Pre-Flip Megannounce

It’s beginning to look a lot like almost-Flipside! And you know what that means! Time for a mega-announce!

ALL ABOUT ART (including Events!)

A message from DaFT – They want your art! “Hi folks!  r any combination thereof!  Also on topic: voids, abysses, black holes, singularities, unending nothingness, and opossums. Art needs to be no greater than 20″ wide, 20″ tall, and 6” in depth.  Please swing by the Wherehouse on a DaFT build night to discuss or to frown at the places where it would go, or email if you’d like to discuss particulars.  Cheers!”

Art Beyond DaFT! There are still a few projects that can use your support, too! Some need art added to the art, some need hands, some need $ support. Go have a gander and help out some amazing projects at you have some art you’d like to put in the effigy?  It can be cosmic, critter, carnival, o

Speaking of Art…cars Don’t forget to register that bangin’ jalopy (but don’t let it look like a mere jalopy)! The DMV registration deadline is May 17th at

Got an Event at the Event? If you want it in Disinfo, please register at


Pre and Post Event

Load In to the Land on Saturday, May 18
Volunteer for truck loading (at the warehouse) and unloading (on the land) -sign up at (you will have to log in).

Help DaFT Get a Head Start! If you are unavailable for helping with the main load Saturday but could be available Friday evening and would love to lend a hand, please email to help with Friday loading.

Pre-Ops/Boundaries – Pre/Post Lead is Lurko Unlike the Shaven Apes, Pre/Post Ops deals specifically with helping set up the various pieces of infrastructure such as carports, the radio tower, etc. Pre/Post Ops are not simply Flipside’s workforce; they are the heroes who make everything much easier.
Volunteer for Pre-Post shifts which occur before and after the event here: Volunteers must be approved for shifts before the gate opens and after it closes, and volunteers will be sent special instructions related to Early Entry.

Clean up and Load out on the Land, Saturday June 1 Volunteer for truck loading and cleaning up (on the land) and unloading (at the warehouse) here!

At the event
Shaven Apes – Lead is Marlboro Man
Shaven Apes are a group that help the community through manual labor. Helping to set up a tent, build a dome, get a car unstuck, etc. are the type of tasks that the Apes undertake. Apes are informal, in that a participant does not have a “right to Apes”, but they can certainly ask. Apes in general do NOT undertake the setting up of infrastructure. AND Apes have a ton of fun!
To volunteer for Shaven Apes shifts, click (Use the < > arrows to navigate through the days)

Cartelle – Lead is an open position (Talk to me if you’re interested in taking on a Lead role!) Help us help Flipside volunteers get and return their carts. Make sure carts go into the right hands. Help get carts back on the road if they get damaged. Answer radio calls about carts. Kindly communicate with volunteers and leads. Clean up carts for return to the vendor. Volunteer for Cartelle shifts here:

P.S. Shameless plug If you find these posts/emails helpful, or if you don’t but want to make them better, contact! Join the team, or just suggest content and we’ll do what we can to make it go!

Watch this space for more ways to pARTicipate before, during and after Burning Flipside!