Art Cars

The only vehicles allowed to drive during Flipside are registered and inspected art cars (mutant vehicles), vehicles for those with disabilities, and official-use vehicles.

All vehicles used for transportation during the event belonging to participants MUST be decorated in some artistic fashion. Plain golf carts are not a form of artistic expression! Think of all the awesome things you can do with your old jalopy or golf cart! Have fun with it! for further information or inspiration, contact the DMV lead.

If you plan on bringing an Art Car, please refer to the Guidelines for registering an Art Car/Mutant Vehicle.

Vehicles that do not fall into one of these categories will not be allowed to drive around during the event—ordinary vehicles are allowed to park for a few hours to allow for unloading, and then must be moved to the parking area. Vehicles parked at theme camps for car-camping must be disguised or mutated, or risk being towed.

Mutant and art car registration will open March 1st and close May 17th, 2024. Go to to register your vehicle (you have to be signed in to register).

Mutant Vehicle Registration: March 1- 11:59pm May 17th 2024