Hello, lovely Flipiziens! It is I, Ste. Michelle, Patron Saint of Ticket Distribution!

I am your new Ticket Lead, and I promise to bring you a kinder and gentler Ticket process!!*

The 2019 Ticket Window is set in stone, making it difficult to see through it, and more like a date range than a window, but whatever. The date range is important because:

  • You have to register your ticket request on the website during this date-range, and
  • You have to mail in your completed ticket request during the same date-range.

It’s the second most important date range of the event (the most important date range ends on Memorial day, if you get my drift).

Things to remember:
– The date range is January 7-28, 2019.
– No personal checks
– Clear your cache
– Read the instructions
– No.personal.checks.
– No, seriously, read the instructions.

If you have difficulties, and you have actually read the instructions and cleared your cache, you can email the ticket lead from the contact page: I promise to respond. With actual answers. To questions you have actually asked. I’m fancy that way.

Bonus round things to know:
– Decorating your envelope is your first chance to gift your art to the burner community. It cheers up the ticket volunteers, and I’m not saying there’s a competition, but you might just win, and never know it.
– If you decorate your envelope to the extent that it may be difficult to get to us (gluing stuff to the outside, covering up the space for the address, not buying stamps), the USPS will sell you a stamped flat-rate envelope for under $7 that will protect your art and get it to us safely.
– If you muck it up, I might be able to help. But you should let me know ASAP.


*If you know me and the last few ticket leads, you should probably share your knowledge with other people who don’t know me at all. Muahahahahahah!

Love and Tickets,
Ste. Michelle,