CC Meeting 14 September 2015




# STACK: Decibel

# SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

# ATTENDEES (24): Chim-Chim, Commander Awesomepants, Hawk, Problem, Adam, Clovis, Donut, Thomas, Breezy, Decibel, Doc Mitz, Dahling, Gyesika, Prost, Alex, Chloe, Turtlebunnie, Pixie, Monkey, Beth, Wrinn, Izzy, Emily, Psyche


# 7:58pm LLC UPDATE [Problem]

  • AAR/LLC took a vacation
  • Genesis AF position created
    • Duties/Responsibilities
      • Greeters, Zone Czars, Parking, Onsite tow truck driver
      • Julie Oliver is the new Genesis AF; Originally the Greeter Lead this past year
      • This position will go through a 1 year trial

# 8:00pm REGIONAL UPDATE [Clovis]

  • There was a Regional meeting at Burning Man
  • Remind me to remind you to remind me about that regional thing.” –Thomas to Clovis
  • Austin art project did well

# 8:01pm AF UPDATE [Commander Awesomepants, Clovis, Dahling]

  • Warehouse is mostly moved
  • Organized and labeled in big rows on shelves
  • Another weekend still needed for moving
  • We have a new dumpster delivered
  • The community truck has arrived back from Burning Man—GET YOUR STUFF
  • There will be a recycling run
  • The Goddess of Unfinished projects will be the LAST thing to be moved
  • There will be a couple of big loads going with individuals
  • Issue with storage of propane and gas cans—Limited to (3)
  • There are concerns about the doors being smaller
  • Suggestion: Make tool room smaller to have a separate room as a machine shop for welding classes
  • Help is still needed this weekend
  • Plumbing will be done after the falls are finished
  • Tarp cleaning party is needed
  • Leads nominations is currently being together; Announcement will be made at Town Hall; Contact Dahling for more info

# 8:10pm TOPIC: Exodus [Wrinn]

  • Background: Exodus started after Burn; Short-staffed; Exodus Lead needs to be ICS trained (operational issue) and should be a liability Lead position
  • Serious (Safety AF) had idea: At the last AF meeting, discussion denoted many leads to be ICS trained, and there was discussion over ways to roll Rangers to get Exodus started sooner
  • Issue: When packing up for Exodus, there were a few unsafe driving speeds occurring, especially with mud
  • Challenge: What do we do if Exodus occurs in the middle of the event? (Needs community input)
  • Issue: Dissemination of information; Convincing people there is a problem even when people know to leave
  • THANKS to the Exodus Lead this year for helping at the last minute
  • Issue: Traffic flow off property—Getting in/out expediently
  • Challenge: Having an emergency Exodus plan and being explicit in communication
  • Note: Exodus issues did not start until Monday afternoon
  • Discussion: How far in advance do we need people gone by 5pm
  • Discussion: This is a logistical problem no matter how well prepared we are
  • Issue: When hundreds are left behind, there are crews in planning/infrastructure who needs to leave but won’t/can’t because they do not want to leave stranded people behind
  • We must think in realistic terms; Always remember the ‘hippie’ factor; Plan for it; EMBRACE THE SUCK
  • There actually are several exits off the property and routes available
  • Volunteering verbally is insufficient; Plan ahead, put it in writing, and commit to it
  • Motion made and passed: Postpone closing of topic until Kate has reviewed minutes and confirms all that has been discussed regarding the topic of Exodus

