Afterburn Form

Thanks for writing an afterburn. These are an important way to preserve institutional knowledge and ensure the sustainability of Burning Flipside. Please consider what you write to be a public document. There is a Private section at the end for any information you do not want shared publicly.

This form is provided as a convenience, but you don’t need to use it if you prefer not to–you can just send an e-mail straight to your AF.

Part 1: Introduction/about your position

Part 2: Summary: How did things go this year?

Things like carports, radios, golf carts, etc.

Part 3: Things that worked well

Brag here about your triumphs over adversity and the well-oiled machine you assembled

Part 4: Things that didn't work out so well

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Please include examples.

Part 5: Possible solutions

Part 6: MVPs & VIPs

Also consider inviting these people to the Volunteer Appreciation party

Part 7: The Future

If not, why not?
This could be in your department or another
Carports? Replacing disposable supplies? Buying new stuff?
The more detailed, the better

Part 8: Ember reports

If you had volunteers and they provided feedback, add that here.

Part 9: Misc/Private

Anything that doesn't go anywhere else goes here
Anything you don't want made public goes here.

Send to

Leads generally should send to their area facilitator