Afterburn Form

Thanks for submitting an afterburn. These are an important way to preserve institutional knowledge and ensure the sustainability of Burning Flipside. Please consider what you write to be a public document. There is a Private section at the end for any information you do not want shared publicly.

This form is provided as a convenience, but you don’t need to use it if you prefer not to–you can just send an e-mail straight to your AF.

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Part I: Intro/Position Description

1. Describe what your position was and how you defined it.

2. What were your major goals?

Part II: Summary - How did things go this year?

1. How many volunteers did you have? How many did you need? Were you adequately staffed on all shifts, and if not, which were shorthanded?

2. What infrastructure pieces did your department use? (carports, budget, radios, golf carts, etc) Did you need more/less of these resources?

3. What hours did your department operate? Do you think that should be more/less?

4. What vendors did you use, how did they work out, should we use them again?

Part III: Things That Worked Well

Part IV: Things That Didn’t Work So Well

Examples of issues that came up:

Part V: Possible Solutions

Part VI: MVPs/VIPs

1. List your rock stars and cite examples of their rockitude

2. Anyone you see as a potential future lead?

Part VII: The Future

1. Where do you see your position next year/how might it change?

2. Would you be interested in being the Lead again? Or if not, why not?

3. Is there anyone in particular who you feel might be a good future lead for your position (or any other Lead-level position)?

4. Do you see any need for more infrastructure investment due to growth, loss, or damaged equipment?

(carports? Replacing disposable supplies? Buying new stuff?)

5. Please submit a rough budget for your department next year

This can be general categories of expenses and approximate dollar amounts, based on what you spent this year and what you think the department will need next year.

Part VIII: Embers Reports

If you had volunteers and they provided feedback, add that here.

Part IX: Private

If there’s anything you don’t want made public, put it here