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Seeking feedback on Combustion Chamber nominees (7/26/2017) - Hey-o! The Combustion Chamber recently put out a call for new members, and we have four nominees. We’d love community feedback on our candidates! If you know them, or you’ve Continue Reading →
Fall Town Hall—Save the Date (7/21/2017) - Greetings Flipizens! The Combustion Chamber would like to invite you to the Burning Flipside Fall Town Hall! We’ve been burning for twenty years. Come get hyped for the celebration! Saturday, Continue Reading →
CC meeting 10 July 2017 (7/12/2017) - In attendance Monkey, Kati, Breezy, Problem, Izzi, Adam, Henry, Becky, Rabbitt, Kat, Beth, Wrinn, Tina, Sam Facilitator Monkey Stackinator Kati Scribinator Adam LLC Update Not much news. Slow but steady Continue Reading →
Combustion Chamber is seeking new members (7/8/2017) - Your Community Needs You! Are you passionate about Flipside and its community? Does learning how Flipside happens sound interesting? Do you enjoy listening to/discussing/debating the finer points of Community with Continue Reading →
CC meeting 12 June 2017 (6/14/2017) - CC Meeting: 12 June 2017 In attendance Sam, Rabbitt, Tina, Kai, Wrinn, Turtle Bunny, Xander, Beth, Amy, Adam, Henry, Problem, Breezy, George, Clovis, Prost, Bonobo, Doug, Katherine Baumann-Paap (in spirit) Continue Reading →
Pyropolis Art Guild Presents- Art Nights At Lloyd! (6/13/2017) - Working and interacting with other artists is a great way to get motivated to make more art. It’s easy to find ourselves in a slump when we’re on our own.  Continue Reading →
Post Burning Flipside Restoration event – Saturday June 3rd. (5/31/2017) - Restoration Event - Saturday June 3rd 2017 Continue Reading →
Last Minute Stuff That Isn’t A Flame Or An Announce (5/24/2017) - It’s the Final Countdown.   Day before Gate Opens.  The RECKONING IS UPON US. cue benign elevator music  Or Europe.   Whatever. Here are some last minute tidbits for you Continue Reading →
Art Spotlight #4: THE LIGHTBOX (5/23/2017) -  I have some info about Lumination’s Lightbox art piece for Flipside this year! This info was written by my camp mate Michael Daross. Is there anything you want the Flipside Continue Reading →
Onsite Volunteering (5/19/2017) - Hi everyone: Volunteer Roulette is officially closed.  If you do not have an email about your position by midnight on May 19th, please contact the Volunteer Coordinatrix at Despite Continue Reading →
Art Spotlight #3: STARS (5/18/2017) - Is there anything you want the Flipside Community to understand about your piece?  –When we were kids most of us recall a time period where, perhaps we’d go to the Continue Reading →
Load-in: Saturday, May 20 (5/17/2017) - Load-in starts at 10:00 AM at the Warehouse. We’ll be filling up a bunch of box trucks with event infrastructure and the effigy, and then taking them out to the Continue Reading →
Flipside Flame May 2017 (5/15/2017) - TEN DAYS to pack ALL the things, get your costumes and provisions squared away, and to choose your side in the final Reckoning —- UNICORNS in all their majestic hooved and Continue Reading →
Art Spotlight #2 : Interactive Neon Yarn Art (5/15/2017) - My string art was inspired by trying to come up with an interesting and fun interactive art form by using a recycled trampoline.  We have brought it to Flipside four Continue Reading →
The Island Wants Your Art! (5/12/2017) - Amidst all the wonderful, creative swirl of Flipside, the Island is set back a few paces from the chaos.   Just over a bridge, on the way to one of Continue Reading →
Ste. Michelle Judges Your Art! (5/12/2017) - Burning Art: Flipside 2017 Hello, and welcome to the inaugural edition of Ste. Michelle Judges Your Art.  In this series, Ste. Michelle plans to judge your art by assessing its Continue Reading →
Flipside Art Spotlights! (5/10/2017) - Imagine you’re skipping merrily down a path at Flipside. It’s a lovely clear evening and you are making your way back to your camp to get ready for the night’s Continue Reading →
Traffic Flow for 2017 (5/9/2017) - Recently we talked about the new parking plan. We wanted to follow up as these changes impact more than just parking, but the whole traffic flow when entering the city. Continue Reading →
Volunteer Roulette is up! (5/8/2017) - Hey everyone!  Do you want an easier way to volunteer, without having to crawl through the numerous teams we have?  Well, we’ve got you covered!  Just tell us when and Continue Reading →
Announce May 2017 (5/7/2017) - Packed with really useful information, this Announce message is the last regularly scheduled Announce message before Burning Flipside. It’s worth your time to read through, and there’s lots of good Continue Reading →