Afterburn Form

Thanks for writing an afterburn. These are an important way to preserve institutional knowledge and ensure the sustainability of Burning Flipside. Please consider what you write to be a public document. There is a Private section at the end for any information you do not want shared publicly.

This form is provided as a convenience, but you don’t need to use it if you prefer not to–you can just send an e-mail straight to your AF, copying


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Part 1: About your position

Part 2: Facts & figures

How many volunteers did you have? How many did you need?
What infrastructure did you use? Shade structures, radios, golf carts, etc. Did you need more or less? Did you need anything different? Does anything need replacement or repair?
What hours did your department operate? Should they be changed?
What vendors did you use? How did they work out? Should we use them again?

Part 3: The good and the bad

What worked well? Brag here about your triumphs over adversity and the well-oiled machine you assembled.
The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Please include examples.
Changes you could make in your department
Is there anything the rest of the organization can do to better support your department?
List your rockstar volunteers and give examples of their rockitude. Consider inviting these folks to the Volunteer Appreciation party.

Part 4: The future

Where do you see your department next year? How might it change?
Are you interested in returning as Lead? If not, why not?
Is there anyone else you see as a potential future lead, in your department or any others?
What is your proposed budget for next year? The more detailed, the better.

Part 5: Miscellaneous

If you had volunteers and they provided feedback, include that here.
Anything that doesn’t go anywhere else goes here.
Anything you don’t want made public goes here.
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