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Burning Flipside Second Round Ticket Sales (3/22/2017) - Did you miss out on Flipside's normal ticket sale in January? Here's what to do for your second chance at a ticket. Continue Reading →
Flipside Flame March 2017 (3/19/2017) - Signage wants you; Guardians wants you; D/FW road show; Work Weekend 2; Greeter training; Ticket helpful hints; Continue Reading →
Announce March 2017 (3/9/2017) - Ticket update; City Planning wants you; Work Weekend update; Guardians wants you; Greeters wants you; Awesome envelope art Continue Reading →
Envelope Art 2017 (3/8/2017) - The creativity and sheer joy evidenced in the envelope art this year was just amazing. Here’s just a small sampling of it.
February 2017 Flipside Flame (2/17/2017) - Hello!  Welcome to the first Flipside Flame of 2017! The Flipside Flame is brought to you approximately once each month by your Content Lead, and is an easy place to Continue Reading →
Flipside Flame January 2017 (1/19/2017) - We interrupt your usual awareness to bring you the following Flame! There are a couple of time-sensitive things you should know about, so read on… Stay tuned to the Flipside Continue Reading →
Combustion Chamber Seeks Feedback on Nominee (1/16/2017) - Hey-o! The Combustion Chamber recently put out a call for new members, and we have one nominee. We’d love community feedback on our candidate! If you know them, or you’ve Continue Reading →
CC Meeting 26 September 2016 (1/9/2017) - COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 FACILITATOR: Cooper SCRIBE: Mer ATTENDEES: Mer, Cooper, Button, Adam, Problem, Clover, Henry, Pixie, Rocky, Prost, Beth, Izzi, Babbage, Breezy, Christie, Turtlebunny RESOLUTIONS AND Continue Reading →
CC Meeting 12 September 2016 (1/8/2017) - COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 FACILITATOR: Prost STACKINATOR: ? SCRIBE: MER ATTENDEES: Button, Cooper, Kataluna, Pixie, Prost, Adam, Turtlebunny, Problem, Dahling, Kati, Izzi, Clover, Mommacat, Starckle, Clovis, Babbage, Continue Reading →
CC Meeting 22 August 2016 (1/8/2017) - COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2016 FACILITATOR: TurtleBunnie STACKINATOR: Pixie SCRIBE: Adam ATTENDEES: Samantha, Babbage, T-Rey, Susan, Prost, Izzi, TurtleBunnie, Pixie, Gwen, Adam, Henry, Decibel, Wrinn, Jerry, Bonobo TOPICS: Continue Reading →
CC Meeting 8 Aug 2016 (1/7/2017) - COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2016 FACILITATOR: Prost SCRIBE: Mer ATTENDEES: Prost, Adam, Problem, Apple, Pixie, Cooper, Babbage, Kati, Beth, Cooper, Rabbit, Judge, Clover, Breezy, Susan, Kataluna, Clovis, Wrinn, Continue Reading →
Flipside Flame December 2016 (12/28/2016) - And now, the Final Flame of 2016. So, this year happened…it’s almost over. We’re going to be ok. We’re going to set things on fire (burn bans permitting). It will be Continue Reading →
Announce, December 2016 (12/1/2016) - We’re only a month away from the end of 2016, but planning is well underway for Burning Flipside 2017: Unicorns vs. Rainbows: The Reckoning. Important dates are being settled, and Continue Reading →
Announce October 2016 (10/14/2016) - Burning Flipside 2017: Unicorns vs Rainbows: The Reckoning. At the Fall Town Hall, votes on the theme for 2017 were cast, and we’re in for a fantasy faceoff. Are you Continue Reading →
Announce September 2016 (9/19/2016) - Yeah, it’s the time of year when folks are back from the desert, but we’ve got important things to get done here, like getting rained on, and bitten by mosquitoes, and Continue Reading →
CC Meeting 25 July 2016 (8/7/2016) - COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016 FACILITATOR: Monkey STACK: Pixie SCRIBE: Kati ATTENDEES: Henry, Bonobo, Monkey, Blister, Pixie, Kat, Kati, Beth, Clover, Decibel, Clovis, Edie Cosmos TOPICS: Planning the Continue Reading →
Announce, August 2016 (8/6/2016) - The dog days of Summer are wearing on. Many of us are gearing up for that thing in the desert, others are feeling myschievous, and some are even dreaming of Continue Reading →
CC Meeting 11 July 2016 (8/2/2016) - COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016 FACILITATOR: Clover STACK: Hawk SCRIBE: Chim-Chim ATTENDEES: Hezzy, Vonn, Tornado, Clover, Adam, Problem, Babbage, Henry, Dahling, Chim-Chim, Clover, Prost, Izzy, Kat, Turtlebunnie, Bonobo, Continue Reading →
CC Meeting 20 June 2016 (7/31/2016) - COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2016 FACILITATOR:  Prost STACK:  Turtlebunnie SCRIBE:  Chim-Chim ATTENDEES:  Prost, Clover, Commander Awesomepants, Cooper, Problem, Blister, Rabbitt, Rabbitfoot, Babbage, Izzi, Henry, Turtlebunnie, Hawk, Breezy, Wrinn, Continue Reading →
CC Meeting 25 April 2016 (7/16/2016) - COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016 FACILITATOR: Cooper STACK: Breezy SCRIBE: Chim-Chim ATTENDEES: Adam, Princess, Problem, Izzi, Turtlebunnie, Maria, Whim, Chim-Chim, Clover, Breezy, Dahling, Hawk, Clovis, Private Bear, Kat, Continue Reading →