Art at Flipside and in the Community

The event itself is still certainly a glorious experiment in temporary community building, but our local community has continued to evolve into so much more. With the acquisition of the warehouse, which serves to support the event and our local artists, and the ongoing events being held throughout the calendar year, we are introducing new ways to support the community year round by providing information to help you connect to local artist opportunities, events, and each other.

You can’t have participation without art.

Project Support Page

Have a project you want to bring to Burning Flipside, but need additional resources to make it go? If you are seeking support, whether you are looking for people to help you build or financial assistance, you can fill out the submission form on the Art Project Seeking Support Page. If you are looking for funding, please include the link to your fundraising page. Once approved, your posting will be included on the art projects seeking support Page.

It’s a BLOG.

Our Art blog is designed to provide information, notifications and other relevant bits to the Flipside Community. Included will be local art happenings, artist spotlights, projects in need of support, interesting creations from other burn communities, and items of that nature. Please contact the Art Area Facilitator to contribute!

Also check out the registered art projects (must be logged in). Art Registration is open until April 17th.