Click on the thumbnail above for a high-quality map, suitable for framing. You can also download a version with our safety grid if you’re into that kind of thing. Note: these maps are designed to be printed at 11″ × 17″. Printing them on letter-size paper may result in errors, missing parts of the map, or unreadably tiny text.

Here is an interactive map put together by our City Planning volunteers!

Below are tables showing the theme camps sorted by name and number, followed by art installations sorted by name and number.

Theme camps sorted by number

Number Camp Name
100 Flamy’s Limo Lounge
101 DMV
102 HOGAR’S Hooligans
103 The Dacha
104 Itty Bitty Camping Committee
105 Transformation Camp
106 Camp Camp
107 Burning Glam
108 Sitting Camp
109 Camp Yuranut
110 Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
111 Birthday Camp
112 Camp Capsaicin
113 Halloween Town 👻🌙
114 Sit And Spin A Yarn (S.A.S.A.Y.)
115 Christmas Town!!!
116 RedCamp
117 Straight Up
119 Free Advice and Etiquette Lessons
120 Harden the Fuck Up
121 Reflektor
122 Munchie the Hutt
123 Camp Wet Spot
124 Beer and Darts (BaD)
125 Blu Ba-You
126 FlipJacks
127 Zebra Safari
128 Sin Camp
129 The Secret Gentlemen’s Club
130 Fake Camp
200 Jurrassic Pad
201 Low-Key Vulgar
202 Butt Putt Disco Fantazy
203 Creation Flame
204 Circle of Fire
205 Four Hundred Rabbits
206 Deathgun
207 International Trailer of Pancakes
208 F U Telecom
209 Rainbow Lip Service
210 PedEx
211 The Tea House
212 Camp PopRocks Pudding
213 Witch’s Brewpub
214 Purple Hi
215 The Yayborhood
216 Guerrilla Cheese Camp
217 Wonderlounge
218 pARTy
219 Spin Camp
220 Puzzle and Guzzle Camp
221 Checkpoint Charlie
222 Temple of the Steaming Pot
223 Bad Ideas: Episode III
224 Disco Kitty Cougar Camp
225 Festival of Souls
226 So Sassy
227 Pelican Camp
228 Dark Dances in Wonderland
229 Frank-n-Steins
230 Pastie Camp
231 Camp HERE!
232 Fever Dream
233 Badlands Coffee
234 Bayside Group
300 KFLIP 100.5 FM
301 Wee Camp
302 Stamp Camp
303 Sweet Jane’s
304 The LLC
305 Sparkedelica
306 Sensation Station
307 Psychedelic Relish
308 Space Camp
309 Third Camp
310 Down the Rabbit Hole
311 Fan Dann’s Pedestal Stand
312 Ping Pong Camp
313 The Lounge of Impossibilitea
314 Desert Moon
315 The Tiny Anus
316 Fan Camp
317 Dad Camp
318 Serious Camp
319 Bag o’ Cats
320 Tetrahedron Domain
321 Camp Squirt
322 Canvastic Fantastic
323 Board Camp
324 Squiggleverse
325 Kidsville
326 Camp Underpants
327 Tha Plant Shed
400 Vincent Van Go Fuck Yourself
401 Sacrilicious
402 Doing it LOUD
403 Iron Camp
404 Casbah
405 Electric Numbtastic
500 Panda Phean
501 Lava Lounge
502 #teamwonky’s camp boo-boo
503 Aquanaughties
504 Pyropolis Hash House Harriers (Pyro H3)
505 GingerCamp!
506 Camp Chill The Fuck Out
507 Brown Eye
508 Disco Circus
509 Camp Slapovich
510 Tortuga
511 Speleotheme Camp
512 Taco Space Station
513 The Winners Circle
514 The Temple of Unitea
515 Aloe View
516 FTV: Latenight
517 Camp Voyeur
518 SimWittEd
519 Brave Human World
520 Bubbleonia
521 Everything is Fine
522 Burning Soul Lounge
523 ¯_(ツ)_/¯
600 Bass Camp
601 Camp Be
602 Ecstatic Hearts
603 US ForesTEA Service
604 Chameleon
605 Camp Payaso
606 Spun Sugar
607 Alien Rabbits
608 FaceLazers
609 Mystic Village
610 PolyJamorous
611 Chill Camp
Badlands Clanimal
Badlands Badlands Bunnies
Badlands Badlands HOA

