Flipside Flame / Announce Submission

Do you have an event people need to know about? Is there something happening that you want to publicize?

To submit articles, fundraisers, events, etc. to the Flipside Flame or the Announce List, please fill out this form and click submit. Publication is at the editor’s discretion.

Keep in mind that Announce items are fairly formal, while the Flipside Flame is a lot more casual. Pretty much all Announce items are Flame-worthy, but not all Flame-ish things are suitable for Announce.

The rough publication schedule is for Announce to go out at the beginning of the month, and Flipside Flame to get published mid-month. In order to help your Content Lead keep up, please submit articles a week in advance of these windows (e.g. submit February’s Announce by the last week of January, and February’s Flipside Flame by the first week of February).

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