Burning Flipside 2023 Art Map

Burning Flipside 2023 Art Map!

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Below are tables showing the 134 theme camps sorted by name and number, and 54 art installations sorted by name and number.

Theme Camps Sorted by Name

Camp Name Camp #
✨ Magic ✨ 304
Aloe View 2: Electric Soothe-aloo 513
Aquanaughties 503
Arson Around 518
B-Man Button 239
Bad Bitch: Little Shop of Whore-ers 500
BaD Camp 102
Bad Ideas Demolition Services (BIDS) 526
Badlands Coffee 235
Bag o’ Cats 210
Boobalicious 230
Bored Games 311
Butt Putt Disco Fantazy!!! 502
Camp All Cats Are Beautiful 322
Camp Be That Bad 109
Camp Boo Boo 241
Camp Bubble Centric 509
Camp Camp 105
Camp Chill the Fuck Out 506
Camp Googly Moogly 106
Camp Here! 215
Camp Payaso 406
Camp Phoenix 508
Camp Pineapple 242
Camp Polypore 101
Camp Research 401
Camp Spelunkadunk 226
Camp Voyeur 323
Camp Whoopsie Daisy 221
CampApathy 219
CamPINK Karaoke 238
Casbah 405
ChaiLicious Convergence 507
Cheeky Cherubs 601
Children of the Corn 315
Chillarium of the Dodecapus 305
Christmas Town!!! 524
Circle Jerk 604
Circle of Aether 233
Circle of Earth 232
Circle of Fire 227
Circle of Water 313
Clam Slam 112
CLANIMAL Bandlands
ColdandSmooth 234
“Cordial” “Plant” Camp 205
Cosmic Creatures 602
Creation Flame 229
CUDL 111
Dad Bod’s and D Cups 530
Dad Camp 224
Dalliance 228
Dive Camp Trailer Park 240
DMV 100
Ecstatic Hearts & My Happy Banana 325
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tent 123
Electric Numbtastic 605
FaceLazers 103
Fae’d Away Cafe 302
Fan Camp 314
Fever Dream 319
Friends of Blahaj 522
Fuck You Telecom 202
Gooey And Kneady (GAK) 223
Harden The Fuck Up 114
Hyperbole 220
In Burning Color 120
International Trailer Of Pancakes 121
Jammie Camp 213
KFLiP 100.5 FM 300
Kidsville 225
Lava Lounge 501
Liminal Space Massage 504
Love Shack 603
Misfit Wanderland 516
Mosquito Rave Zone 600
OCT 606
Old Spice, Brought to you by Camp Capsaicin 301
Open Kimono Tasty Notes 119
Overprepared 236
Pastie Camp 209
PedEx 200
Penumbra Sutra 511
Plant Camp! 207
PolyJamorous 404
PopRocks Pudding 216
Procrastination Station 115
Psychedelic Society Disco 243
Punk in Drublic 244
Purple Hi! 206
Puzzle & Guzzle 204
Pyropolis Hash House Harriers 512
Rainbow Lip Service 231
Rapid Fire Camp 124
Refugee Rendezvous 520
Scavenger Ravagers 218
Secret Crack (Brave Human World) 515
Sensation Station 309
Siren’s Coven 318
SmokeBreak 528
Smudge Camp 312
Snail Tinder Mail 108
So Sassy 208
Space Camp 310
Spanksgiving Camp 214
Sparkadelica 306
Spin Camp 217
Stamp Camp 402
Straight Up 107
Sweet Janes 403
Taco Space Station 510
Temple of the Steaming Pot 212
Tetrahedron Domain 317
The Dacha 118
The Dhaba 117
The Graveyard 110
The Lazy Sloth Spa 308
The Orb 316
The Secret Gentlemen’s Club dba The Notorious Scoundrels’ Club 122
The Sparkeasy 222
The Sultry Sloth Society 307
The Velvet Pocket 113
The Winners Circle 303
The Yayborhood 203
Third Camp 320
Tiki Kiki 505
Upside Down Camp 321
Wally’s Cowboy Kitchen 104
We Tried 324
Wee Camp! 400
Wonderlounge 211
Zebra Safari 116

