Click on the thumbnail above for a high-quality map, suitable for framing. You can also download a version with our safety grid if you’re into that kind of thing. Note: these maps are designed to be printed at 11″ × 17″. Printing them on letter-size paper may result in errors, missing parts of the map, or unreadably tiny text.

Here is an interactive map put together by our City Planning volunteers!

Below are tables showing the theme camps sorted by name and number, followed by art installations sorted by name and number.

Theme camps, sorted by number

Camp name
100 Camp Wet Spot
101 Team Awesomepants
102 BurninGlam
103 Suckers of Honey
104 ̄_(ツ)_/ ̄
105 Lumination
106 Shrine of Swine
107 Burning Soul Lounge
108 No love
109 Blue Bar
110 Zebra Safari
111 Zion Communal Kitchen & Hookah Lounge
112 Teeny Tiny Hobbit-Town
113 Tiki Tiki Camp Camp
114 Sitting Camp
115 Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
116 Camp Capsaicin
117 Ping Pong Camp
118 Space Camp
119 The Dacha
120 RedCamp
122 Munchie the Hut
123 Harden the Fuck Up
124 Flipjacks
125 Beer And Darts
126 Sin Camp
127 The Secret Gentlemen’s Club
128 You Spin Me Right Round
129 Flying Finger Brigade
200 Bad Ideas: Chapter 2
201 Sparkeasy Presents: Space Bar!
202 Low-Key Vulgar
203 Butt Putt Disco Fantazy
204 Four Hundred Rabbits
205 Wonder Lounge
206 Yoni Heaven
207 International Trailer of Pancakes
208 Teahouse
209 Paint the Humans
210 Canvastic Fantastic
211 Hyperbole Camp
212 Spin Camp
213 Creation Flame
214 Circle of Fire
215 Pastie Camp
216 Dark Dances in Wonderland
217 So Sassy
218 You Are Here
219 Temple of the Steaming Pot
220 Temple of the Burning Question
221 Guerrilla Cheese Camp
222 Rainbow Lip Service
223 PopRocksPudding
224 PedEx
225 Fuck You Telecom HQ
300 DMV
301 Kidsville
302 Dad Camp
303 We Know A Guy!
304 Who Arted?
305 Banana Shit Bingo
306 Bag o’ Cats
307 Serious Camp
308 The Tao of Meow
309 The Tiny Anus
310 Disco Nap
311 Chailicious Convergence
312 Heroes and Villains
313 Third Camp
314 Fan Camp
315 Circle of Water
316 Camp Cosmos
317 Puro Playa Pachanga
318 Psychedelic Relish
319 Sparkedelica
320 Sensation Station
321 KFLIP 100.5 FM
322 Sweet Jane’s
400 wee camp
401 Stamp Camp
402 Camp Blowjob/Sexdoll Inflation/TireMattress/Inflation
403 Lucky Stardust
404 Welcome to Paradise!
405 Doing It LOUD
406 Let’s Be Frank
407 Temple of Chaos
408 Casbah
409 Temple of the Purple Yoni
500 Rootist Lounge
501 woke af
502 Everything is Fine
503 The Brave Human World
504 The Winners Circle
505 Camp Slapovich
506 Boneyard
507 Aquanaughties
508 Camp Mermicorn
509 Lava Lounge
511 Disco Circus
512 Pyro Grotto’s Speleotheme Camp
513 SimWittEd Returns
514 Folkvangr TV (FTV)
515 Tortuga
516 Good Vibe Tribe
517 Taco Space Station
518 Houpla
519 Camp Shakin’ Bacon
600 Electric Numbtastic
601 Camp Yuranut
602 Camp Voyeur
603 Ecstatic Hearts
604 Camp Payaso
605 Cult-town
606 The Eye
607 PolyJamorous
608 Smudge Camp
609 Roman Camp
610 Aphrodite’s Temple
611 Dong Talk to me Now!
700 Badlands Coffee
701 Dive Camp Trailer Park
702 Temple of UniTea
703 Badlands Full Gospel Pentecostal Assembly
704 Camp Shemp
705 Camp HERE!
706 Spring Break 2012
badlands Nobody’s Home
badlands Clanimal
badlands Badland Bunnies
badlands Badland HOA
badlands Board Camp

