CC meeting 6 July 2015

#          Combustion Chamber Meeting

#          Monday, July 6, 2015

#          Facilitator: Kate

#          Stack: Pixie

#          Scribe: Chim-Chim

#          Attendees (29): Izzi, Wrinn, Princess, Beth, Breezy, Kate, Prost, St. Tiki, Pixie, Turtlebunnie, Decibel, Sparky, Cheyne, Dick, T-Rey, Chim-Chim, Dahling, Andrea, Monkey, Problem, Adam, Clovis, Bonobo, Doug, Switch, Susan, Lori, Mayhem, Psyche

#          8:11pm           AAR/LLC UPDATE (Problem, Adam)

  • New Warehouse Update

o        A couple of properties are currently being looked at

o        One in particular, located north on 183 and Mopac: Brewery nearby; Rollerderby on the weekends; Plenty of parking; In the process of writing a letter of intent, including specifications

  • Flooded Flipside

o        Safety teams kicked ass

o        Discussion of debriefing (specific to mud at Flipside)

o        Meeting was facilitated by Ghost

o        Agenda was consolidated for AAR/LLC—Discussion over ICS relative to flooding

#          8:15pm           BURNING MAN REGIONAL CONTACT REPORT (Clovis, St. Tiki)

  • Austin asked to be part of Carnival of mirrors  as part of support group at midway . (sp?)
  • Discussion of Operations to engage for Burning Man  and support wooden nickel carnival.
  • There is currently a yearly influx of Burners going to Burning Man; Any Burners in Austin interested on finding more information on heading out to the playa, please contact for more details

#          8:19pm           AF UPDATE (Wrinn, Clovis)

  • A debriefing between the AF and LLC occurred a couple of weeks ago; Discussion was over rain and mud at Flipside, volunteer issues, Leads selection, and Town Hall
  • Discussion of a retreat before Town Hall
  • Meredith F. has been selected as the new 360 AF Lead; Thanks to Reese and Augustin for doing a kickass job as former 360 AF Leads!

#          8:21pm           TOPIC: PRE-EVENT COMMUNICATIONS

  • QUESTION: Do we need to tweak the event?
  • Discussion over consumable vs. combustible flame effects: There was a communication problem over placement of  flame effects; No map was received, but was posted onto the website (Note: the Burnable Art Lead is in charge of consumable art, NOT combustible art)

o        Communication with people up to the event

o        How to better inform participants with the conditions on the property

o        What is the best form of media to use?

o        How can we re-focus attention to the website

  • A tentative date is being scheduled for the next Town Hall
  • Discussion over the current methods being used to get information out to the community
  • NOTE: When CC is carrying out information to the community, be careful when referencing historically known stuff; Be sure to check in with AAR/LLC first
  • There are participants between the ages of 8-80; Communications is a multi-mobile approach
  • Current trend is that nobody goes to the website or checks their emails; We currently have fragmented communication
  • Use ‘Calendaring’ to point out key things (theme camp registration, art registration, etc.)
  • Encourage people in the community to communicate
  • Some people are intimidated to speak with Leads
  • The Flipside Flame is encouraged to go on and provide further information clarification
  • IDEA: Quit putting official information on the Burning Flipside Flipizens page on Facebook


  • IDEA: Wifi mesh networks (firechat); Download the app; Turn on wifi; app works among whoever uses the app
  • Art Communications Lead spoke with AFs; On the art registration form, there was a box that asked, ‘What is the best way to reach you?’
  • Discussion over how to reach people in Houston; Contact Regional Outreach for further info
  • KFlip is NOT an official means of communication
  • Concepts in building a Flipside app are in the works
  • Greeters provide the extra step in providing information to people
  • ISSUE: Inconsistency where we put things (resources); It’s easier if we use the right tools where one can cross-post to other channels

#          9:24pm           MOTION HAS BEEN MADE AND SECONDED TO GATHER IDEAS AND ASK THE COMMUNITY HOW TO BETTER COMMUNICATE, AND NOMINATE A SUB-COMMITTEE (Sparky on sub-committee); NO BLOCKS; St. Tiki will lead with a survey and response; Will be taking suggestions and ideas and figure out how to put information out to the community

