DATES and DEADLINES: An April Announce!

UPDATED (4/15/2024) The deadline for registering for theme camps and art projects has been pushed from April 15th to April 18th.

UPDATED (4/16/2024) Edited to remove the secondary sale link after the deadline.

Howdy Fuh…lipsidians…welcome to your friendly April Announce! If you’ve been reading along, this is mostly reminders, but keep reading, there’s new stuff too.

TICKETS The most important looming deadline is the FIREsale ticket window. It closes on April 15th. Haven’t got a ticket yet? Know someone who JUST HEARD ABOUT Burning Flipside? Will your mom be unexpectedly in the area at the end of May? After they create a profile, they can log in and register for tickets in our Secure site and complete the rest of our process by mailing a money order. Registration and postmark all must be complete by April 15th.

REGISTRATIONS are open across the board! Two of them close on APRIL 18th! Bringing art that you want someone to find on the map? REGISTER it! Bringing a theme camp and don’t want to camp in the lawlessness of the badlands? REGISTER IT! Holding an event at the event? You have until May 17th. Got a cool ride (an ART ride!)? Again, you have until May 17th for your DMV needs. All registrations happen by logging in and going to

SPEAKING OF ART – if you have an art project that needs some help, we have some help. When you register, please indicate if you need help with logistics. The Art Dept. will do their dangedest and so will the community. Let the Art dept. know what you need on your registration form ( Visit to find art to support (with time, art parts, or money) or to ask the community for some support for your art.

WORK WEEKENDS! (Don’t let the name fool you. It will be work, but it will also be fun! Come help make and maintain the canvas that the community paints this beautiful event upon. Please sign up on the Volunteer System if you plan to join! Bring a t-shirt to get your DIY Dirty Worker swag! For more info please email:

COMMUNITY CONVERSATION Did you know you could participate in community feedback! You can at the next Combustion Chamber meeting. It will be held on April 15th, and we are going to try to go virtual on Google Meet. Check out the calendar listing on Monday for the link. The meeting topic is “Review of the Interpersonal Incidents FAQ

EVENT VOLUNTEER Highlights This city was not, in fact, built on rock ‘n’ roll, but on the participation of people like you! Always wanted to help but not sure what to do? Watch for our upcoming VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHTS post. In the meantime, you can learn more at and sign up for shifts at