Art & Theme-Camp Registration Now Open

Bringing an art project, art car, or theme camp to Flipside this year? Register it!

All theme camps need to be registered in order to be placed. Providing complete and accurate information will help the City Planning team make sure everyone has enough room and is well situated in our fair city of Pyropolis.

Most art installations do not need to be registered (the exception is burnable art), but if you do register, your project can be placed on the map so everyone can find it.

Art cars need to be registered (read more about art cars here). This can be done in advance or on site, but who wants to fill out a bunch of forms on site? Do it ahead of time.

Finally, if you’re holding an event at Flipside, you can register your event so it gets on a schedule where people can find out about it.

Register here. You’ll need to be signed in.