#          9:32pm           TOPIC: ENSMALLENING THE EVENT (CLovis)

  • QUESTION: Can we do the event? Is it sustainable? How does the AAR/LLC feels on liability?
  • We have lost as many of 50% of leads in some depts. whether through  burn out or life changing events ( marriages, pregnancies, divorce ) etc. on the plus side , oportunity for growth .
  • Community decides whether to shrink the event
  • TREND: Same volunteers are starting to get burned out; There is a current push for Leads to get a Lieutenant and divide the load out
  • We are failing to communicate to the community; This will be a major focus at the CC retreat, with the question—How to act as Edjumication Leads and how to educate each other
  • QUESTION: What’s the fun in volunteering? What is it that hasn’t made volunteering enticing?
  • Replacements should be less guilt-based
  • QUESTION: Ask community—Are you willing to accept less Gate hours?
  • Based on the number of volunteers, census will determine population
  • # of Guardians are based on the geographic size of the property; As we grow, it’s hard to cover the geographic area (distance, costs, etc.)
  • Volume issue vs. Culture issue
  • Stressors with growth will have communication issues
  • Operational needs vs. Philosophical needs
  • If people start volunteering, some say it’s a gateway


  • Issues with absenteeism  rate is high, with people just wanting a ticket
  • Discussion on ways to incentivize; There currently is a shortage of Leads; We must find ways to transition more shift people into Leads positions
  • REASONS FOR SHRINKING THE EVENT: Flipside may be on new land; New land needs to be terra-formed
  • Shrinking the event would also cut the # of people who could have volunteered
  • Moving the event to new land took a couple of years to get used to
  • EDUCATION: Different people will respond to different things

#          10:35pm         TOPIC: CC BUSINESS—NEW MEMBER RECRUITMENT (Doug)

  • Process will take 5-8 weeks to get in place; Should be accomplished either now, or before the holidays
  • When CC members are at Flipside, they should be actively recruiting
  • See Doug’s Notes
  • With the number of current members, we are not overstaffed at the meetings; Specifically, the CC is asking—What do you have to bring to the table?; Members should use new technologies to reach people
  • Flipside Ambassador Lead

o        Include Ambassadors (people in other cities)

o        Flipside Ambassador is a separate position; Leads in this position will have a commitment to have two people on the Google community; Each has a mentor and a connection to the Combustion Chamber

o        AI: BOARD MEETING: To discuss the new position of Flipside Ambassador

o        Document roles and responsibilities

o        Zip code data to define

o        Primary method of communication

o        If CC decides to put off, suggest DATE

o        Flipside Ambassadors will act as a conduit of Flipside information

#          11:05pm         MOTION HAS BEEN MADE AND SECONDED TO TABLE DISCUSSION AND SET AS A TOPIC AND TO BE DISCUSSED FURTHER ONLINE; NO BLOCKS; (Original deadlines): Friday—Wording; To be reviewed and edited through Sunday; If it looks good, then send out; If people block new wording on Monday, revert back to old wording

#          11:07pm         TOPIC: CC BUSINESS—MENTORSHIP (Doug)

  • Rename ‘mentor’ to one of the following: guide, guru, spirit animal, jock strap

#          11:23pm         MOTION HAS BEEN MADE AND SECONDED TO CONTINUE RECRUITING PEOPLE WITH A GURU; NO BLOCKS; Continue putting a call out also for Scribes (Note: 360 AF has veto power on Scribes); ADD ‘CC Scribes’ as a TOPIC for the next meeting (7/20) with a pre-meeting via email

#          11:33pm         TOPIC: CC BUSINESS—RETREAT (Kate)

  • Still currently seeking location within price range, including amenities
  • Parameters: Friday night—2-hour meeting; Set agenda; Saturday morning—Breakfast; All-day meeting with a break in-between; Sunday—Meeting; Pack & go home
  • 20 people tentatively scheduled
  • Can be lodge or camping
  • Price range: ~$80 Friday – Sunday
  • Need to determine # CC members vs. those who actually show up
  • AI: Discuss on CC list—Need a head count
  • Location must be within a 2-hour drive

#          Next meeting: Monday, July 20

#          Facilitator: Decibel

#          Stack: Breezy

#          Scribe: Chim-Chim

#          Topics:           Photography (Kate)

                                    Edjumicate—Safety, Enculturation, Community S’mores & Mores (Doug)

                                    CC Scribes (Kate?)

#          11:45pm         MEETING ADJOURNED