# 8:37pm TOPIC: TOWN HALL [Beth]

  • Emily, our Off-Seasons Events Coordinator is rocking along, gathering volunteers, booking the portapotty, working on some art ideas, and more. She’s handling all the technical aspects of the event, and is doing a magnificent job. 
  • From our standpoint, everything planning wise is also going well, one of the things I wanted to do tonight was make sure that everyone had checked in with the AF Buddy, but I can’t seem to find the list of who was paired with whom. If any one has that, I’d appreciate it. 
  • TurtleBunnie is handling the Town Hall Voting, so we just need to see what supplies she needs. 
  • We’ll need to make sure we have a fresh stack of waivers. I brought the clipboard back, and also donated a new plastic one. It has pickle duct tape on it. The pickle is saying “Dill with it.” 
  • We should locate the CC sign, I’m pretty sure it made it over to the new WH. Though, it would be cool to have an nicer sign. 
  • We’re still figuring out sound, but we’ve got enough options and time. 
  • Beth is working on getting the DJ lineup set. The current theme that has emerged was “Current/Former CC members” and it’s working out awesomely. Aka “Beth is a Badass.”
  • Monk is donating his time to make an “Old WH” logo, that we’re burning to a screen, and setting up a “Make your own swag” station. We’re pretty sure we’ve already got all the items for that, we’ll just need the screen. Pixie is donating a lot of that.=, but she’s newly un-deserted, and is jumping right back into things.
  • John England has volunteered to bring a robotic bartender, that lights up and can make something like 50 different types of drinks. It’s pretty rad in action. 
  • As of right now, we are not intending to rent a portapotty to this. 
    • Welcome (Kate?)
    • Dedication (Kate?)
    • LLC
    • AF/Volunteers (Prost/Dahling)
    • Themes/Voting (Turtlebunnie)
    • Stickets (Pixie, Rusty, Suzie)
    • DAFT (Bonobo)
    • Warehouse (Henry)
    • CC update (Clovis
    • Closing: 1) Earth Guardian 2) Community announcements 3) Theme announcement
    • Each agenda item will last no longer than 5 minutes
    • Presentations will be no longer than 2 minutes
    • Voting will last at least 30 minutes
    • Emily and Kate will need to see the current layout at the new warehouse
    • Ensure buildout stuff/insulation piles are cleared out
    • Discuss with warehouse manager
    • Move the stage risers
    • Announce LNT at the beginning and end of Town Hall
    • Keep the meeting portion short; Let people be more social
    • Need to move a couple of shade structures for outside
    • Issue: ADA compliance: There is no ramp at the new warehouse
    • It would be nice to have a big step to make it easier to get through into the warehouse
    • Suggestion: Have team hang up art to make it not look so industrial; Art is currently taking up a corner; Putting art up can free up space
    • Theme registration has already been published; Clarify 2 minute rule
    • DO NOT PARK IN THE PARKING LOT FOR TOWN HALL!!! Park in the street or carpool
    • Set the tone: Emphasize LNT, and communicate in palindrome form at the beginning/end
    • We have interesting neighbors—Possibility for constructive relationships
    • Volunteering starts at 11am
    • Tailgating starts at Noon
    • Town Hall 2:30pm-4pm
    • Afterparty starts at 7pm: DJs consist of former/current CC members
    • Monk will have an old warehouse screen for people to make their own schwag
    • John England will be bringing a robotic bartender
    • Discussion over renting port-o-potty for event
    • BRING CHAIRS for afterparty
    • Move fridge to new warehouse

# 9:13pm TOPIC: Calendaring (All CC)

  • 9/28: Town Hall Review (Kate); CC Effectiveness (Adam)
  • 10/19: Meeting Room Booking Policies (Beth); Warehouse Storage Policy (Prost)
  • 11/2: CC Handbook Draft Review (Pixie); CC retreat (Pixie)
  • 11/16: Art @ Church Night (Turtlebunnie, Dawn); More Large Burnable Art (Breezy, Serious)
  • 11/30: Adult Camp Follow Up (Breezy)
  • 12/14: Cultural Appropriation/-ism Discussion (Doug?)
  • 1/4: Calendaring (All); Volunteer Recruitment (Dahling)
  • 1/18: Kids, Families, Policies, and Culture, Safety (Bonobo); LNT—What does it mean to us? (Wrinn)
    • Deadline: 10/15—Get topics to Pixie for CC handbook
    • AI: Bring up topics to discuss at Town Hall; Topics should be calendared 2-3 weeks out; Discuss things important to the community
    • Issue: Explicit policies on storage at the warehouse, and enforcement on policies (operational issue)

# NEXT MEETING: Monday, September 28


# STACK: Turtlebunnie

# SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

# TOPICS: Town Hall Review (Kate); CC Effectiveness (Adam)