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Below are tables showing the theme camps sorted by name and number, followed by art installations sorted by name and number.

Theme camps, alpha sort

Theme Camp #
✨ Magic ✨ 513
Aquanaughties 503
Area51 514
Art for Art’s Sake 101
BaD 106
Bad Bitch 606
Bad Ideas: Episode IV A New Idea 217
Birthday Camp 232
Black Rock Beacon Flipside Edition 204
Booze Your Illusions 520
Brave Human World 515
Bunk Police 302
Burning Kinkside 216
BurninGlam 207
Butt Putt Disco Fantazy 102
Cabin in the Woods 516
Camp Be That Bad 119
Camp Boo Boo 231
Camp Camp 107
Camp Chill The Fuck Out 500
Camp Cosmos 103
Camp Here! 223
Camp Payaso 605
Camp Slapovich 507
Camp Voyeur 123
CampApathy 309
CamPINK! 122
Casbah 405
Catalyst Collective 401
Chailicious Convergence 306
Christmas Town!!! 518
Circle of Fire 225
Circle of Nothing 229
Circle of Water 308
Clam Slam 114
Claninal Badlands
Cordial Plant Camp 219
Cosmic Creatures 601
Creation Flame 227
Dad Camp 311
Dalliance 511
Dark Sky Pizza 604
Dive Camp 233
DMV 100
Dogtown East 210
Doing It (a little less) LOUD 406
Ecstatic Hearts 602
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tent 214
Electric Numbtastic 607
Face Lazers 109
Fae’d Away Cafe 301
Fan Camp 118
Fever Dream 230
Fire Extinguishers Squad 234
FlipJacks 104
Frank-n-Steins 305
Fuck You Telecom 202
Halloween Town 112
Hot Pot Heads 120
HTFU 116
International Trailer of Pancakes 201
Kara’s Quite Camp 228
KFLiP 100.5 FM 300
Lava Lounge 501
Mental Floss 313
My Happy Banana 603
Not A Camp 506
On The Half Shell 310
Pastie Camp 220
PedEx 200
Pizza Slut & Nut 508
Plant Camp 205
PolyJamorous 404
Procrastination Station 111
Psych Society 235
Purple Hi! 208
Purple Power Clubhouse 237
Puzzle & Guzzle 212
Pyro H3 510
Rainbow Lip Service 203
Rapid Fire Camp 124
RedCamp 110
Sacred Senses of the Divine Feline 221
Sensation Station 304
Siren’s Coven 307
Snail Tinder Mail 600
So Sassy 222
Space Camp 312
Spanksgiving Camp 117
Sparkedelica 303
Speleotheme Camp! 509
Spin Camp 213
Squiggleverse 316
Stamp Camp 402
Star Trekkin’ 512
Straight Up 115
Sweet Jane’s 403
Taco Space Station 504
Temple of the Steaming Pot 218
Tetrahedron Domain 315
The A-Hole 105
The Astral Temple 505
The Brimstone Society 108
The Burning Bush 236
The Dhaba 113
The Pi-Hole 314
The Plant Shed 317
The Sequin Islands 224
The Sparkeasy 226
The Velvet Pocket 215
The Yayborhood 211
Third Camp 318
Tortuga 502
We Are Sloth Stuff 206
Wee Camp 400
Wonderlounge 209
Zebra Safari 121

Theme camps, number sort

# Theme Camp
100 DMV
101 Art for Art’s Sake
102 Butt Putt Disco Fantazy
103 Camp Cosmos
104 FlipJacks
105 The A-Hole
106 BaD
107 Camp Camp
108 The Brimstone Society
109 Face Lazers
110 RedCamp
111 Procrastination Station
112 Halloween Town
113 The Dhaba
114 Clam Slam
115 Straight Up
116 HTFU
117 Spanksgiving Camp
118 Fan Camp
119 Camp Be That Bad
120 Hot Pot Heads
121 Zebra Safari
122 CamPINK!
123 Camp Voyeur
124 Rapid Fire Camp
200 PedEx
201 International Trailer of Pancakes
202 Fuck You Telecom
203 Rainbow Lip Service
204 Black Rock Beacon Flipside Edition
205 Plant Camp
206 We Are Sloth Stuff
207 BurninGlam
208 Purple Hi!
209 Wonderlounge
210 Dogtown East
211 The Yayborhood
212 Puzzle & Guzzle
213 Spin Camp
214 Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tent
215 The Velvet Pocket
216 Burning Kinkside
217 Bad Ideas: Episode IV A New Idea
218 Temple of the Steaming Pot
219 Cordial Plant Camp
220 Pastie Camp
221 Sacred Senses of the Divine Feline
222 So Sassy
223 Camp Here!
224 The Sequin Islands
225 Circle of Fire
226 The Sparkeasy
227 Creation Flame
228 Kara’s Quite Camp
229 Circle of Nothing
230 Fever Dream
231 Camp Boo Boo
232 Birthday Camp
233 Dive Camp
234 Fire Extinguishers Squad
235 Psych Society
236 The Burning Bush
237 Purple Power Clubhouse
300 KFLiP 100.5 FM
301 Fae’d Away Cafe
302 Bunk Police
303 Sparkedelica
304 Sensation Station
305 Frank-n-Steins
306 Chailicious Convergence
307 Siren’s Coven
308 Circle of Water
309 CampApathy
310 On The Half Shell
311 Dad Camp
312 Space Camp
313 Mental Floss
314 The Pi-Hole
315 Tetrahedron Domain
316 Squiggleverse
317 The Plant Shed
318 Third Camp
400 Wee Camp
401 Catalyst Collective
402 Stamp Camp
403 Sweet Jane’s
404 PolyJamorous
405 Casbah
406 Doing It (a little less) LOUD
500 Camp Chill The Fuck Out
501 Lava Lounge
502 Tortuga
503 Aquanaughties
504 Taco Space Station
505 The Astral Temple
506 Not A Camp
507 Camp Slapovich
508 Pizza Slut & Nut
509 Speleotheme Camp!
510 Pyro H3
511 Dalliance
512 Star Trekkin’
513 ✨ Magic ✨
514 Area51
515 Brave Human World
516 Cabin in the Woods
518 Christmas Town!!!
520 Booze Your Illusions
600 Snail Tinder Mail
601 Cosmic Creatures
602 Ecstatic Hearts
603 My Happy Banana
604 Dark Sky Pizza
605 Camp Payaso
606 Bad Bitch
607 Electric Numbtastic

