STickets Announcement

Helloooo, Fabulous Flipizens!!!! It’s about that time of year when the weather starts to get a bit random. Hot, cold, rainy, warm, breezy, HOT, foggy, humid, rainy, HOT, etc. etc….etc…:p Welcome to Central Texas Fall!! πŸ˜€ And with this schizophrenic weather comes our Burning Flipside Fall Town Hall!!!! This is when we pick a theme folks!! flailing Kermit arms YAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!

That means it will be once again time to warm up your creative juice maker and get those fantastical creations a flowing! By submitting Ticket and Sticker art you are putting in for a chance to win two free tickets!!!! Two contests, two chances to win!! The ONLY way to get free tickets to Burning Flipside!!

Anyway…deadline will be a couple of days after Spring Town Hall. That’s not until mid-February! πŸ˜€ Lots of time, you gots this!!

Also, if you think you’d like to submit, however know that life will get in the way and would like gentle reminders that you are interested, just look for me at my booth at the Fall Town Hall, give me your e-mail and I’ll add you to a personal list that I’ll make sure to e-mail reminder pokes with consent. πŸ˜‰

Basic guidelines. πŸ˜€ Keep in mind all designs must be original. No clip art, and no copy written material may be used. The designs can be created digitally or by hand. So break out your pen, marker, crayon or stylus and get the ideas flowing.

Soon we’ll get more details like sizes and a good e-mail address to submit to. For now, this is just our first little “Hey, hey you!! Yes you with the crazy awesome creation making genius pretty stuff!!…Let the creations flow…flooooowwww down the stream to my humble abode. A place that could get you TWO FREE TICKETS!!” πŸ™‚

Nova-yesthat’smyrealname and
Your Flipside 2019 Sticker/Ticket Selection Team

Next Combustion Chamber Meeting

Upcoming Combustion Chamber Meeting:

Monday September 17th, 7:42pm~10:00pm
Lloyd the Warehouse, 3106 Industrial Terrace, ATX

Our special topics for this meeting:

  • What To Do about Inappropriately Parked Cars in Camps?
  • RVs vs. Available Space

Additional topics:
– Update from Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC
– Area Facilitators Update
– Regionals Update
– Town Hall Planning
– Combustion Chamber Business and Minutiae

Who Can/Should Attend: You! If you care about the event and especially if you care about any of these topics you should come to discuss them.

Why this matters: The CC provides advice to the LLC. The LLC provides the overall direction and policy guidance that end up making the event happen. The topics discussed at this meeting may have a direct impact on you during the actual Flipside event and/or at the AAR, LLC warehouse. CC meetings are a great way to stay informed about what’s happening in our community.

What is the Combustion Chamber or CC?

Combustion Chamber

Do you have some questions about CC meetings?

Meeting FAQ

If you don’t find your answer in the FAQ above, please email us. We like answering questions.

Fall Town Hall

Get ready for Fall Town Hall, Saturday September 22nd, 12:00pm~5:30pm, where we’ll be choosing the theme for Flipside 2019.

12:00pm – Tailgating and Socialization

Come mingle with your fellow Flipizens pregame. Show off your burner finery. Reminisce about next year. Pitching or supporting a theme? This is a great opportunity to promote your theme suggestion(s) one-on-one or from your gussied-up pop-up shade.

2:34pm – Meeting, Theme Presentations and Theme Voting

We’ll give you a little info to kick off the Flipside 2019 season, and hear theme proposals from the Flipizens proposing them. The theme that gets the most votes during the break will grace Flipside 2019.

Meeting agenda:

  • Welcome, Pledge, and Leave No Trace Reminder
  • 2018-19 Update from Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC
  • About Area Facilitators, Leads and Volunteers
  • Theme Presentations
  • Break and Voting
  • Stickets Design and the Selection Committee
  • Submitting Effigy Proposals to the DaFT Selection Committee
  • Warehouse Use and Opportunities
  • Combustion Chamber Update
  • Closing: Community Announcements, Winnerest Theme Announcement

All this happens at Lloyd the Warehouse, 3106 Industrial Terrace, ATX.