Theme camps, sorted by name

Camp name
̄_(ツ)_/ ̄ 104
Aphrodite’s Temple 610
Aquanaughties 507
Bad Ideas: Chapter 2 200
Badland Bunnies badlands
Badland HOA badlands
Badlands Coffee 700
Badlands Full Gospel Pentecostal Assembly 703
Bag o’ Cats 306
Banana Shit Bingo 305
Beer And Darts 125
Blue Bar 109
Board Camp badlands
Boneyard 506
The Brave Human World 503
Burning Soul Lounge 107
BurninGlam 102
Butt Putt Disco Fantazy 203
Camp Blowjob/Sexdoll Inflation/TireMattress/Inflation 402
Camp Capsaicin 116
Camp Cosmos 316
Camp HERE! 705
Camp Mermicorn 508
Camp Payaso 604
Camp Shakin’ Bacon 519
Camp Shemp 704
Camp Slapovich 505
Camp Voyeur 602
Camp Wet Spot 100
Camp Yuranut 601
Canvastic Fantastic 210
Casbah 408
Chailicious Convergence 311
Circle of Fire 214
Circle of Water 315
Clanimal badlands
Creation Flame 213
Cult-town 605
The Dacha 119
Dad Camp 302
Dark Dances in Wonderland 216
Disco Circus 511
Disco Nap 310
Dive Camp Trailer Park 701
DMV 300
Doing It LOUD 405
Dong Talk to me Now! 611
Ecstatic Hearts 603
Electric Numbtastic 600
Everything is Fine 502
The Eye 606
Fan Camp 314
Flipjacks 124
Flying Finger Brigade 129
Folkvangr TV (FTV) 514
Four Hundred Rabbits 204
Fuck You Telecom HQ 225
Good Vibe Tribe 516
Guerrilla Cheese Camp 221
Harden the Fuck Up 123
Heroes and Villains 312
Houpla 518
Hyperbole Camp 211
International Trailer of Pancakes 207
KFLIP 100.5 FM 321
Kidsville 301
Lava Lounge 509
Let’s Be Frank 406
Low-Key Vulgar 202
Lucky Stardust 403
Lumination 105
Munchie the Hut 122
No love 108
Nobody’s Home badlands
Paint the Humans 209
Pastie Camp 215
PedEx 224
Ping Pong Camp 117
PolyJamorous 607
PopRocksPudding 223
Psychedelic Relish 318
Puro Playa Pachanga 317
Pyro Grotto’s Speleotheme Camp 512
Rainbow Lip Service 222
RedCamp 120
Roman Camp 609
Rootist Lounge 500
The Secret Gentlemen’s Club 127
Sensation Station 320
Serious Camp 307
Shrine of Swine 106
SimWittEd Returns 513
Sin Camp 126
Sitting Camp 114
Smudge Camp 608
So Sassy 217
Space Camp 118
Sparkeasy Presents: Space Bar! 201
Sparkedelica 319
Spin Camp 212
Spring Break 2012 706
Stamp Camp 401
Suckers of Honey 103
Sweet Jane’s 322
Taco Space Station 517
The Tao of Meow 308
Teahouse 208
Team Awesomepants 101
Teeny Tiny Hobbit-Town 112
Temple of Chaos 407
Temple of the Burning Question 220
Temple of the Purple Yoni 409
Temple of the Steaming Pot 219
Temple of UniTea 702
Third Camp 313
Tiki Tiki Camp Camp 113
The Tiny Anus 309
Tortuga 515
We Know A Guy! 303
wee camp 400
Welcome to Paradise! 404
Who Arted? 304
The Winners Circle 504
woke af 501
Wonder Lounge 205
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub 115
Yoni Heaven 206
You Are Here 218
You Spin Me Right Round 128
Zebra Safari 110
Zion Communal Kitchen & Hookah Lounge 111