Theme camps sorted by name

Camp Name Number
¯_(ツ)_/¯ 523
Alien Rabbits 607
Aloe View 515
Aquanaughties 503
Bad Ideas: Episode III 223
Badlands Bunnies Badlands
Badlands Coffee 233
Badlands HOA Badlands
Bag o’ Cats 319
Bass Camp 600
Bayside Group 234
Beer and Darts (BaD) 124
Birthday Camp 111
Blu Ba-You 125
Board Camp 323
Brave Human World 519
Brown Eye 507
Bubbleonia 520
Burning Glam 107
Burning Soul Lounge 522
Butt Putt Disco Fantazy 202
Camp Be 601
Camp Camp 106
Camp Capsaicin 112
Camp Chill The Fuck Out 506
Camp HERE! 231
Camp Payaso 605
Camp PopRocks Pudding 212
Camp Slapovich 509
Camp Squirt 321
Camp Underpants 326
Camp Voyeur 517
Camp Wet Spot 123
Camp Yuranut 109
Canvastic Fantastic 322
Casbah 404
Chameleon 604
Checkpoint Charlie 221
Chill Camp 611
Christmas Town!!! 115
Circle of Fire 204
Clanimal Badlands
Creation Flame 203
Dad Camp 317
Dark Dances in Wonderland 228
Deathgun 206
Desert Moon 314
Disco Circus 508
Disco Kitty Cougar Camp 224
DMV 101
Doing it LOUD 402
Down the Rabbit Hole 310
Ecstatic Hearts 602
Electric Numbtastic 405
Everything is Fine 521
F U Telecom 208
FaceLazers 608
Fake Camp 130
Fan Camp 316
Fan Dann’s Pedestal Stand 311
Festival of Souls 225
Fever Dream 232
Flamy’s Limo Lounge 100
FlipJacks 126
Four Hundred Rabbits 205
Frank-n-Steins 229
Free Advice and Etiquette Lessons 119
FTV: Latenight 516
GingerCamp! 505
Guerrilla Cheese Camp 216
Halloween Town 👻🌙 113
Harden the Fuck Up 120
HOGAR’S Hooligans 102
International Trailer of Pancakes 207
Iron Camp 403
Itty Bitty Camping Committee 104
Jurrassic Pad 200
KFLIP 100.5 FM 300
Kidsville 325
Lava Lounge 501
Low-Key Vulgar 201
Munchie the Hutt 122
Mystic Village 609
Panda Phean 500
pARTy 218
Pastie Camp 230
PedEx 210
Pelican Camp 227
Ping Pong Camp 312
PolyJamorous 610
Psychedelic Relish 307
Purple Hi 214
Puzzle and Guzzle Camp 220
Pyropolis Hash House Harriers (Pyro H3) 504
Rainbow Lip Service 209
RedCamp 116
Reflektor 121
Sacrilicious 401
Sensation Station 306
Serious Camp 318
SimWittEd 518
Sin Camp 128
Sit And Spin A Yarn (S.A.S.A.Y.) 114
Sitting Camp 108
So Sassy 226
Space Camp 308
Sparkedelica 305
Speleotheme Camp 511
Spin Camp 219
Spun Sugar 606
Squiggleverse 324
Stamp Camp 302
Straight Up 117
Sweet Jane’s 303
Taco Space Station 512
#teamwonky’s camp boo-boo 502
Temple of the Steaming Pot 222
Tetrahedron Domain 320
Tha Plant Shed 327
The Dacha 103
The LLC 304
The Lounge of Impossibilitea 313
The Secret Gentlemen’s Club 129
The Tea House 211
The Temple of Unitea 514
The Tiny Anus 315
The Winners Circle 513
The Yayborhood 215
Third Camp 309
Tortuga 510
Transformation Camp 105
US ForesTEA Service 603
Vincent Van Go Fuck Yourself 400
Wee Camp 301
Witch’s Brewpub 213
Wonderlounge 217
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub 110
Zebra Safari 127

