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Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Glass Cascade (5/22/2018) -   1.       What inspired you to create this art? I have been doing mosaic stained glass art off and on for almost 15 years. I got into it in college when Continue Reading →
Flipside Flame May 2018 (5/18/2018) - It is a week before Flipside and welcome to the last Flame before we all head out on land! This mid-month post round-up tends to be a bit more on Continue Reading →
It’s Real! (5/18/2018) - So, this Saturday, at Lloyd the Wherehouse, 3106 Industrial Terrace, we are doing the thing. Flipside, right now, is an empty field.  This Saturday at 10:00 am, we are loading Continue Reading →
Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: The Very Small Effigy (5/17/2018) - Hi this is Chickenmoon talking about wee burn and The Very Small Effigy. I really love the way imagination, play, and general ridiculousness thrives at Flipside. I get so much Continue Reading →
2018 map is live (5/16/2018) - Big thanks to our City Planning volunteers! Check it out here:
Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Bunnies Dream of Synesthesia (5/15/2018) -   1.       What inspired you to create this art? The project started from a desire to create a recognizable landmark to help me find my way home. Along the way, it Continue Reading →
Burning Glam Needs You! (5/15/2018) - BurninGlam wants your bright, crazy, glittery, lacy, silly, flowy, sexy, boldly patterned, bizarre fun clothes! We want your weird hats, tights, gloves, bras, wigs, accessories and props! We want them Continue Reading →
Get Yourself on Island Time (5/15/2018) - Not to be missed, The Island is only across the bridge or down the river path, but occupies a parallel universe. Hosting a gallery of Flipizen’s art, shady spots, and Continue Reading →
Artists4humanity performance (5/14/2018) - Performance art piece by artists4humanity Continue Reading →
Post Event Restoration Events Needs You (5/14/2018) - Post Burning Flipside restoration efforts needs your help to make this a a sustainable event. Continue Reading →
Flipside 2018 Art Spotlight: Pretty Perilous (5/8/2018) - Hi!  I’m Ste. Michelle, Patron Saint of the most dangerous, small, stationary, art project that doesn’t involve fire, Pretty Perilous. It all started by my strong desire to gift a village at Continue Reading →
Pyropolis Meteorology Signs (5/8/2018) - A dozen signs with weather updates will be stationed around the city. We're keeping an eye on the skies. Continue Reading →
A word from the Sanitation Department (5/8/2018) - Sanitation Department Post Continue Reading →
Parking is recruiting volunteers (5/8/2018) - Parking is recruiting volunteers for Flipside 2018: Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark: Continue Reading →
Announce May 2018 (5/5/2018) - Welcome to the last Announce before Flipside 2018: Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark. Now is the time to start panicking! For even more info, stay Continue Reading →
Flipside Ticket Update (5/5/2018) - Loribug, 2018 Flipside Ticket Lead Here! You think you have tickets? Make sure by logging onto! If your Ticket Request status says “Pending” you may have a problem. Contact Continue Reading →
Echelon is Still Looking for Volunteers (5/5/2018) - Hey! I’m Violet, Echelon lead. Echelon is still looking for volunteers to support our Safety Teams as well as the Flipside community. It’s a pretty sweet shift. You’ll meet a ton Continue Reading →
DaFT is still looking for community art for the effigy! (5/5/2018) - 2D Art for the Underworld We are looking for 6-7 pieces of 2D art that we can frame and display in the Underworld. The prompt is: “Favourite thing of someone Continue Reading →
Guardians is Looking for Volunteers (5/5/2018) - Guardians is looking for volunteers, we have space that needs fillin’! If you would like to be part of Guardians of Flipside 2018 or know someone who would, email us Continue Reading →