It’s Almost Ticket Time!

Keep Your Receipts!

It’s JANUARY!  That’s means it’s Flipside Ticket Time!  And I’m Ste. Michelle, your trusty Ticket Distribution Lead here with some great ways to actually make sure you get a ticket!!

I just spent a bit of time sorting out the last of last year’s emails to the Ticket Lead, into convenient categories like “You’re not Special” and “Can’t Read Instructions.”  However, some of them are more sad, like “Lost in Mail.”

These are the super sad ones where the people did everything right, but the USPS failed them.  It happened to 7 people last year. Which, given the fact that the fantastic ticket volunteers opened over 1700 requests, that’s not too many, but for those 7 people (and any of their +1s), it was a BIG HUGE DEAL.  

Here’s how to make it a minor annoyance instead of a doomsday scenario:


Because while there were only 7 people whose requests were lost in the mail (that informed me), but there were like 50 people who sent the receipt with the money order.  FYI, that’s just like sending cash in the mail. Don’t do it!  

Remember, it’s still just as satisfying to complain on Facebook about the post office losing your request in the mail with a way to get the ticket money back.  

Also, quit signing the back of the money orders.  They don’t work that way. If there’s no signature line on the front, they don’t need to be signed.  

For all the best information check out the ticket page, or the ticket FAQ.

If those don’t answer your questions, you can always try to get your email sorted into a fun category like “Unfillable Requests” by emailing your ticket questions via the contact page.

Ticket Info, Lead Openings, Important Dates and More!

All your December Announce Info in one place!

While you’ve been working on warming up (or cooling off depending on the day), your year ’round, hard-working Area Facilitators and AAR, LLC have been  ramping up the next season of activities to prepare for Burning Flipside 2020! And they have some announcements for your enlightenment. Burning Flipside will be here before you know it!

New Ticket Window! Save the Date(s), Start Saving the Dough and Make Art Go with Ignition Philter!

Burning Flipside is moving the 2020 ticket window a week to give people a little extra time to recuperate from the holidays.  The window will be open from January 13 to February 3, 2020. Register and mail in your request in this window. 

Tickets will be the same price as last year. $132 for adults and teens, $40 for kids 7-13, $0 for children 0-6. Please NOTE: AAR, LLC does NOT plan not to have a second-round ticket sale. Find more ticket info at

While you are thinking about those tickets, think about donating to Ignition Philter to support Flipside-bound art.  Consider selecting this option in your electronic ticket submission!

Spring Town Hall!The next important date for your Burning Flipside planning is February 1! Come get excited, meet some of your leads, learn more about what the “Org” is up to, learn about the effigy and other art, and see old friends you haven’t seen since last Burning Flipside! Come out to Spring Town Hall on February 1 at Lloyd, the Warehouse at 3106 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758.

Lead Openings!Want to volunteer, but not sure how? Learn or hone your leadership skills by helping fill some key department lead roles!  Equipment Librarian, Art Logistics, City Planning Admin, 411, Media Liaison, Interzone Coordinator, Parking, Shaven Apes, Radio, and Land Search still need you! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator AF if you are interested, or learn more about the departments on our Operations page!  

Speaking of helping…Do you want to help others learn about all of the departments that help make Flipside go? Our Volunteer Coordination Team is busy developing videos to help provide the above info in a more dynamic form and they could use your help! If you have video equipment or skills, or want to learn some skills, please Contact our Volunteer Coordinator AF to express your interest.

Important Burning Flipside Dates!  For your planning convenience, our planners have set some major Burning Flipside dates. Find more and add to your favorite calendar app at

Shaven Apes Needs a New Lead!

The Shaven Apes department needs a lead!

Shaven Apes is an all volunteer department of Burning Flipside responsible for lifting, moving, and fixing things. Shaven Apes can help with things like theme camp setup, art installations, building your shade structure, and will even help you pitch your tent or just provide transportation. We’re there to provide the extra hands (and strong backs) needed to get things done.

The Lead of this department will recruit volunteers to the Shaven Apes, set up shifts of Apes, be responsible for the Apes’ carts and radios at Burning Flipside, and support the Apes’ volunteer corps. They will work with the Site Ops AF on any pre- or post-event requirements. This is a fun community-facing leadership role, with strong support from and cross-pollination with other Site Ops departments.

Contact Robin, the Site Ops AF, if you’re interested or have questions.

Effigy proposals now being accepted


You should make up an Effigy for this year’s theme “The Sacred and Propane”.

