Memories With Santa

Christmas Town is growing bigger with every burn we attend! We want to help create beautiful holiday memories with you, however sometimes it’s hard to remember everything that happens on the playa.

Our art project is Memories with Santa! We need your help to get the supplies we need to make this happen. We will have a life sized Santa that you can sit on and we will take your picture with a Polaroid camera. We will create a wall of photos to display at every burn we attend. Christmas Town is at every Flipside and Myschievia.

The money collected in support of our art project will be used for a Polaroid camera specifically used for burns, film, a life sized blank dummy that we will dress up as Santa, as well as any other items needed to assemble our photo booth. Burners will be allowed to take their own photos with their phone/camera for personal memories as well!

Project lead: Ali Oop - Head Elf at Christmas Town

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