Burning Flipside 2018 Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark: Public Information Report

This year marked the 20th edition of Burning Flipside. In 1998, George Paap and about 30 people got together for “Burning Man Texas”; the first event called Burning Flipside was in 1999. Since then, a family of regional events has grown up around Texas, and Burning Flipside itself has grown steadily in size, organization, and the strength of the community that underpins it.

Tickets & Attendance

In 2018, 2710 tickets were sold, and 2627 tickets were used, for a no-show rate of about 3%. For comparison, in 2017, 3017 tickets were sold and 2870 were used, for a no-show rate of about 5%.

In 2014–2017, AAR had some form of public second-round ticket sales after the normal mail-in ticket-request process. These secondary sales have never worked well, causing either strife among participants based on where and to whom tickets were sold, large amounts of extra work for volunteers particularly those on the board, and conflict between the community and the organization when the community did not feel the sales were done well. Therefore the board decided not to do a formal secondary sale outside of critical volunteer tickets to allow the event to run.


  • Nature: It was a hot and very humid year. Apart from that, nature was cooperative.
  • Gatecrashers: There was one group of gatecrashers who did manage to enter the event, but were rounded up and removed quickly. Another group attempted to enter from the north but were picked up by Milam County Sheriff’s Office deputies before they reached the event perimeter. There was also a ticketed participant who left and attempted to return by trespassing on neighboring property. All these people received trespassing tickets.
  • Medical transports: There were a total of 8 medical transports this year, including 5 in a 24-hour period. Most of these were either caused by the heat or exacerbated by the heat, but there were a couple of accidents causing injuries as well. This put a serious load on the nearest hospital, which is very small.
  • Interpersonal incidents: Perhaps the heat left everyone feeling too sluggish to get into much trouble, but there were zero ejections during the event, and the few traceable interpersonal incidents reported post-event have not been serious.
  • Sound: There was one external sound complaint on Friday night. Rangers and the one sound marshal on duty worked with sound camps to reduce the volume levels and that complaint did not recur.


It was a record year for burnable art, with four pieces of burnable art in addition to the Effigy: the Throne, the Mermicorn, Origins, the Memorial Temple, and Wee Burn. And it was a record year for art in general, with 65 total pieces of registered and placed art.

The Effigy itself, the Pine Cononagon was memorable for its interactive elements, hidden surprises, organizing theme, performances, and so on.

Theme Camps & City Planning

There were 126 registered theme camps, plus an unknown number of informal camps in the Badlands.

There were also 130 registered RVs in theme camps, and many more in the badlands–the final figure may have been as high as 200. RVs are beginning to present challenges in terms of space availability, planning, safety, and even volunteer capacity, and this trend appears likely to continue.

The direction of Road #2, (“Bad Idea Blvd” as it was called this year) was reversed this year from what it had been previously. This seemed to cause some confusion, and in general, keeping traffic moving in the right direction on roads continued to be a problem.

Some theme camps reported being allocated less space than they expected. In a radical experiment, City Planning this year allocated space based on the requirements stated in the camp’s registration, rather than the much larger spaces allocated previously.


Parking ran smoothly, with some 1300 cars being parked. Another 150 stragglers never got properly parked.


Unsurprisingly with the heat, Ice had very high sales this year, so much so that we needed to order extra ice for delivery during the event.


2018 was the first time in many years that the organization did not operating a recycling station. Anecdotal evidence is that it was not missed.


Safetyside had roughly the same attendance as in past years, but with more people from around the country. A couple were firefighters with BRC ESD, and they had high praise for what we’re doing. The centerpiece of Safetyside every year is a large-scale simulated incident, and this year the Safetyside organizers raised the level of professionalism with controllers and monitors throughout the incident to keep the action moving and to collect better information.

Work Weekends

As in previous years, there were four work weekends, with attendance in the 15-30 range, which was plenty. After years of hard work at Apache Passtures, it has gotten to the point where it doesn’t need a lot of people to get it ready for Flipside.