You see, as of this moment everyone in the entire community is allowed to submit an idea for an Effigy. Typically, we get maybe 2 or 3 proposals, and those are rookie numbers. We need to bump those numbers up. Maybe you can help us; we’d like YOU to submit your half-baked, I-really-don’t-have-time, beautiful ideas. In the very least, all it takes is a few drawings and some stylistic hand-waving. In the most complete version, there’s a big ol’ form with lots of requirements, responsibilities, and other miscellanious unsexy-but-still-totally-essential data (linked below).

Don’t think about that though, instead think about this:

Just start ideating. Draw something, list a couple of ideas, whatever. However far you get, send that in. Don’t worry if it’s not done, or silly, or whatever. Butterfly effects rule the art world, so your ideas and energy will go somewhere.
For those who’ve ideated, drawn, and are starting to imagine the paths between their mind and reality, here’s some very realistic things you should also think about:

  1. Think of who your support network is going to be, and who their support network is going to be. Giving birth to 3 ton wooden baby meant for flames can be an ordeal. Be ready to need help.
  2. Reduce your “vibes” down to a few simple core themes. This will help a lot with getting people on board without having to really explain anything. It’ll also help with thematic cohesion.
  3. Music matters. The crew and you are going to be spending a lot of time listening to something, and to a large degree the music you listen to will define the vibe of the entire experience. You’ll be too busy to do this during build, so start early!

Check out the proposal guidelines here.

October Announce

Lead Nominations are OPEN! Are you interested in a lead volunteer position? Nominate yourself or your friends to help lead a department at Burning Flipside. Even if you think a position isn’t open, this will help identify you as a possible lieutenant. Jump in and help out! Burning Flipside needs you!

Do you like recording or editing video? Tamara, our awesome Volunteer Coordinator Lead, is putting together a project to highlight different areas of the Burning Flipside Organization. If you’d like to help with the project while learning more about the details of the org, contact her at

This year we are changing things up for how we handle the Ticket and Sticker selection. We will no longer be giving away tickets to the contest winners. This aligns with our community standards of everyone purchases their own tickets – even the LLC. We have many exciting ideas on how to make this process better, but are still finalizing details. Please watch the upcoming Announcements for more details about the new STICKET process and how you can get involved. Flipside 2020 Sticket Lead – Julie Schmooley

Watch for upcoming announcements: DaFT Proposal Process! Volunteer opportunities! Art! Theme Camps! Etc!

Thematically Speaking…

Burning Flipside Town Hall has come and gone, and the citizens of Pyropolis who could be there have cast their 3 votes. Two favorites rose toward the top and we nearly had a Business Opportunity, but the protesters may have had some sway over the sticker holders. We held a literal shouting match to determine if the close-to-a-tie was too close. The shout backed the numbers, and we have a new theme, folks! Welcome to the start of the season for Burning Flipside 2020, The Sacred and the Propane.

Announce September 2019

Coming Soon to a Warehouse near You!

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! Come one, come all to Church Night on September 25th at the Burning Flipside Warehouse! Starting somewhere around 7:30 show up to make conversation, to make art, to make plans, and to make friends. This week, we will also give Lloyd (the warehouse) its tri-annual (that’s three times [ish] a year, not every third year) cleaning. You’ll probably get dressed up for Fall Town Hall; Lloyd wants to look its shiny best, too!

Do you need a stinkin’ theme? Do you have a great idea? (or a Bad Idea? no…that’s already been done…) Put your creativity to work! Submit a theme, present a theme, inspire your co-burners with your awesome theme idea! Learn more.

Speaking of Town Hall : Come on out to mingle, to theme vote, to learn more about or to teach an eager newcomer about Burning Flipside! Tailgating starts at noon at Lloyd the Warehouse. Learn more about Fall Town Hall Here.

Putting the ART in pARTy! Ignition Philter, a burner community organization, wants to help fund art for Burning Flipside! If you want to help Ignition Philter’s efforts, come join their Post Town Hall Hootenanny on September 28, 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. at Sparkle Farm 9500 Springdale Road. More info here

Got a Flipside 2020 Theme Suggestion?

Do you have a fantastic theme that you’d like to suggest for Flipside 2020? Submit your idea at

Theme selection is coming to Fall Town Hall on Saturday, September 28th, 2:34pm, at Lloyd the Warehouse, 3106 Industrial Terrace, ATX. Tailgating starts at noon—campaign for your theme during the pre-meeting soiree. Want to advocate your theme with an onstage presentation? Register at Town Hall and we’ll give you two minutes to make your pitch.

