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Announce January 2019 (1/8/2019)- Happy New Year, all! 2018 has flown by and we find ourselves in the home stretch toward Flipside 2018: Sisyphean Celebration. Make sure to read through this email for important Continue Reading →
STickets: Where The Art Starts!! (1/8/2019)- STickets!! It's where the art starts!! Continue Reading →
Ignition Philter’s Second Year! (12/21/2018)- Ignition Philter is an independent organization that offers art grants to Flipside bound community art projects. Continue Reading →
Announce December 2018 (12/18/2018)- We have a few important announcements in this edition. The big ticket item? Flipside tickets! It is that time again. Don’t miss out on the ticket window! We’re all looking Continue Reading →
Burner Classes (12/18/2018)- Burner classes are becoming a thing!  If you have anything you would like to teach to the community at large (and beyond!), please email  Some upcoming class ideas include: Using Continue Reading →
TICKETS! TICKETS! TICKETS! (12/13/2018)- There's a new Ticket Lead in town. A kinder, gentler Ticket Lead. A Ticket Lead for the times. Continue Reading →
STickets: Where The Art Starts!! (12/11/2018)- Hey-hoooo!!!! Do you hear it? It’s almost here. Just take a quick moment, quiet yourself and give a good listen. It’s still somewhat a distance away, but it’s getting closer Continue Reading →
Announce November 2018 (11/20/2018)- The year has flown by and we find ourselves careening into the end of the year. There are some important announcements this edition – make sure to take a look! Continue Reading →
Burning Flipside needs an EFFIGY! (11/20/2018)- Burning Flipside needs an EFFIGY! If you have a strong opinion or a grand vision about what Pyropolis should build and burn in ‘019, and you’ve got the time, crew, Continue Reading →
Seeking Scribes for the Combustion Chamber (11/20/2018)- Seeking Scribing Flipizens! Austin Artistic Reconstruction, (AAR) LLC and the Combustion Chamber (CC) seek scribes for the twice monthly CC meetings. More than one scribe allows for flexibility in scheduling Continue Reading →
Give us your feedback on nominated leads (10/29/2018)- Hey! Are you a person with opinions? Of course you are. Do you like sharing them? You’re on the Internet, so the answer to that question is doubtlessly a Yes. Continue Reading →
STickets: Where The Art Starts!! (10/29/2018)- Helloooo, Fantastical Flipizens!!!! Soooo…how’s your STickets art coming along? What’s that you say? NoooOOOooo art yet? Well, Halloween art, but not STickets. I get that. Every weekend this month I’ve Continue Reading →
Leads Nominations are open (9/22/2018)- Have you ever wanted to lead a department at Flipside? Or perhaps you have a friend of loved one who would be perfect for that. If so, head on over Continue Reading →
Announce September 2018 (9/10/2018)- Fall is just around the corner – which means that it is time to start planning for next year’s Flipside! If you would like to keep your finger on the Continue Reading →
STickets Announcement (9/10/2018)- Shout out to folks to let the creations floooooowwww!! Continue Reading →
Next Combustion Chamber Meeting (9/5/2018)- Upcoming Combustion Chamber Meeting: Monday September 17th, 7:42pm~10:00pm Lloyd the Warehouse, 3106 Industrial Terrace, ATX Our special topics for this meeting: What To Do about Inappropriately Parked Cars in Camps? Continue Reading →
Fall Town Hall (9/5/2018)- Get ready for Fall Town Hall, Saturday September 22nd, 12:00pm~5:30pm, where we’ll be choosing the theme for Flipside 2019. 12:00pm – Tailgating and Socialization Come mingle with your fellow Flipizens Continue Reading →
Announce July 2018 (7/12/2018)- Flipside 2018 has come and gone – and what is in our future? Ways for you to continue to be connected to your community throughout the year, of course! For Continue Reading →
Burning Green – Post Event Results (6/23/2018)- it was a real good year for LNT. Great job on post event activities. Even during the event, I did not see a lot of MOOP. Great job participants and a special personal shout out to all the Sign Off Leads and Volunteers! Continue Reading →