Load-in, the Saturday before Flipside when we ship all the event’s infrastructure out to the event site, was well attended. The layout of the warehouse’s loading bays and parking lot created a bottleneck that slowed things down somewhat, but we got the job done and can work around this next year.

Load-Out & Cleanup

Load-out and cleanup, when we return our infrastructure to the Warehouse and perform line sweeps of the land for final LNT, were not covered very well, with only about 10 people on LNT duties and about 40 more to load trucks; there was also a crew at the warehouse to unload trucks.

Burning Green – Post Event Results

Another AWESOME Burning Flipside is behind us. While analysis is still going on, I thought I’d give a preliminary update on how event LNT and post event restoration actions went.

In a nutshell – The participants did outstanding! It was a great year for LNT!

Post event restoration can be broken down into three main jobs; Infrastructure removal, MOOP Patrols, and Burn Scar clean up. On the Saturday post event, we had 47 people show up at Apache Pastures and an unknown number show up at the warehouse to assist in these volunteering opportunities. Additionally, during the event we had volunteers for Earth Guardians and Exodus participating in the LNT effort.

Infrastructure removal – This is loading all the AAR gear (safety equipment, signage, tools, playatech, etc.) and some of the art projects onto box trucks and returning it to the warehouse. While hot and tiring work, the various leads stacked their areas well and due to some pre-staging/work done on the Monday/Tuesday prior, it went quickly. The first, of the trucks left the land at approximately 1:15pm. So even including a break for pizza and ice cream, the job on-site was well along the way in about three hours. I do not know when the last truck was completely unpacked at the warehouse because by the time I got there at around 6pm it was all done. Super job!

MOOP Sweeps – This is where volunteers walk the entire land in close knit lines looking for any missed MOOP. They will then mark the location responsible and later produce a comprehensive map of offenders. While we could have used more people here to ensure better land coverage the team was able to do a pretty good pass over the complete property. The MOOPers that we had walked in pairs or triple, or foursome. In some cases, these small team sampled shaded areas and obvious camp spots. When a specific location got documented and found its way to the MOOP Map, it was because that location had multiple instances of MOOP or was especially grievous MOOP. From my viewpoint, I do not suspect as many findings we have seen in some past years. This can be directly attributed to the participants faithfully ensuring their sites were cleaned before leaving the land. Good deal keep it up and let’s hope for an even better next year.

Burn Scar – This is where all the metal and ash from the effigy burn is removed from the burn site. Several members of DaFT and some other helpful volunteers joined in to get extremely dirty shoveling up every piece of ash they could. Additionally, magnetic rakes were used to get all the metal off the ground. Lastly any trenches or holes created were filed in. I am happy to say once done, this was one of the cleanest scars I’ve seen.

I also want to mention that in additional to the effigy scar there were three additional smaller burn scars created by four participant driven burn projects. These were all well cleaned up before the event ended. I am extremely pleased with how the artists took care of their areas so the restoration crew was not left holding the bag (of ash – literally). I’d gladly sign off on them burning again, from a restoration standpoint.

Exodus – Exodus occurs on Monday, but it is considered a post event activity. Exodus went for the most part very smoothly with the overwhelming majority of the participants off the land well in advance of the 5pm deadline. The Exodus crews performed admirably and were assisted by other department’s volunteers as needed. Again, during this time, many of the other departments took time to break down their areas and prepare gear for transport back to the warehouse.

Earth Guardians – Did a good job getting the message out, loved the sign by the crossroads, and I believe were a great contributing factor to why I felt there was less MOOP during the event than I’ve seen previously.

Lastly Recycling – We did not have recycling this year. I am glad to report that no one forgot about this and left recycling at the non-existent station. The lack of a recycling station did not seem to cause any great distress, or at least no major complaints got back to me. However, I also don’t know if any camps sorted their own materials.

