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New Year, New Announce: All About Tickets and an Updated Covid Policy (1/7/2023) - Hey all you Gregorian calendar users out there! Happy new year! And to everyone, happy new ANNOUNCE! PAY ATTENTION! There’s some important stuff in here! TICKETS! NOTICE: Before you start, you Continue Reading →
Ticket Window and Other Upcoming Events (12/7/2022) - Hi Flipsidians, potential, past, and future! Welcome to your December Announce Post! As the community gears up for a variety of winter events, we here are ramping up Pyropolis prep! Continue Reading →
CC Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2022 (12/4/2022) - Attendees: Sam, Henry, Stephanie, Charles, Problem, Christie, Clovis, Turtlebunnie, Effie, Mercedes, Adam, Bill, Edie Cosmos, Shortcake, Izzi, Prost, Janabanana Facilitator: ProstStackinator: SamScribinator: Prost ACTION ITEM: Prost – Get with Izzi Continue Reading →
CC Meeting Minutes – August 22, 2022 (12/4/2022) - Attendees: Adam, Problem, Sam, Cooper, Christie, Edie Cosmos, Shortcake, Mercedes, Effie (almost) Facilitator: ProstStackinator: SamScribinator: Prost ACTION ITEM: AAR to confirm Area Facilitator speakers and/or delegates.ACTION ITEM: Cooper to contact Continue Reading →
CC Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2022 (12/4/2022) - Attendees: Sam, Henry, Adam, Jacob, Mippy, Turtlebunnie, Kataluna, Problem, Izzi, Clovis, Prost Facilitator: ProstStackinator: SamScribinator: Prost ACTION ITEM: LLC will ask Area Facilitators if they or their leads need speaking Continue Reading →
CC Meeting Minutes – March 28, 2022 (12/4/2022) - Attendees: Sam, Tina, Clovis, Puzz, Eva, Topaz, Problem, Adam, Prost, Han Facilitator: ProstStackinator: SamScribinator: Prost ACTION ITEM: Board to discuss among themselves, and with Area Facilitators, what accessibility support they Continue Reading →
Got an Effigy Idea? Burning Flipside Needs YOU! (11/29/2022) - The deadline to propose an effigy, the huge focal point on the main field, has been EXTENDED to December 15th! What comes to mind when you hear “Demolition Disco Derby”? Continue Reading →
November Announce: Art and Volunteering! (11/4/2022) - Hey, y’all! It’s November. And you know what that means? It’s time to ramp up all the behind-the-scenes creating and volunteering! With that in mind, here are several leaping off Continue Reading →
welcome to Fall Town Hall! (9/24/2022) - 4: 18 AND THE WINNER IS…..DEMOLITION DISCO DERBY 4:10 Announcements about the warehouse, Ignition Philter, Art night, the rebirth of Kidsville, work weekends, Pyropolis Orchestra, More details to come. 3:55 Continue Reading →
Hey Y’all! It’s Fall Town Hall! (9/21/2022) - Why would I fall for Town Hall? Fall Town Hall really opens the upcoming Flipside season. You can learn more about this year’s event, and what Flipside is about in general! Continue Reading →
Warehouse Covid policy update: September 2022 (9/20/2022) - AAR, LLC is revising the warehouse COVID policy. Our old policy used Austin’s now defunct staging system. The new policy will tie mask requirements and open and closing to the Continue Reading →
September Announce: Wrapping Up 2022 and Gearing Up for 2023 (8/31/2022) - Wrapping up! By all ‘counts, Burning Flipside 2022 happened! Want to see more of the actual ‘counts? Check out the Public Information Report for all sorts of info from population to parking, Continue Reading →
Burning Flipside 2022: The Sacred and the Propane: Public Information Report (7/15/2022) - Burning Flipside 2022 ran from Thursday, May 26 to Monday, May 30. This was the 22nd edition of Burning Flipside, after skipping 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue Reading →
LOAD OUT TODAY – meet at Apache Passtures at 10:30 am (6/4/2022) - This is the day that we load the stuff OUT of the Passtures and IN to the warehouse. Many hands make the lightest work. Show up at Apache Passtures (the Continue Reading →
Just get back? Just get tested! (5/31/2022) - That. Was. Awesome! We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for coming out and to welcome you back to the default world where reality has hit most of Continue Reading →
Weather Warnings and Camping Cautions (5/23/2022) - Greetings Flipside-bound Burners, It’s nearly time! We hope you’re as excited as we are. As you may know, the weather has been…interesting and we have a couple of words of Continue Reading →
The map for 2022 is ready (5/16/2022) - Check it out. The full-res downloadable art map is still being tweaked and is not available yet, but the simplified safety-grid map is ready.
Come Prepared! Critical Info before you head out! (5/16/2022) - Be Prepared! You won’t get through gate without your ticket, your id, your vax card, and your water rations. There are extra requirements for parents bringing kids. Do you know Continue Reading →
Art Projects Seeking Support Page 2022 (5/16/2022) - The Burning Flipside Art Projects Seeking Support page is a tool to connect artists with Flipside bound art projects with the community at large. Let's help make art go! Continue Reading →