Fuck You Telecom

Attention Flipizens!! Fuck You Telecom is coming back, under old management! We’re preparing to place our horrible phone disservice all over Flipside, ready to connect you to distant burners, Rangers, or that asshole trying to sell you an extended warranty for your car! But we need help rebuilding our systems! Kick us some change so we can buy new batteries, the more we get the more payphone booths we can deploy to far flung corners of the burn! If you prefer to help more in the labor department, we’re also accepting volunteers! Check out the links below for ways to donate time or money! PAY YOUR BILLS FUCKERS!!

Venmo: @Daleag02
paypal: @wizard42
cashapp: $the1wizard

FUT volunteers: https://forms.gle/k2SpaMKr99rK8sgn7

Project lead: Dale Gibson

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