Art projects sorted by number

Number Art Project Name
A1.01 Texas
A1.02 House of Glory and Redemption
A1.03 Camp Camp Boosh
A1.04 Cauldron of Light
A1.05 Black Light Garden
A1.06 Totem and Alter Space
A1.07 Art Creation Space
A1.08 Persephone’s Gifting Tree
A1.10 Morpheus Matrix
A1.11 ‘Lil Baby SwapFire
A1.12 Clam-our Shots
A1.13 Burning Pitchforks
A1.14 Ruben’s Tube
A1.15 KY’s Mystery Hole
A1.16 Fireflies
A1.17 Light Box
A2.01 Sploder
A2.02 Low-Key Vulgar Fire Circle
A2.03 Some Kind of Flashy Colorful Big Lamp Thing
A2.04 Fire in the Hole
A2.05 Icosathedral
A2.06 Cobra Bus
A2.07 Big Top Icarus
A2.09 UP
A2.10 Ultra Rain Lamp
A2.11 Sophie
A2.12 Spin Camp Aerial Rigs (2)
A2.13 Lotta Tude
A2.14 Circle of Light
A2.15 The Wall
A2.16 Temple
A2.17 Confessional Booth
A3.01 Huge Board Game
A3.02 very small effigy
A3.03 Official Corndog Vendor
A3.04 Lines of Flight
A3.05 Freefall Simulation
A3.06 Black Light Photo Booth
A3.07 Water Fountains
A3.08 Vortex Tunnel
A3.09 Baggage Department
A3.10 Synesthesia Dreams
A3.11 Sweet Shoppe
A3.12 Light Maze Table
A3.13 PASTA Space Camp
A3.14 PASTA Mission Control
A3.15 Tetrahedron
A3.16 Snow Globe
A3.17 Wordplay
A4.01 Glow Wall!
A4.02 Sisyphus
A4.03 Casbah Boosh
A4.04 Giant Canvas
A4.05 Casbah Fire Circle
A4.06 White Horse Forge
A4.07 The Forge of Hephaestus
A4.08 MechaGator
A4.09 Safetyside Effigy: The Lighthouse
A4.10 Fire Jenga
A4.11 Big Top Mountain
A4.12 Shakespeare’s Pistil
A4.13 PASTA “Pyro 1” High Altitude Balloon Launch
A4.14 Rejuvenation Chambers
A4.15 Usually, Existence Conceals Itself
A4.16 Queen of Hearts Abstract Orchestra
A5.01 Neon Rain
A5.02 Fire Bender
A5.03 Pyro H3 Puffers
A5.04 The Brig
A5.05 The Dock
A5.06 The Cave Cube
A5.07 The Beat
A5.08 SquirrelNet City Map
A5.09 The Granddamn
A5.10 The Piano Harp
A5.11 Wizard Training Grounds
A6.01 Camp Be Fire Circle
A6.02 Wish
AFU.1-5 FUTelecom (#1-#5)

Art projects sorted by name

Art Project Name Number
Art Creation Space A1.07
Baggage Department A3.09
Big Top Icarus A2.07
Big Top Mountain A4.11
Black Light Garden A1.05
Black Light Photo Booth A3.06
Burning Pitchforks A1.13
Camp Be Fire Circle A6.01
Camp Camp Boosh A1.03
Casbah Boosh A4.03
Casbah Fire Circle A4.05
Cauldron of Light A1.04
Circle of Light A2.14
Clam-our Shots A1.12
Cobra Bus A2.06
Confessional Booth A2.17
Fire Bender A5.02
Fire in the Hole A2.04
Fire Jenga A4.10
Fireflies A1.16
Freefall Simulation A3.05
FUTelecom (#1-#5) AFU.1-5
Giant Canvas A4.04
Glow Wall! A4.01
House of Glory and Redemption A1.02
Huge Board Game A3.01
Icosathedral A2.05
KY’s Mystery Hole A1.15
Light Box A1.17
Light Maze Table A3.12
‘Lil Baby SwapFire A1.11
Lines of Flight A3.04
Lotta Tude A2.13
Low-Key Vulgar Fire Circle A2.02
MechaGator A4.08
Morpheus Matrix A1.10
Neon Rain A5.01
Official Corndog Vendor A3.03
PASTA “Pyro 1” High Altitude Balloon Launch A4.13
PASTA Mission Control A3.14
PASTA Space Camp A3.13
Persephone’s Gifting Tree A1.08
Pyro H3 Puffers A5.03
Queen of Hearts Abstract Orchestra A4.16
Rejuvenation Chambers A4.14
Ruben’s Tube A1.14
Safetyside Effigy: The Lighthouse A4.09
Shakespeare’s Pistil A4.12
Sisyphus A4.02
Snow Globe A3.16
Some Kind of Flashy Colorful Big Lamp Thing A2.03
Sophie A2.11
Spin Camp Aerial Rigs (2) A2.12
Sploder A2.01
SquirrelNet City Map A5.08
Sweet Shoppe A3.11
Synesthesia Dreams A3.10
Temple A2.16
Tetrahedron A3.15
Texas A1.01
The Beat A5.07
The Brig A5.04
The Cave Cube A5.06
The Dock A5.05
The Forge of Hephaestus A4.07
The Granddamn A5.09
The Piano Harp A5.10
The Wall A2.15
Totem and Alter Space A1.06
Ultra Rain Lamp A2.10
UP A2.09
Usually, Existence Conceals Itself A4.15
very small effigy A3.02
Vortex Tunnel A3.08
Water Fountains A3.07
White Horse Forge A4.06
Wish A6.02
Wizard Training Grounds A5.11
Wordplay A3.17