Theme Camps Sorted by Placement Number (back to top)

Camp # Camp Name
100 DMV
101 Camp Polypore
102 BaD Camp
103 FaceLazers
104 Wally’s Cowboy Kitchen
105 Camp Camp
106 Camp Googly Moogly
107 Straight Up
108 Snail Tinder Mail
109 Camp Be That Bad
110 The Graveyard
111 CUDL
112 Clam Slam
113 The Velvet Pocket
114 Harden The Fuck Up
115 Procrastination Station
116 Zebra Safari
117 The Dhaba
118 The Dacha
119 Open Kimono Tasty Notes
120 In Burning Color
121 International Trailer Of Pancakes
122 The Secret Gentlemen’s Club dba The Notorious Scoundrels’ Club
123 Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tent
124 Rapid Fire Camp
200 PedEx
202 Fuck You Telecom
203 The Yayborhood
204 Puzzle & Guzzle
205 “Cordial” “Plant” Camp
206 Purple Hi!
207 Plant Camp!
208 So Sassy
209 Pastie Camp
210 Bag o’ Cats
211 Wonderlounge
212 Temple of the Steaming Pot
213 Jammie Camp
214 Spanksgiving Camp
215 Camp Here!
216 PopRocks Pudding
217 Spin Camp
218 Scavenger Ravagers
219 CampApathy
220 Hyperbole
221 Camp Whoopsie Daisy
222 The Sparkeasy
223 Gooey And Kneady (GAK)
224 Dad Camp
225 Kidsville
226 Camp Spelunkadunk
227 Circle of Fire
228 Dalliance
229 Creation Flame
230 Boobalicious
231 Rainbow Lip Service
232 Circle of Earth
233 Circle of Aether
234 ColdandSmooth
235 Badlands Coffee
236 Overprepared
238 CamPINK Karaoke
239 B-Man Button
240 Dive Camp Trailer Park
241 Camp Boo Boo
242 Camp Pineapple
243 Psychedelic Society Disco
244 Punk in Drublic
300 KFLiP 100.5 FM
301 Old Spice, Brought to you by Camp Capsaicin
302 Fae’d Away Cafe
303 The Winners Circle
304 ✨ Magic ✨
305 Chillarium of the Dodecapus
306 Sparkadelica
307 The Sultry Sloth Society
308 The Lazy Sloth Spa
309 Sensation Station
310 Space Camp
311 Bored Games
312 Smudge Camp
313 Circle of Water
314 Fan Camp
315 Children of the Corn
316 The Orb
317 Tetrahedron Domain
318 Siren’s Coven
319 Fever Dream
320 Third Camp
321 Upside Down Camp
322 Camp All Cats Are Beautiful
323 Camp Voyeur
324 We Tried
325 Ecstatic Hearts & My Happy Banana
400 Wee Camp!
401 Camp Research
402 Stamp Camp
403 Sweet Janes
404 PolyJamorous
405 Casbah
406 Camp payaso
500 Bad Bitch: Little Shop of Whore-ers
501 Lava Lounge
502 Butt Putt Disco Fantazy!!!
503 Aquanaughties
504 Liminal Space Massage
505 Tiki Kiki
506 Camp Chill the Fuck Out
507 ChaiLicious Convergence
508 Camp Phoenix
509 Camp Bubble Centric
510 Taco Space Station
511 Penumbra Sutra
512 Pyropolis Hash House Harriers
513 Aloe View 2: Electric Soothe-aloo
515 Secret Crack (Brave Human World)
516 Misfit Wanderland
518 Arson Around
520 Refugee Rendezvous
522 Friends of Blahaj
524 Christmas Town!!!
526 Bad Ideas Demolition Services (BIDS)
528 SmokeBreak
530 Dad Bod’s and D Cups
600 Mosquito Rave Zone
601 Cheeky Cherubs
602 Cosmic Creatures
603 Love Shack
604 Circle Jerk
605 Electric Numbtastic
606 OCT
Bandlands CLANIMAL

Art Installations Sorted by Project Name (back to top)

