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2018 envelope art (3/9/2018) - Decorating your envelope when you send in your ticket request is totally optional, but totally awesome. It would be difficult to do justice to all the great envelope art we Continue Reading →
Register Theme Camps, Art Projects, Artified Vehicles, and Events for 2018 (3/8/2018) - Registration(s) is OPEN! Bringing a theme camp, art project, mutant or art car to Flipside this year? Have an event you'd like people to attend at the event? It's time to register! Continue Reading →
Community Safety Issue: Help us find and fix our missing stairs (3/6/2018) - We can't fix problems we don't know about. Let us know about them. Continue Reading →
Ticket request opening update (2/17/2018) - Envelope art by Shanna Post Ticket opening happened today, supervised by our illustrious Ticket Lead, Loribug. Things went smoothly thanks to plenty of volunteers. Everyone who submitted a valid request Continue Reading →
Ignition Philter Art Grant Application is Open Until March 4th, 2018 (2/16/2018) - Ignition Philter has opened their 2018 grant applications! Apply soon- the application will close March 4th. Continue Reading →
Art Cars 101 For the Mutant Vehicle Curious (2/12/2018) - Soooo…thinkin’ about building an art car? Already have a full fleet of fabulous and want to share your brain with other passionate folk? Mutant Vehicle curious, and would love to Continue Reading →
Art Project Resources (1/31/2018) - Learn about some resources to help you get your art project to Pyropolis. Continue Reading →
Art Grants: Introducing Ignition Philter (1/23/2018) - As you may have heard, a new independent organization has been formed that is collecting contributions to provide art grants for projects going to Flipside. You will see an opportunity Continue Reading →
Stickets Contest!! GIVE ME YOUR ART!!! (1/17/2018) - GIVE ME YOUR ART!!!! Two free tickets to the winning ticket design and Two free tickets to the winning sticker design!! GIVE ME YOUR ART!!!! Continue Reading →
The ticket-request window for Flipside 2018 is now open (1/7/2018) - Window closes January 29. Ignition Philtre, a new independent art-granting body has formed, and you can include a contribution to them with your request. Continue Reading →
December 2017 Flipside Flame (12/25/2017) - And now, the Final Flame of 2017. It was a heck of year, but it’s almost behind us.  Here’s a last flash for the year and an ushering in of something Continue Reading →
Ticket availability and pricing for 2018 (12/12/2017) - Austin Artistic Reconstruction is happy to announce the ticket window for Burning Flipside 2018 Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark. For 2018, ticket requests will be Continue Reading →
Check out the interpersonal incident FAQ (12/12/2017) - Howdy, Flipizens. Austin Artistic Reconstruction has published a new policy document in the form of an FAQ. Please take a look: Some participants–even well-informed participants–may not know how AAR Continue Reading →
Combustion Chamber Mixer: Dec 11 (12/3/2017) - The Flipside Combustion Chamber invites you to attend our annual December Community Mixer on Monday, December 11th. Come share what’s on your mind as a Flipizen in a relaxed, informal Continue Reading →
Key planning dates for 2018 (11/19/2017) - Want to know what’s happening when on the Flipside calendar for 2018? Check out the schedule of events.
Time To Submit Your Effigy Proposals! (11/9/2017) - Effigy Proposal Letters of Interest are due 11:59pm CST November 26th, 2017! Dreaming of DaFT Although the city of Pyropolis is an annual, yet temporary, experiment there are some things Continue Reading →
CC meeting 16 October 2017 (10/22/2017) - Facilitator Beth Stackinator Monk Scribinator Adam Present Beth, Henry, Darling, Monkey, Princess, Ginger, Monk, Max, Sam, Puzz, Patrick, Kat, Adam, Breezy, Prost, Rabbitt, Wrinn, Amy, Clovis, Izzi LLC Update Maxine Continue Reading →
Burning Flipside Leads Nomination is LIVE (9/24/2017) - Hey everyone!  We’re getting to the beginning of planning time for Burning Flipside 2018:Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark.  And that means that we’re looking for Continue Reading →
Fall Town Hall and Art: Event Theme Selection (9/19/2017) - Fall Town Hall for Burning Flipside 2018 is fast approaching. Here's some information regarding the process in which the community chooses the theme for next year's event. Continue Reading →
Seeking Scribes for the Combustion Chamber (9/12/2017) - Seeking Scribing Flipizens! Austin Artistic Reconstruction, (AAR) LLC and the Combustion Chamber (CC) seek scribes for the twice monthly CC meetings. More than one scribe allows for flexibility in scheduling Continue Reading →