Flipside Flame May 2019

Welcome to the last Flipside Flame before heading out on land this year. This issue is primarily focused on the fabulous art pieces you will find on the pecan playa. Lots of good stuff here! Read on to treat your eyeballs to visual deliciousness. Be art installation savvy for your time at Flipside 2019: Sisyphean Celebration!

For more information, stay tuned to:

As a reminder, if you’re looking to contribute to Flame or Announce, please use the Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page. This will allow you to add a Public Domain or personal photograph to your post. If you’re looking to add announcements to Announce or Flame for the first half of 2019, the following deadlines will apply:


  • Announce – June 1, 2019
  • Flame – June 15, 2019

Your Content Lead,

What is in this Flame

  • Art Projects are Still Seeking Support!
  • Flipside 2019 Art Spotlight
    • Big Top Mountain
    • The Glitterbox
    • The Forge of Hephaestus
    • Lines of Flight
    • Sophie
    • Rejuvenation Chamber
    • The Beat

Important Dates

  • May 23, 2019: Burning Flipside

For more information on how to be involved year around, check out the Burning Flipside Calendar.

Art Projects are Still Seeking Support!

Are you feeling philanthropic these days? Check out the Art Projects Seeking Support Page! It’s a community bulletin board where artists can ask for assistance making their art project go. While we are a week out, I guarantee that our artists wouldn’t mind some extra cash thrown their way. Find out what projects need some love here.

Flipside 2019 Art Spotlight

Welcome to the 3rd annual Flipside Art Spotlight blog series! These are designed to bring some well-deserved attention to a pretty dang important part of our community and event: ART and the badass talents that create them! Flipside without the art would be a bunch of bored people in a field. These will be posted in the order received until the event.

Thank you, thank you for all your passion, ambition, love and sweat!

Please note: This is not the full list of art projects heading to the playa and additional posts will appear on Keep an eye out for more!

Big Top Mountain

What inspired you to create this art piece?

It came down to the Theme. I truly believe that the Theme for a burn is essential and matters way more than some do. It legitimately inspired this piece. A “Sisyphean Celebration” put me in the mind set of “unwinnable/unattainable” goals But also a fun aspect of it. My mind immediately thought, Carnival games. Truly unwinnable. Well, where do you have carnival games? A big top tent. The ball kept rolling in my head to the point of having a ramp along side of it and a“Sisyphus” rolling a ball up he ramp and before it burns, the ball rolls back down and the whole thing catches fire. [Read more here.]

The Glitterbox

The Glitter box (formerly the light box) was featured for several years at LumiNation. Visiting the luminarium structure inspired the light box. Initially, and for a few years, the lights were white blinky string lights with rows of CD’s behind them and refractive glasses for added effect. It’s a small, mellow space where people can transcend the mud and craziness and experience a moment of wonder, encircled by light. [Continue your discovery of this project here.]

The Forge of Hephaestus

The Forge of Hephaestus draws inspiration from a lot of places, but primarily from the allegorically dense theme of the burn this year, Sisyphean Celebration. Greek mythology is really rich with ideas and characters, many of which Sisyphus interacted with in one way or another. We chose Hephaestus, the god of Fire (sculpture, metalworking, masonry, and forges) because he was a patron of the arts and a bit of an odd duck. Of all the Greek pantheon, Hephaestus and Dionysus (wine, fertility, ‘ritual madness’) would perhaps have appreciated Flipside the most! [Get to know this project a bit more.]

Lines of Flight

What inspired you to create this art piece?

Last year Unbroken Spring, the Houston regional burn, was offering art grants and the art lead encouraged me to apply because they were familiar with some of my origami work and knew i had ideas about translating it into large scale sculpture. Lines of Flight was my first attempt at playing with scale using the form of an origami dove, chosen for both its aesthetic grace, simplicity, and reproduction ease. [View more pictures of this project on this post!]


Are there any stories/lessons learned that came out of the creation of this piece?

I’ve learned a lot of safety lessons over the years, working in metal. Eye protection, ear protection, leather gloves. Nothing loose around your neck, an angle grinder could strangle you if your scarf gets caught in it. Bandana, I value the little bit of hair I have and burning hair smells awful. Always with the heavy closed shoes, pant cuffs *over* the tops of the boots, never tucked in, etc. I do have a bad habit of working in short sleeves (it gets hot in a metal shop in Texas, yo)…got the scars on my arms to prove it. Overall this was an enjoyable, comfortably paced work. The most annoying part was rethinking an aspect that was a PITA to change after the fact, it would have been so easy to do before it got “caged in” by the skinning. [There is so much more…]

Rejuvenation Chamber

What do you hope people get out of your piece?

