Final Announce Round Up for 2022!

Last announce round up before Burning Flipside! 2022! (probably)

Final Work Weekend

May 13 to 15.

This is your last chance to kill the poison ivy in your camp before the event! Go to, log in, and select Event>Work Weekend 5 from the dropdown

HANDS NEEDED for Load In! Sat 21st May, all-day at Lloyd, the Flipside Warehouse: 3106 Industrial Terr, Austin TX 78758 and Apache Pastures

This is the day we load everything OUT of the warehouse and IN to the land. We especially need folks who can help out on land on Saturday. It’s a great opportunity to see the land empty, be part of making the thing happen, get a look at where your camp might be (camp placement subject to change), or scout the shady spots in the badlands. And get a fabulous Pre-Post t-shirt for your effort. It includes Flagging and City Signage set up on property. Go to, log in, and select Event>Load In 2022 from the dropdown. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CAMPOUT!

EVENT Volunteers Still Needed! Shifts Tuesday, May 23- Monday, May 30

How are you participating in making it go? There’s everything from Greeters to Safety Teams, from Ice to Apes! There are all sorts of shifts available – different lengths and different departments! There’s even a Volunteer Assistance Squad to help take care of other volunteers!

Go to, log in, and select Event> Burning Flipside 2022. You can clear the clutter by removing “Filled Shifts” and departments you aren’t volunteering for.

REGISTRATIONS! Deadline for Events and Art Cars: May 20th

Have an at-event event you want people to come to? Log in on the website and go to by MAY 20th. Disinfo will get the real info out! Got a badass art car you want to show off? Same link and deadline!

Art and Theme camp Reg are closed.But you can still see your already registered stuff by logging in and visiting

Registration Deadlines, Town Hall, and a Volunteer Round Up! Giddyup!

Howdy, Flipsidians! We’re getting close, so check out the latest from around the town!

DEADLINES: Register yer stuff! Got a theme camp? How about art? Want folks to find it? Log in and REGISTER BY APRIL 18th to get on the map! Register your amazing events and badass mutant vehicles while you’re at it.

Town Hall is a Go (so go to Town Hall)! The CC (Combustion Chamber) is bringing back Town Hall – part Announce-in-Person, part Volunteer Fest, ALL FUN! Come out for major community announcements, learn about volunteering opportunities, and reconnect with community. April 23, 2:34 PM at Lloyd the Warehouseat 3106 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758. Watch all channels for upcoming details.

BURNING FLIPSIDE RUNS ON VOLUNTEERS! Check out these awesome opportunities to participate!

DaFT: Want to get your art on before the event? DaFT (design and fabrication team) wants YOU to help build the effigy! No prior experience necessary – we can teach you! Join us Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons at Lloyd the warehouse. Can’t help now? Onsite assistance is also needed. Vaccination required for build. Show up with vax card or VaxYes verification. Questions about DaFT? Reach out to

For all other volunteer opportunities, from Pre-event to Post, Giddy-on-up and SIGN YOURSELF UP! (You’ll have to log in first).

Work Weekends: Come out to prepare the land for Flipside! WWs run from Friday evening thru Sunday afternoon, and you are welcome to camp overnight. The next one is coming up on April 15th – 17th.

Greeters: No experience necessary (except for shift leads). Training provided. Shifts are 3-4 hours long. Saturday shifts are great for interactive games and/or introducing younger kids to volunteering. (Parents must be with their children).

Zone Czars (formerly Zone Greeters): No prior experience needed (but we’re always looking for people who are great at parking RVs)! Shifts are 4 to 5 hours, starting on Wednesday.

Volunteer Assistant Squad: No training needed. Optional radio training is helpful. Shifts are 3 hours long.

Shaven Apes: No training required, just a helpful attitude! Do you like to help people build things? Shifts are 3 hours. We’re expanding Shaven Apes this year to help with tear-down as well, so if you’d like to help people GTFO, you can do that too!

Echelon: Radio Training required (offered pre-event and onsite). Shifts are 4 – 6 hours, and 12 for On Call supervisors.

Burn Night Perimeter: No experience required, except for shift leads. Shifts are 4 hours on Saturday for Temple burn and 6 hours on Burn Night. Get the best view of the crowd, and the burn!

For these and other opportunities, log in and SIGN UP! Not sure where you want to volunteer? Head on over to our Flipside Volunteer System and let the robots help you out! To learn more about each volunteer team, visit our Operations page.

See you soon!

Your Content Team

Registrations (and Lloyd!) are OPEN!

