The Event


Burning Flipside is a Texas regional art and music gathering inspired by Burning Man. It is a place for radical self expression and an experiment in temporary community building. It is a place of acceptance, inclusiveness, and respect. It is organized entirely by volunteers. The art and entertainment is created solely by participants. There are no spectators. There are no concession stands. No cash transactions are permitted at Flipside. Even bartering is discouraged. This is a sincere experiment in creating a gift economy. If you need something, ask for it. If you have it, gift it! This is a Leave No Trace event. There are no garbage cans. Participants pack out their garbage. Personal responsibility is key. It is a private event created entirely by volunteers.


Burning Flipside is held over Memorial Day Weekend, May 23–27, 2024. Gate times are:

  • Thursday & Friday, 9am – midnight;
  • Saturday, 9am – 10pm;
  • Sunday, 9am – 4pm;
  • Monday, everyone leaves by 5pm.

The sekret formula is Memorial Day minus 4 days == Gate open


Burning Flipside will be near the campgrounds of Apache Pass River Theatre, on the private grounds north of the San Gabriel River, just outside the town of San Gabriel, TX. If traffic isn’t too bad, the drive is just over an hour from Austin.

Directions from Austin/DFW/Houston are here.


Burning Flipside is run by its Volunteers, facilitated by the Combustion Chamber and Catalyst Collective. There are no paid staff.

Survival Guide

The Survival Guide is available for download. It’s a good reference for what you need to know to prepare and begin your fun experience. You will not be allowed to enter the event until you’ve answered questions derived from the Survival Guide, at the Greeter Station. Remember, there will be a quiz!

Sound Policy

Sound levels are a very important thing to know about for the whole community.
If you are planning on bringing any kind of amplified or loud noise making equipment, or know anyone who is, make sure to see the Sound Policy!


The Theme for 2024 is “Cosmic Critter Carnival.”


Every aspect of Burning Flipside is made possible or organized by volunteers. Everyone who attends Flipside is automatically a participant in creating the synergy greater than the whole. Many participants create art, performances, and/or theme camps of creative expression taking advantage of the dozens of volunteer opportunities available. Working together makes our accomplishments even more fun and fulfilling than they otherwise would be. It is also a great way to meet people! Read more about volunteer opportunities.

Media Information

Burning Flipside is a private event and media may not use pictures, images or recordings of participants or their art without their consent. There are no “media passes” to Burning Flipside. Anyone wishing to enter must buy a ticket.

Members of the media should also contact our Media Liason.