Project Name Number
1000 Hands A5.7
Bad Advice Booth A1.4
Boo Boo Boosh A2.8
Bureau of Magical Mischief A2.1
Casbah Scaffold Observatory A4.7
Channeled A4.10
Cheeky LaRue and Rick Assley Badlands/Event-wide
Cloud Seeder A4.14
CREATE 2.0 A1.3
Cryo-Whipp Massage Stadium and Shooting Gallery A5.1
CUDLstage A4.4
Dating Bracelet Booth A1.11
Dhaba Tacos A1.8
Disco Demolition “Pinewood” Derby A4.5
Disco Demolition “Zorby” A6.1
Disco Inferno Badlands/Event-wide
Doily Den Disco Naps A3.1
Dragonfly 1.0 A5.6
Duck! a meditation A5.8
Elephant Cork Mosaic A1.9
F U Payphones A2.2
Fire circle @ Casbah A4.8
Flamin Pipe of Pleasure A2.6
Four Horsemen A4.11
Freefall Simulation A3.2
Head Trip A2.4
I Love You A4.12
IcosaThedral A2.9
LED astray A5.9
LED Disco Balls! A1.7
Lux Luminaria A4.3
Mobile campsite @ Casbah A4.9
Mushroom Derby A4.2
Octahedra A2.3
Portable Porthole Portal Project Badlands/Event-wide
Purr Pocket A2.5
Pyro Pyramid A4.13
Pyropolis DGC Pitch & Putt A2.10
Smiley’s Teeny Tiny Arcade A5.5
SunStreak A1.1
#ThinkInsideTheDome A1.2
Texas Burners A2.7
That 70s Lamp Badlands/Event-wide
The Cabinet of Curiosities A1.10
The stinky A5.4
The Wee Effigy A4.1
Three of Swords A5.2
You Signed A Waiver Roller Demolition Derby Track and Disco Memorial Corn Dog Stand A4.6
Zebra Safari Park A1.6

Art Installations Sorted by Placement Number (back to top)

Number Project Name
A1.1 SunStreak
A1.2 #ThinkInsideTheDome
A1.3 CREATE 2.0
A1.4 Bad Advice Booth
A1.6 Zebra Safari Park
A1.7 LED Disco Balls!
A1.8 Dhaba Tacos
A1.9 Elephant Cork Mosaic
A1.10 The Cabinet of Curiosities
A1.11 Dating Bracelet Booth
A2.1 Bureau of Magical Mischief
A2.2 F U Payphones
A2.3 Octahedra
A2.4 Head Trip
A2.5 Purr Pocket
A2.6 Flamin Pipe of Pleasure
A2.7 Texas Burners
A2.8 Boo Boo Boosh
A2.9 IcosaThedral
A2.10 Pyropolis DGC Pitch & Putt
A3.1 Doily Den Disco Naps
A3.2 Freefall Simulation
A4.1 The Wee Effigy
A4.2 Mushroom Derby
A4.3 Lux Luminaria
A4.4 CUDLstage
A4.5 Disco Demolition “Pinewood” Derby
A4.6 You Signed A Waiver Roller Demolition Derby Track and Disco Memorial Corn Dog Stand
A4.7 Casbah Scaffold Observatory
A4.8 Fire circle @ Casbah
A4.9 Mobile campsite @ Casbah
A4.10 Channeled
A4.11 Four Horsemen
A4.12 I Love You
A4.13 Pyro Pyramid
A4.14 Cloud Seeder
A5.1 Cryo-Whipp Massage Stadium and Shooting Gallery
A5.2 Three of Swords
A5.4 The stinky
A5.5 Smiley’s Teeny Tiny Arcade
A5.6 Dragonfly 1.0
A5.7 1000 Hands
A5.8 Duck! a meditation
A5.9 LED astray **needs ticket?**
A6.1 Disco Demolition “Zorby”
Badlands/Event-wide Cheeky LaRue and Rick Assley
Badlands/Event-wide Disco Inferno
Badlands/Event-wide Portable Porthole Portal Project
Badlands/Event-wide That 70s Lamp