Former Future Now – A Space Junk Waystation

Where every old art can be new again!

A new metal vulture queen, reassembled from the hips (arms – they became arms) of Dr. Tiki and the head of Cathartica, plus a loungey camp chair (which needs new fabric) will take up residence under or around a 1v pvc dome with lighting and room for more art.

This waystation needs your repurposed/reimagined/recreated creations to make it a whole lounge. What kind of art? Assemblages, collages, sculptures, ephemera, painting, 3-D, 2-D, metal, wood, blinky, wire, more!

Got some old art to recycle into new art? Got cool retro décor? Come help create or add to the atmosphere of Former Future Now! Contact me at if you’d like to add art, or help create the space.
Also searching for 2 burn barrels (already cut or not, not to be returned) conduit, and rebar.
We can always use some monetary support. Ppal is same as contact email. Message for venmo

Project lead: Izzi B (aka Izzi Hoo)

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