Documents for participants

Here you will find links to the waivers and agreements you’ll be signing

Before the event

If you are a parent or guardian bringing a minor, you will need to document your guardianship. You can do this at Gate by bringing an original birth certificate, passport, or other official document for the child, but it is better to fill out the Minor Affidavit linked below and have it notarized so that you don’t need to bring important documents to the event

At the event

You will be signing a waiver indemnifying Catalyst Collective, another one indemnifying the landowner, a Sound and Media Agreement, and if you are bringing a minor, you’ll be signing waivers assuming responsibility for risk to the minor for Catalyst Collective and the landowner.


  • Media-Use Agreement If you are interested in letting Catalyst Collective use your photographs or other digitized creative works, please read the agreement, fill out the form, and attach your file.
  • Warehouse Waiver Everyone who visits the warehouse needs to sign a waiver every calendar year. There will be copies at the warehouse.
  • Warehouse Minor Waiver Parents also need to sign waivers on behalf of children visiting the warehouse.