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Flipside 2019 Art Spotlight: Wish* (5/17/2019)- *This piece is in need of support/help. For details, please see: 1.       What inspired you to create this art piece?  The Winter Games closing ceremony in Korea. 2.       What do you Continue Reading →
Flipside 2019 Art Spotlight: Sophie (5/14/2019)- 1.       What inspired you to create this art piece?  I wanted to “build a big one” ( it had been awhile). I don’t honestly know why a giraffe…I’ve joked that my Continue Reading →
Shaven Apes Needs You! (5/13/2019)- Volunteer to help with Shaven Apes, the volunteer builders of Pyropolis! Continue Reading →
Rain! (5/10/2019)- We're ready for it. You can be too. Continue Reading →
Flipside 2019 Art Spotlight: Lines of Flight (5/6/2019)- 1.       What inspired you to create this art piece? Last year Unbroken Spring, the Houston regional burn, was offering art grants and the art lead encouraged me to apply because they Continue Reading →
Announce May 2019 (5/4/2019)- Welcome to the final Announce before we find ourselves home. We’re all ramping up for Flipside 2019: Sisyphean Celebration. Is it time to panic? I think it is time to Continue Reading →
RVs/Box Trucks/Trailers/Campers/Car-Camping at Flipside (5/2/2019)- Once again well over 100 RVs/Box Tucks/Trailers/Campers/Car-Camping have been registered to be placed in theme camps at Flipside 2019. Your City Planning team tries to accommodate as many placement requests Continue Reading →
FAQ to inform Flipizens of what Rangers do or can help with. (5/2/2019)- Citizens of Pyropolis – Ranger Blue Bonnet Flipside is comprised of almost 3,000 participants over Memorial Day weekend not too far from Austin. We come together to share our gifts Continue Reading →
City Planning Needs You! (5/1/2019)- The hardworking folks at City Planning needs hands on the land! Saturday, May 18th! Come be the first to break 2019 ground, scope out the land, and size up your Continue Reading →
It’s May, Do you know where your tickets are? (5/1/2019)- Hello Flipiziens and curious onlookers!  It is I, Ste. Michelle, Ticket Distribution Lead, here to make sure you get to Flipside, provided you’ve done everything right.   Where’s My Ticket? Continue Reading →
Load-out is coming (4/30/2019)- Want to drive a truck? A BIG TRUCK?? Well, has Transpo got a truck for you! The weekend before the event is Load-out! We gotta get the core infrastructure to Continue Reading →
Recruiting Exodus Badgers (4/30/2019)- Flipside can’t happen without the aid of its lovely citizens lending hands to make it happen throughout the event. This means we need you, yes you. If you should like to Continue Reading →
Flipside 2019 Art Spotlight: The Forge of Hephaestus* (4/29/2019)- The Forge of Hephaestus draws inspiration from a lot of places, but primarily from the allegorically dense theme of the burn this year, Sisyphean Celebration. Greek mythology is really rich Continue Reading →
Flipside 2019 Art Spotlight: The Glitterbox (4/24/2019)- The Glitter box (formerly the light box) was featured for several years at LumiNation. Visiting the luminarium structure inspired the light box.  Initially, and for a few years, the lights Continue Reading →
A Word from the Sanitation Department (4/23/2019)- Good day, producers of human excrement, urine, & other such bodily discharges worthy of release into a nearby port-o-potty. Flipside Ongoing Educational Program regarding Proper Port-a-Potty Etiquette wants to remind you: Continue Reading →
Ice Volunteering! (4/23/2019)- Hello, this is Charles from Ice! Thank you to everyone who asked when sign-up for Ice volunteering opens, I apologize for the delay. Please sign up for volunteering on May Continue Reading →
Flipside 2019 Art Spotlight: Big Top Mountain* (4/19/2019)- Welcome to the 3rd annual Flipside Art Spotlight blog series! These are designed to bring some well-deserved attention to a pretty dang important part of our community and event: ART Continue Reading →
Announce April 2019 (4/3/2019)- Spring is here – which means that we’re getting ever closer to coming home. Flipside 2019: Sisyphean Celebration is 7 weeks out. Have you started packing yet? (I’m kidding.) That Continue Reading →
Greeters Training! (4/2/2019)- Greeter’s training this year is going to consist of an online video to watch and quiz to take online. I’m in the process of getting those read to use! Will Continue Reading →
Events at the Event: Disinformation (4/2/2019)- Want people to know about your hot pink jello sculpting class being held at your camp Saturday mid day during the event? Wish you could get people motivated to join Continue Reading →