Hello Pyropolites, Flipizens, however you fashion yourselves! What makes Burning Flipside? Why, YOU do, of course! And HOW might you do that? Pick from the following! (Pick them all!)

THEME CAMPS: Registration is OPEN! What’s this “theme camp” you speak of? Theme Camps are part of what makes a burn a Burn! They provide the unique setting where we all get to play! Learn more at Got your theme camp already planned? Get it on the map and don’t be stuck in the Badlands! Log in to and register your awesome theme camp at and follow the trail (or find the link on the Theme Camp page above). Deadline April 18th, but the sooner you do it, the more time your placement team has to work out the details!

ART: Registration is ALSO OPEN! What is art? Go to a Combustion Chamber meeting for that perennial conversation. Got art you want on the map for Burning Flipside?  Log in to and register your awesome art at and follow the trail. Deadline April 18th. You can pre-register your Art Car(t) too!

VOLUNTEERS make it go! What else makes Burning Flipside Burning Flipside?YOU! This place won’t run itself. It runs on participation, and that includes everything that marks the event go (set up, break down, and feet on the ground!), makes it more comfortable (portos and ice!), and provides needed info and support (safety teams! greeters! etc!)Learn more about volunteer opportunities and link to the sign up forms at

COMMUNITY! By now you may have heard. Austin is in Stage 2 as far as this damn-pemic goes. What does that mean? It means Lloyd the Warehouse, the hub of our year-round community, is OPEN and Church Night has resumed. Come out on Wednesday evening to schmooze, plan, play, and enjoy each other’s company. Someone is usually there by 7 to open the building. Most activity takes place outside. Be prepared to wear your mask when inside the building, and as always, consent is important. Be respectful of each other’s space, and ask before you go in for that hug (and wait for the answer).

As always, love ya, mean it, and see you out there on the pecan playa!

Your Content Content Folks

Ticket window is closing! / Art news / Land Prep

Hello, Pyropolis! 

It’s your friendly comms folks with some new news of the utmost importance. We’ve got a lot to cover so strap in. Here. We. Goooooo… 

Ticket Requests must be postmarked by Monday, Feb. 28th

The ticket window for Burning Flipside 2022 is nearly closed. Complete your online requests, get your money order or cashier’s check (no personal checks), and have that envelope postmarked by Monday, February 28 (5 p.m. at most post offices!). You can save yourself some time by getting a money order at the post office itself. Decorating your envelope isn’t required but always entertains our ticket volunteers as well as the postal workers. So if you do please make sure addresses are legible and postage is attached. 

Get the complete ticket instructions here!

Art while you’re at it

While creating your ticket request consider digging a tiny bit deeper into those pockets and kicking a buck or ten to Ignition Philter, Burning Flipside’s sister organization that helps fund the art that goes to Flipside. If you want to crate a piece of art to bring out consider applying for a grant. If you like being judgy (and who doesn’t?) you can also apply to be on Ignition Philter’s jury and help decide just who gets a piece of that sweet, sweet art grant pie. Mmmmm…pie. 

Jury applications due February 28th (so, hurry!)

Grant applications due March 6th. 

Info, applications, and more ways to donate right cheer:

sTicket designs wanted

Just how official is your art? Well, it always could be more official-er and ain’t nothing more official than having your art on the Burning Flipside 2022 stickers or tickets! Head to the link below for all the design guidelines. There you’ll also find a link to submit your work through the interwebs. Ah, technology. The submission deadline is March 30th so get to artin’.

Prep dat land

Have a propensity to get dirt under your fingernails? Want to develop one? Join our crew of dirty workers March 18-20 to help get the land ready for Flipside. All work weekends start at 6 pm on Friday and everyone must depart by 3 pm on Sunday. Work Weekends are Leave No Trace, BYO Everything, Socially Distanced events. Have questions? Need more info? Stay in the loop here

But if you’re going you’ll still have to sign up all official-like with your Flipside profile here:

One last thing

Stay closely tuned to this bat-channel for more details as Theme Camp and Art Registration will be open March 18 – April 18, 2022. 

Whew, you made it! That’s all for now, campers. Get those ticket requests in and start your art engines. We’ll be back with more soon.

Hugs and kisses,

The Burning Flipside Team

Ticket Requests Open / Make art happen!

Flipside Ticket Request is open right meow!

Rejoice, for the prophecy has come true! On the 14th of February in this year of our lord 2022, the ticket request window opened itself to the masses for all your requesting needs.

The point is if you want to come to Burning Flipside 2022 you need to create your request and get everything postmarked by February 28th for a shot at tickets.

Did you forget how it works? We got you, fam. The A, B, C’s of it all can be found at:

Give a little, for art’s sake.