Art installations, alpha sort

Art installation #
88 Dresses A4.9
Alchemy A4.4
All Dressed Up and Nowhere to go (Hinds- sight 20/20) A2.3
Ask Alice A1.11
Augmented Analog Arcade A4.5
Barb’s Dreamhouse A6.1
Boo Boo Boosh A2.10
Boosh Boosh A1.9
BooshBeats A1.3
Boosher A4.11
Circus Pony A2.4
Cosmic Fluorescence A5.3
Crime Scene A2.9
Dad Baggage A3.3
Dating Bracelet Booth A2.2
Dhaba Tacos A1.12
Dick Tunnel Cuddle Puddle A1.7
Dragon the Line A2.5
Dumpster Fire A1.8
Electric Platypus Psychadelic Massage A1.5
Everything you need to DYE A4.12
Eye candy edits A5.1
Freefall Simulation A3.4
Hippy Cleaning Aparatus A3.2
Human Charging Plate A4.15
Hydrocarbon Homecoming Mums A4.3
I dyed in the desert Badlands
Larva Lounge A4.7
LED Jellyfish (Exalted Form) A1.6
Lux Luminaria A5.2
Magic Eye AIS.1
Octahedra A2.8
Pearlessence A4.8
Playful Pussy Theatre A2.1
Ptriangular Pterodactyl Ptake-off A2.6
Pyro Pyramids A1.15
Rapid Fire A1.2
Robbie’s Tiki Hut Bar A4.19
Robo Reconing: The Suckup Smackdown A4.20
Scenic View A3.1
Signs of Sirens A1.10
Suck It, Moscow A1.1
Temple de alegria A4.14
Tensegrimid A4.17
Texas Burners A2.7
The “Real” Map A4.10
The Art of Dutchoven Cooking A4.18
The Cabinet of Curiosities A1.14
The Sound of Love A4.2
Thunder Dome Fire Circle A4.6
Tie Dye A1.13
To Serve Mankind A1.16
Triaxial Gravity Wave Projector A4.16
W.A.P. Fountain A5.4
Wee Burn! A4.1
Yasss! A5.5

Art installations, number sort

# Art installation
A1.1 Suck It, Moscow
A1.10 Signs of Sirens
A1.11 Ask Alice
A1.12 Dhaba Tacos
A1.13 Tie Dye
A1.14 The Cabinet of Curiosities
A1.15 Pyro Pyramids
A1.16 To Serve Mankind
A1.2 Rapid Fire
A1.3 BooshBeats
A1.5 Electric Platypus Psychadelic Massage
A1.6 LED Jellyfish (Exalted Form)
A1.7 Dick Tunnel Cuddle Puddle
A1.8 Dumpster Fire
A1.9 Boosh Boosh
A2.1 Playful Pussy Theatre
A2.10 Boo Boo Boosh
A2.2 Dating Bracelet Booth
A2.3 All Dressed Up and Nowhere to go (Hinds- sight 20/20)
A2.4 Circus Pony
A2.5 Dragon the Line
A2.6 Ptriangular Pterodactyl Ptake-off
A2.7 Texas Burners
A2.8 Octahedra
A2.9 Crime Scene
A3.1 Scenic View
A3.2 Hippy Cleaning Aparatus
A3.3 Dad Baggage
A3.4 Freefall Simulation
A4.1 Wee Burn!
A4.10 The “Real” Map
A4.11 Boosher
A4.12 Everything you need to DYE
A4.14 Temple de alegria
A4.15 Human Charging Plate
A4.16 Triaxial Gravity Wave Projector
A4.17 Tensegrimid
A4.18 The Art of Dutchoven Cooking
A4.19 Robbie’s Tiki Hut Bar
A4.2 The Sound of Love
A4.20 Robo Reconing: The Suckup Smackdown
A4.3 Hydrocarbon Homecoming Mums
A4.4 Alchemy
A4.5 Augmented Analog Arcade
A4.6 Thunder Dome Fire Circle
A4.7 Larva Lounge
A4.8 Pearlessence
A4.9 88 Dresses
A5.1 Eye candy edits
A5.2 Lux Luminaria
A5.3 Cosmic Fluorescence
A5.4 W.A.P. Fountain
A5.5 Yasss!
A6.1 Barb’s Dreamhouse
AIS.1 Magic Eye
Badlands I dyed in the desert