Ring In The Year Of The Dragon


My project is on track to be out there as envisioned!!!

Transportation has been coordinated and shouldn’t be an issue.

I received some good input from a few sources about cultural sensitivity and accuracy. I’m happy to listen to any other feedback because I think it’s an important consideration, so if you have any knowledge about the subjects being celebrated, feel free to let me know what may have been done better or what else could have been included.

I should have enough help with setup between the folks at Fire Garden and Shaven Apes.

While this project is no longer needs any support, I wanted the chance to say how much I appreciate what everyone has done to help.

So many people (there will be an
acknowledgement at the installation) generously gave their time and expertise or provided much-needed financial support. I really can’t express how grateful I am to have received so much help and love from the community. THANK YOU!!! -Mitch

Step right up! Step right up and help breathe life into this interactive installation that celebrates the celestial and assesses your strength through carnival fun, Chinese culture and fire!

Support Needed:

Financial- Ignition Philter was kind enough to make this ambitious build possible through a generous grant. While these funds covered about 75% of the cost, and I have spent most of what remains from my personal funds, I find myself unable to polish the project off due to medical complications that have drained my savings. I’ll need roughly another $100 of materials to make the vision come to life without significantly impacting the quality of the finished product. Any amount contributed is greatly appreciated and will be carefully prioritized toward getting the project looking and functioning as originally intended.

Paypal mitchell.el.goss@gmail.com

Labor- My mobility has been temporarily hindered and this has begun to nudge the timeline of the build. I’m confident that with a little help from the community, this build can still be a dazzling display. I will be attending church nights seeking assistance constructing and painting the aesthetic elements of the piece. I also live close to the Lloyd warehouse and would welcome anyone with room in their schedule who would like to come help with testing, troubleshooting or programming the mechanical and technical aspects.

Cultural Consulting- While the theme of the piece draws inspiration from the Chinese Zodiac, I am not culturally or ethnically Chinese, and I want to make sure the design celebrates Chinese culture without appropriating, diminishing or contradicting any aspects of it being referenced. I would greatly appreciate the input of anyone with expertise or lived experience in Chinese culture, particularly as it relates to Chinese New Year celebrations or the Zodiac, who is willing to review the aesthetic design elements or help produce/edit written briefs that will accompany the installation to provide cultural context.

Transportation – The project is designed to be moved to location and assembled, but to ensure structural integrity, it is not entirely modular, leaving a riser that will need to be transported in one piece. It will be 14 feet long by approximately 15″ sq. It should be light enough that it can be moved by two people. There will be other pieces that I can fit in my vehicle, and while I may theoretically be able to strap the riser to my roof, for the sake of safety and sanity, please reach out if you have room for any components.

Project lead: Mitch Gosler

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