The sun is down. You had a great day so far at the Flipside. Maybe you are a bit tired from all the wonderful interactions you had during the busy day? And the night is young! Music blasting from multiple directions, bright lights blinking everywhere. Or it’s way after midnight and your senses are a bit overstimulated and you are debating with yourself whether you are too tired to keep going? This is the time to visit the Rejuvenation Chamber!

As you step inside the enclosure, you find yourself in a beautiful tranquil space. The Rejuvenation Chambers you see there offer you the sensory deprivation experience which reduces stress, calms the nervous system, and helps one to enter a deep state of relaxation. After the overwhelming day you had so far, this sounds amazing, so when the attendant invites you to climb in, you decide to give it a try!

If this sounds interesting to you, please read on here.

The Beat

What inspired me?

This installation is inspired by the authors that shaped my worldview as a young seeker. The ideas and items presented capture my fascination with the archetype of “the writer”. Sometimes lonely, usually tormented and always a voice that defies and challenges. I have created this desk as an alter to that romanticized figure in my mind.

[I know you’re curious to learn about this piece…]

Flipside 2019 Art Spotlight: Rejuvenation Chamber*

*This piece is in need of support/help. For details, please see:

1. What inspired you to create this art piece?

I was at the Burning Man last year and had a personal experience that started me on this unexpected journey. Like most introverts, I use more mental resources in processing external stimuli: I am more sensitive to light, noise, and especially people. So, one day I came back to camp tired and in need of some personal space away from everything. This is hard to find at Burning Man. I was lucky that my mini-trailer had no windows and the white noise from the a/c blocks sounds from outside. As I laid there away from everyone  in the darkness, my mind wondered so freely! Just a few minutes later I felt so refreshed, that I was ready to go back outside. I could not believe how fast I was restored back to full function. So I thought it would be amazing to share this experience with others. When I came home, I did some research on sensory deprivation and started building.

Come be rejuvenated! Created by Shy

2. What do you hope people get out of your piece?

The sun is down. You had a great day so far at the Flipside. Maybe you are a bit tired from all the wonderful interactions you had during the busy day? And the night is young! Music blasting from multiple directions, bright lights blinking everywhere. Or it’s way after midnight and your senses are a bit overstimulated and you are debating with yourself whether you are too tired to keep going? This is the time to visit the Rejuvenation Chamber!

As you step inside the enclosure, you find yourself in a beautiful tranquil space. The Rejuvenation Chambers you see there offer you the sensory deprivation experience which reduces stress, calms the nervous system, and helps one to enter a deep state of relaxation. After the overwhelming day you had so far, this sounds amazing, so when the attendant invites you to climb in, you decide to give it a try!

You climb into the chamber and lay on the soft memory foam. Your body sinks in. You feel like you’re floating. As the lid closes, you feel fresh air on your face. It becomes obvious that the chamber walls are covered in sound absorbing materials, since you can no longer hear loud noises from outside. You let the darkness and quiet envelop you, and you meditate or just rest… It is almost like you are deprived of most of your senses which allows your brain to relax. A few minutes later, a timer brings you back out to reality. The chamber opens, and you see and hear the world anew. You have been rejuvenated! You wave goodbye to the friendly attendants and head out refreshed and ready for new adventures!

3. Lessons Learned

Rejuvenation Chambers stated as a much larger scale project. And I actually put together a proposal and applied for the honorarium grant from Burning Man hoping for beginners luck. I am glad I did not receive it this time. I learned that, although I am very creative and my ideas are worth implementing, I would need a dedicated team and, most importantly, a team manager to do a large scale project. In the mean time  the chambers I designed are being used as a prototype for a component of MementoMorium project that is going to Burning Man 2019.

4. Acknowledgements

I need to thank my friends Oleg and Olga who supported the idea for the project from the moment I verbalized it. Without their extensive involvement, Olga’s help with electrical components, Oleg’s financial support the project wouldn’t exist. I am so glad, that their project MementoMorium is now benefiting from my experience in return. And then there are all my friends in the Houston Burner community, who helped me during the build, some above and beyond  what I could have asked of them. If this wasn’t enough, I would like to extend my gratitude to all the people who have been contributing to the fundraiser.  Thank you so much! See you all at the Flipside!