While registering for your tickets you’ll see a checkable little box. That little box will be by some words. Those words will be “Ignition Philter” and, well, this will be your chance to be awesome.

Click that box to add a few shekels to your ticket request and help add a whole helluva lot of awesomeness to the burn for everyone else. Ignition Philter provides grants to people who make art so they can drag that art out to the middle of a pecan grove for all of our entertainment and the only thing separating you from being part of that is a tiny box.

Show that box who’s boss. You got this.

That’s all for now. Get those requests requested and stay tuned for more info on this bat-channel.

We’re gonna do the thing!

The Burning Flipside 2022 team

Burning Flipside 2022 – Volunteering, Tickets, and COVID

It’s been a long, dark two years and we’ve missed you all something fierce. The good news is, we believe Burning Flipside 2022 will triumphantly return to Apache Passtures, our very own Pecan Playa, this May 26th – 30th! 

That’s why Austin Artistic Reconstruction, area facilitators, leads, and other members of our community have already spent many, many hours discussing tickets, population size, COVID-19 protocols, and a billion other things to ensure we are throwing the safest event we can for all Flipizens. 

We love you, thanks for your patience, and now, the news…

Volunteer! Do a thing! Make it go! 

We’re mentioning this first because it’s just so freakin’ important. This thing you love, this thing you want to go to, the thing you’ve missed for two years…well, it cannot and will not happen if we don’t have the volunteers to make it happen. Historically, we are always wanting for medical volunteers (PETs) and also require specific numbers of safety volunteers such as rangers, guardians, sanctuary, and fire as all these people make sure…well, that nobody has a really bad day.

So, if you or a friend or an enemy or someone you pass on the street even thinks they can help out, do not hesitate to sign up now! The number of these volunteers we can count on directly affects both the number of tickets we can give out and, ultimately, if the event can happen at all. See? Important.

Do it here:

OMG! Tickets are a thing, OMG!

It’s really happening! So, update or make a new profile on and create those ticket requests. While you’re there, maybe donate to the nice folks at Ignition Philter who help get great art to Flipside, art dat envelope if you wanna entertain our volunteers, and mail that sucker in.

Ticket requests must be postmarked between February 14 (aww, Valentine’s Day) and February 28th (meh, somewhat less special day). 

This year, Adult tickets will cost $151, Teenagers 14-17 will cost $151, Kids 7-13 will cost $40, and Children 0-6 will still be free but must register for a ticket.

Never done this before? Forgotten how? No shame, it’s been a couple of years. Study up on the ticket process here:

COVID-19 and Flipside-2022

We’re gonna get serious for a second. Here’s the thing. It has become apparent to all involved we simply cannot maintain the minimum level of safety we require for such a significant gathering of our community without requiring all those involved to have received COVID-19 vaccinations. 

This decision was made out of logistical necessity and in no way is meant to take a political stance, judge, or exclude any in the Burning Flipside community. It was made in what we feel is the best interests of our Flipizen community as well as the larger Travis, Williamson, and Milam county community members. We love you and we want you to have a great time. So let’s just jump through these hoops together so we can art our hearts out, dance until our feet hurt, and fuck your burn like only Texas burners know how. 

For a complete explanation of our COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Policy (aka – everything you gotta do to get in) please, please, please, read all about it here:

Well, cats, kittens, and those who identify as both or neither, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more info on work weekends, department training events, and other opportunities to get plugged back in. We love you all so hard and can’t wait to see your faces!

Let’s do this!

Your Flipside team

Burning Flipside 2022

Hello Flipizens!

It feels like we’re finally digging out of the mess of the past year and a half, and Austin Artistic Reconstruction is optimistic that we’ll be able to have Burning Flipside in 2022. There are some things we do know and some things we don’t know at this point. This is to update the community on where we’re at.

  • Flipside will be held at the same time and place, Memorial Day weekend at Apache Passtures.
  • The theme will be what was intended for 2020: The Sacred and the Propane.
  • The effigy will also be the same: Stairway to Heaven.
  • The ticket window will be slightly later in the year, and will be shorter: probably one week in February.
  • Population cap is currently not decided. As always, volunteering levels will decide overall population.
  • There will be some Covid-19 precautions at Burning Flipside 2022. Their exact nature, and how they will be implemented in our ticket system and at Gate, is not yet decided.

We realize that Covid-19 could still throw us a curveball, so be prepared for this to change.

Flipside hasn’t been the first thing on anyone’s mind in a while, but it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll bring in terms of volunteering, art, and theme camps. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on the pecan playa.