In summary, overall it was a real good year for LNT. Even during the event, I did not see a lot of MOOP. Great job participants and a special personal shout out to all the Sign Off Leads and Volunteers! – wrinn

2018 MOOP Map

The 2018 MOOP Map shows that there was little MOOP found post-event. The low quantity of MOOP may be attributed to community awareness of LNT and a low number of volunteers for MOOP Sweeps and documentation.

The MOOP Map is a grey scale Safety Map which is annotated with yellow dots and red dots. Each yellow dot can be associated with an item of MOOP found. A cluster of yellow dots represents a MOOPy area. If the MOOPers feel that the MOOP item or action is atrocious, then the dot is changed to red.

Only 1 red dot was assigned to a MOOP item in 2018. It was a bag of bio-hazardous waste, which found either in or next to a portlet near camp 300. The stench was so horrible that most volunteers gagged and declined to move the bag. An anonymous Saint disposed bio-hazardous waste bag.

There were a handful theme camps with 3 or more items of MOOP found post-event. Those theme camps with 3 or more items of MOOP were 312, 408, 501, 515, and 607.

There were 2 areas in the Southern Badlands that were MOOPy. The first MOOPy area in the Badlands was near where the exit road connected to the entrance road in safety grid R6. The second MOOPy area in the Badlands was at the South end of Wizard Way near an emergency call box, in safty grid P7.

Overall, the vendors did a good job at LNT. However, the privacy fence along the county road did produce some MOOP.

If you see one or more yellow dots placed in your camp or near your camp, then please get involved. Ask questions of your camp mates and neighbors to raise awareness. Send email to and ask for details on the MOOP findings. Visit the Cleanup and Site Sign Off booth at the next Townhall and volunteer for the next burn. We need you in 2019.

Disclaimer: Not on the 2018 MOOP Map were things picked up during the event, insignificant random findings or reported items post-event. There were some complaints about numerous cigarette butts on the ground during the event. However, most of the cigarette butts were picked up during the event by conscience burners. Being short on volunteers post-event, MOOPers spread wide and thin, walked fast, picked up that which stood out in the grass. MOOPers got a warm fuzzy feeling that things looked good, so a secondary sweep was not organized. However, MOOPers may have missed things with the spread between them, and the speed at which they moved. In some cases, MOOPers elected not to document small, random findings here and there, because of the documentation overhead and time.

Thank you Greeters!

I wanted to say a quick thanks to all the volunteers who worked to Greet participants as they came in. A lot of people put a lot of work into making everyone feel welcomed and informed. Thank you all.

STicket WINNERS!!!!

Helloooo Flipizens!!!! Another Burning Flipside has come and gone and we’re busy unpacking, cleaning, and reminiscing the great moments that happened over the event. And, right now, you’re tucking away this year’s ticket into a safe place amongst all of your past tickets and have found that perfect spot to put your sticker on.

What did you think of this years STickets?? I LOVE THEM!!!! All of you crazy, fabulous artists REALLY turned it out and gave me your art this year and made it SUPER difficult for the judges to pick a winner!! But pick they did and now I can finally announce the winners!!!!

Ticket design winner: Stephanie Crane
Sticker design winner: Jessica Bishop

CONGRATS to you both!! You totally deserve ALL the alcolades. Fellow Flipizens please give lots of kudos to these Fine Flipizen Folks!! They gifted a big part of themselves to be the first art that a Flipizen sees upon arriving to Burning Flipside and I can’t say how happy I am for them and hope that their art inspires another 20 more years of STickets art entry.

Flipside wants your pictures

Did you get any great photos at Flipside that you’d like to share on the website? We’d love to have them. Or any other creative works in digital form. Please submit them through our Media Contribution Form here:

Please do read the “Media-Use Agreement” on that page first. These are the terms you’re agreeing to when submitting a media contribution.

If your photos depict art, we need the name of the piece and the piece’s creator/s in order to credit them appropriately. If there are any people depicted in your photos, please be sure you have their explicit permission to post their photos online.

If you want to contribute a large number of files, you can contact, but we’ll need all the information requested on that form either way.