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Effigy Proposals – Deadline Extended (11/27/2023) - Effigy proposal deadline extended. Read more... Continue Reading →
November Announce: Lots of Art – Also Tickets (11/7/2023) - November 8th - DSC shares what it takes to lead a DaFT team! December 10th - Art Show at Lloyd! Prepare to submit your ticket and sticker designs! and more! Continue Reading →
Update to Texas Politics and Burning Flipside (11/6/2023) - The last time the Catalyst Collective released a statement about the Texas Legislature and some upcoming bills, we didn’t know which (if any) of the bills would pass. Now, we Continue Reading →
October Announce – Beyond Town Hall! (10/2/2023) - Effigy Submissions, Sticket Contests, an Art Show, and Improving the Website! Continue Reading →
TIDBITS from TOWN HALL (9/30/2023) - Live notes, but a single post…please forgive any omissions or errors! Catalyst Collective update -New land? Nothing known.AFs needed – genesis and _______Jenna Raider—VolunteeringStickets equals ticketsWebsite improvement survey Theme presentations:-Cosmic Continue Reading →
ANNOUNCING the start of the Burning Flipside 2024 season (9/9/2023) - Submit themes! Come to town hall! View volunteer opportunities! Continue Reading →
THE END IS NIGH: Flipside 2023 Load-Out! (6/2/2023) - Greetings Citizens of Pyropolis! Flipside has ended and wasn’t it awesome? We discoed, we demoed, and a few of us even derbied. Yet there is still work to be done! Continue Reading →
Welcome to Pyropolis PUPs! (5/22/2023) - We are excited to test a new way to improve accessibility in 2023: Pick Up Points – PUPS! Look for them on the map and at Disinfo Kiosks, where they Continue Reading →
Burning Flipside RUNS on volunteers! (5/5/2023) - You’ve read it before and you’ll read it again…Burning Flipside is an all-volunteer event (save a few outside services). Come visit this space often; info will be added as it Continue Reading →
Flounce with Flam-ounce! (4/23/2023) - Burning Flipside is fast-approaching! And just like you, I got projects to do, so let’s jump right into the news. …there’s some important event specific info here, so this post Continue Reading →
Survival Guide 2023 is Live (4/20/2023) - Howdy! The 2023 Burning Flipside Survival Guide is live. Many, many thanks to all of you who decorated your ticket request envelopes and gave us permission to publish your work. Continue Reading →
Registrations, Sign Ups, and Upcoming Events!  (3/31/2023) - Hello, Pyropolites, Pyropleans, and Flipizens, It’s that time again – when the calendar turns over and we send out some info. So get out your laptop, your calendars and a Continue Reading →
Art Event: Unchosen Themes (3/11/2023) - An Art Show at Lloyd The Warehouse! This year’s event is dedicated to all of the wonderful, hilarious, and bizarre unchosen event themes! Felt really inspired by “Superhero Summer Camp” Continue Reading →
Burning Flipside and Texas Politics (3/10/2023) - All Citizens of Texas who attend Burning Flipside or similar events, The Texas Legislature is considering many bills this session that would be damaging to members of our community and Continue Reading →
Flipside FLAME! All About Art! (2/22/2023) - Hey friends! We finally have a flame, and this one’s All About Art! And a lot of art there is! It’s a long one, but we are about the art, Continue Reading →
New Year, New Announce: All About Tickets and an Updated Covid Policy (1/7/2023) - Hey all you Gregorian calendar users out there! Happy new year! And to everyone, happy new ANNOUNCE! PAY ATTENTION! There’s some important stuff in here! TICKETS! NOTICE: Before you start, you Continue Reading →
Ticket Window and Other Upcoming Events (12/7/2022) - Hi Flipsidians, potential, past, and future! Welcome to your December Announce Post! As the community gears up for a variety of winter events, we here are ramping up Pyropolis prep! Continue Reading →
CC Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2022 (12/4/2022) - Attendees: Sam, Henry, Stephanie, Charles, Problem, Christie, Clovis, Turtlebunnie, Effie, Mercedes, Adam, Bill, Edie Cosmos, Shortcake, Izzi, Prost, Janabanana Facilitator: ProstStackinator: SamScribinator: Prost ACTION ITEM: Prost – Get with Izzi Continue Reading →
CC Meeting Minutes – August 22, 2022 (12/4/2022) - Attendees: Adam, Problem, Sam, Cooper, Christie, Edie Cosmos, Shortcake, Mercedes, Effie (almost) Facilitator: ProstStackinator: SamScribinator: Prost ACTION ITEM: AAR to confirm Area Facilitator speakers and/or delegates.ACTION ITEM: Cooper to contact Continue Reading →
CC Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2022 (12/4/2022) - Attendees: Sam, Henry, Adam, Jacob, Mippy, Turtlebunnie, Kataluna, Problem, Izzi, Clovis, Prost Facilitator: ProstStackinator: SamScribinator: Prost ACTION ITEM: LLC will ask Area Facilitators if they or their leads need speaking Continue Reading →