Art projects, sorted by number

Project name
A1.1 Tiki Tiki Camp Camp Volcano
A1.2 The Fist
A1.3 Project Any True Meaning’s 1st Regional Bunny Bank
A1.4 Glitterbox
A1.5 Freefall Simulation
A1.6 St Symeon’s Chapel of Divine Folly
A1.7 The Dusty Camel
A1.8 You Are Here
A1.9 Flaming Pitchforks
A2.1 Thousand Petal Lotuses – Yang
A2.2 Fire ‘n the Hole
A2.3 Peep Boxxxes
A2.4 The Compost Art Project
A2.5 The Sassy Blind Tiger Speakeasy
A2.6 Lotta Tude
A2.7 Shrine of Shadows
A2.8 convolution evolution.
A2.9 Fuck You Turd Troll
A3.1 Shadow Brite
A3.2 Light Maze
A3.3 Sweet Shoppe
A3.4 Bunnies Dream of Synesthesia
A3.5 The Lamppost
A3.6 Lines of Flight
A3.7 Thousand Petal Lotuses – Yin
A4.2 Wee Burn
A4.3 Mega lite brite
A4.4 Castlevania
A4.5 Kaleidoscope Eyes V2
A4.6 Luminaria
A4.7 Cerberus the Junkyard Dog, his Bitch and Their Pups
A4.8 Foo Dog (Guardian Lion)
A4.9 Pretty Perilous
A4.10 The Pyropod
A4.11 Unicorn Throne Burn
A4.12 The G String
A4.13 Mermicorn Tower
A4.14 Origin
A4.15 Memorial Temple 2018
A4.16 Black Rock Blind Tiger Outhouse of Conflict
A4.17 Shadow Puppet Kissing Booth
A4.18 Mobile Fire Jenga Station A
A4.19 Crank Baby
A5.1 Buddy Bench
A5.2 Fairy Zapper
A5.3 A Note for the Lost
A5.4 The Cave Cube
A5.5 Tortuga Dock
A5.6 Tortuga Brig
A5.7 The Clock
A5.8 GOOD VIBE TRIBE (Flame Effects)
A6.1 Heartburn 2.5
A6.2 The Tree of Shadow and Light
A6.3 Sex Camp Buddy Bench
A6.4 The Eye
A6.5 Will O’ the Wisps
A6.6 The Freddie Mercury Memorial “Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?” Multi-denominational Wedding Chapel (and Bar)
A7.1 The Yantra
Ai.1 The Presence-Powered- No-Man Band
Ai.2 Dillions
Ai.3 Phone in the Shadows
Ai.4 Glass Cascade
Ai.5 MAATCreates
A.P1-2 PedEx Badlands Boxes
AT.1-6 Fuck You Telecom
Roaming Free Dougs

Art projects, sorted by name

Project name
Black Rock Blind Tiger Outhouse of Conflict A4.16
Buddy Bench A5.1
Bunnies Dream of Synesthesia A3.4
Castlevania A4.4
The Cave Cube A5.4
Cerberus the Junkyard Dog, his Bitch and Their Pups A4.7
The Clock A5.7
The Compost Art Project A2.4
convolution evolution. A2.8
Crank Baby A4.19
Dillions Ai.2
The Dusty Camel A1.7
The Eye A6.4
Fairy Zapper A5.2
Fire ‘n the Hole A2.2
The Fist A1.2
Flaming Pitchforks A1.9
Foo Dog (Guardian Lion) A4.8
The Freddie Mercury Memorial “Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?” Multi-denominational Wedding Chapel (and Bar) A6.6
Free Dougs Roaming
Freefall Simulation A1.5
Fuck You Telecom AT.1-6
Fuck You Turd Troll A2.9
The G String A4.12
Glass Cascade Ai.4
Glitterbox A1.4
GOOD VIBE TRIBE (Flame Effects) A5.8
Heartburn 2.5 A6.1
Kaleidoscope Eyes V2 A4.5
The Lamppost A3.5
Light Maze A3.2
Lines of Flight A3.6
Lotta Tude A2.6
Luminaria A4.6
MAATCreates Ai.5
Mega lite brite A4.3
Memorial Temple 2018 A4.15
Mermicorn Tower A4.13
Mobile Fire Jenga Station A A4.18
A Note for the Lost A5.3
Origin A4.14
PedEx Badlands Boxes A.P1-2
Peep Boxxxes A2.3
Phone in the Shadows Ai.3
The Presence-Powered- No-Man Band Ai.1
Pretty Perilous A4.9
Project Any True Meaning’s 1st Regional Bunny Bank A1.3
The Pyropod A4.10
The Sassy Blind Tiger Speakeasy A2.5
Sex Camp Buddy Bench A6.3
Shadow Brite A3.1
Shadow Puppet Kissing Booth A4.17
Shrine of Shadows A2.7
St Symeon’s Chapel of Divine Folly A1.6
Sweet Shoppe A3.3
Thousand Petal Lotuses – Yang A2.1
Thousand Petal Lotuses – Yin A3.7
Tiki Tiki Camp Camp Volcano A1.1
Tortuga Brig A5.6
Tortuga Dock A5.5
The Tree of Shadow and Light A6.2
Unicorn Throne Burn A4.11
Wee Burn A4.2
Will O’ the Wisps A6.5
The Yantra A7.1
You Are Here A1.8