am one of those people who have done the actual sensory deprivation chambers, and I found this to be a much more positive experience.”

We know it will be wonderful, but we need your help covering the costs of some much needed modifications! Thank you so much in advance and see you all at Flipside!

The Forge of Hephaestus

A ruined Greek temple sits abandoned, its once proud pillars burned and blasted from within by a superhuman force. An ancient stone forge slumbers silently among the toppled stone. Savvy Flipizens seeking to harness the forges shocking power must do so at their own peril. But know this; local wooks whisper that the forge hums with a unnatural light as the sun sinks below the horizon each night. Come at sunset, Fortune awaits.

We need a little bit more funding to supplement our art grant from Ignition Philter and truly deliver the atmosphere that we want the piece to have (lighting, fabrics, metals).

We have a few components we would love to borrow from the community:
-Smoke machine
-1000W+ AC dimmer or 10A+ Variac

We would love your help realizing this project, please email me or contact me on facebook if you are interested in helping us build, torch stuff, weld, sew, paint, mortar, etc.


The Victorious Project is a vehicle for confronting the darkness of suicide. We are transforming a Winnebago Brave into a Golden Owl dedicated to bringing both hope to those who are struggling with suicidal ideation and healing to those who have lost loved ones. Owls are the messengers of the Universe. Symbols of both the mysteries of death and the hope of immortality. Victorious carries wisdom on its wings and courage in its talons. The outside of this mobile shrine is painted with the image of a bleeding heart with wings and covered in memorial feathers bearing the names of those who have passed.
Victorious contains a a cosmic sanctuary for those seeking peace, hope and healing. The Altar of the Owl contains a glass egg where visitors may leave messages for those they have lost. Each full moon we perform a simple ceremony to honor the dead and burn these messages, releasing them to the heavens. Victorious also gives participants the opportunity to paint and decorate metal memorial feathers that become part of the Owl. The Victorious Project has partnered with several suicide prevention organizations and groups that facilitate long term healing for suicide survivors.
Victorious is a response to the suicide of Victor Tilvaro in May of 2018. He was a visionary artist, a world traveler and a warrior for the Light. He spent his life boldly following his dreams and living from the heart. His creativity and character touched the lives of a large extended family of amazing people across the globe. The Victorious Project is a continuation of Victor’s spiritual and creative work.
Victor left a legacy of incredible art and powerful ideas in his wake including the concept of transforming this Winnebago into an Owl art car. One of the crown jewels of Victor’s artistic works is the Space Sanctuary. This visionary art installation is a fully immersive space dedicated to healing, mediation and consciousness expansion. We will carefully deinstall the Space Sanctuary from its current location and rebuild it inside of the Winnebago where Victor spent his final days. The goal of Victorious is to share Victor’s work with others who are struggling with suicide and let them know they are not alone. Victorious is a living memorial, an exercise in hope, and an active transcendence of death.

Project lead: Professor Daddy Wizard

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Life is big. Feel small again as you gaze at nature from a bug’s life. Under the night sky a field of dandelions glow in the darkness, bright white fluff swaying in the cool night breeze. Mingle and cuddle with family and friends where your minds trace back to childhood and spring days in fields of grass picking dandelions ready to spread their seeds to the wind. Pick a dandelion, make a wish, and blow.