Meeting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Combustion Chamber meetings

What is the Combustion Chamber or CC?
The Combustion Chamber, or CC for short, is an advisory body to the Catalyst Collective (CatCol) board. This body is intended to be as representative of the community as possible. Members of the CC are nominated by the community and then interviewed by the current CC.
What is Catalyst Collective or CatCol?
Catalyst Collective, or CatCol for short, is the legal entity which puts on the Burning Flipside event. This term is sometimes also used to denote the board of directors of the non-profit who act as the legal face of the Burning Flipside event.
But I’m not on the CC, should I come?
Absolutely, this is an open meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to obtain information on how the community feels about these topics. If you are part of the community and care about this then you should come if you are able.
How do CC meetings work?
There is a Facilitator whose job is to keep the meeting running and on topic. People speak in the order requested based on a stack. This stack is maintained by a person on the CC. If you wish to speak you should raise your hand and the person running stack will put your name down. The stack person will then call on you when it is your turn to talk. If you merely wish to agree with someone you should not get on stack, but instead do what we call “twinkle.” Twinkling consists of putting your hand in the air and waving your fingers.
How should I behave at a CC meeting?
You should wait for your turn to speak. You should speak in a polite manner.
This means that you should not make off-color jokes or attack anyone
personally (attack ideas, not people).
This has to do with a decorum rule that the CC has. If the speaker violates this, rule you will hear someone say “Decorum” which means that the speaker needs to behave correctly.