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FIRE SALE!!!   (3/15/2024) - (aka second-round ticket window; same process, same price – plus tax*) UPDATE (4/15/2024): There was a typo below that said the sale ends on April 16, 2024. That is incorrect, Continue Reading →
(Off-Schedule Announce) LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! (1/20/2024) - Hello Flipsiders! We’ve all been on the edge of our camp chairs* waiting for a bit of info, and that bit of info is now here. Burning Flipside 2024: Cosmic Continue Reading →
Multimedia Consent Reminder (5/27/2024) - Success! Texas tried to burn us, but we were just too hot already. We know some of you took hot hot photos of the event, but please take extra care Continue Reading →
Mid-May Announce: Almost time to head out! (5/17/2024) - Survival Guide – a MUST READ publication! Did you know you assume all risk by attending Flipside? It ain’t Dizzy-knee world, you know. Have you read your survival guide? If Continue Reading →
Costuming Your Cart Community Suggestions (5/13/2024) - Renting a golf cart and feeling a little overwhelmed trying to figure out how to artify it? Check out these community recommendations! Continue Reading →
Pre-Flip Megannounce (5/9/2024) - It’s beginning to look a lot like almost-Flipside! And you know what that means! Time for a mega-announce! ALL ABOUT ART (including Events!) A message from DaFT – They want Continue Reading →
Theme Camp, Art Project, and Fire Sale Deadlines (4/15/2024) - Hello, fellow taxpayer Flipizens! How are your eyes after the eclipse? We at Flipside Comms would love to say we stared too long at the celestial event and then made Continue Reading →
DATES and DEADLINES: An April Announce! (4/10/2024) - UPDATED (4/15/2024) The deadline for registering for theme camps and art projects has been pushed from April 15th to April 18th. UPDATED (4/16/2024) Edited to remove the secondary sale link Continue Reading →
March Announce: Tickets, Art, Registrations, and Upcoming Events! (3/7/2024) - UPDATED (4/15/2024) The deadline for registering for theme camps and art projects has been pushed from April 15th to April 18th. Work Weekend is coming at your face this weekend March Continue Reading →
No COVID-19 Policy for 2024 (3/1/2024) - We apologize if there was any confusion recently when some ticket confirmations went out today. There is no COVID-19 policy for 2024, other than: be responsible, do not come to Continue Reading →
February: Learning Fire Through Art! (2/5/2024) - We had a lovely Spring Town Hall last weekend. Those who attended learned some of the arcane secrets of the Ice Team, observed live mass media training of Kidsville’s next Continue Reading →
Flame Effects Seminars (2/2/2024) - Check out these amazing art classes happening in February 2024 at Lloyd the Warehouse! Continue Reading →
Art @Lloyd, the Warehouse (1/24/2024) - Come make some art at Lloyd the Warehouse! Check out these upcoming art nights and events. Continue Reading →
(January Announce) Tickets and Art and More – but not much more (1/6/2024) - Hullo Pyropolers! It’s (near) the beginning of the month and it’s time to make some announcements, all official-like. Perk up and pay attention for some news you can use! TICKETS! Continue Reading →
Special December Announce: Send Even More Effigy Proposals Edition! (12/12/2023) - Thanks to everyone who has participated in the effigy proposal process thus far! The deadline for effigy proposal submission has been extended to January 1st, 11:59pm. If you have already Continue Reading →
Prepare for Tickets, Lead the Way, See Some Art! (12/8/2023) - December Announce Message -tickets, leads, art! Continue Reading →
Effigy Proposals – Deadline Extended (11/27/2023) - Effigy proposal deadline extended. Read more... Continue Reading →
November Announce: Lots of Art – Also Tickets (11/7/2023) - November 8th - DSC shares what it takes to lead a DaFT team! December 10th - Art Show at Lloyd! Prepare to submit your ticket and sticker designs! and more! Continue Reading →
Update to Texas Politics and Burning Flipside (11/6/2023) - The last time the Catalyst Collective released a statement about the Texas Legislature and some upcoming bills, we didn’t know which (if any) of the bills would pass. Now, we Continue Reading →
October Announce – Beyond Town Hall! (10/2/2023) - Effigy Submissions, Sticket Contests, an Art Show, and Improving the Website! Continue Reading →