CC Meeting 17 August 2015


# MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 2015

# FACILITATOR: Turtlebunnie

# STACK: Kate

# SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

# ATTENDEES (23): Problem, Izzi, Adam, Turtlebunnie, Mer, Pixie, Kate, Serious, Decibel, Henry, Cooper, Chim-Chim, Julie, Dahling, Gyesika, Prost, Kat, Emily, Wrinn, Monkey, Clovis, Bonobo, Susan

# TOPICS: Town Hall (all); Early dropoff/vendor interaction (Adam)


# 7:57pm AAR/LLC UPDATE (Problem)

  • A Flipside Flood Relief fundraiser happened last weekend, and was a success; Another fundraiser will be happening this weekend, Saturday, August 22. See Facebook for more details
  • The new warehouse is coming along; The lease is signed, and insurance is done; Breaker box is currently being installed; Demolition of old rooms will be getting started, and the building of new stuff will be soon
  • Approximate use of the new warehouse is TBA; Items from the old warehouse will begin moving in September; Uncertain as to whether new waivers will need to be signed at the new warehouse
  • Itinerary for moving items from the old warehouse to the new warehouse: There will be (2) weekends—1) Labor day weekend; and, 2) the following weekend which will be the BIG MOVE; Completion of move should be done two weeks before Town Hall; Night runs will occur in early September during the week when the temperatures are lower
  • Announce date for those interested in cleaning out personal items before the move will be every Church Night on Wednesday and every Saturday/Sunday; If you see something that doesn’t have a name on it, and you think the individual would want it, contact Meredith (360 AF); Contact Meredith also if you, or anyone you know, may be interested in joining the Warehouse Art Relocation Team; Pics have been taken in and around the warehouse, and a photo album is currently being edited

# 8:08pm AF UPDATE (Dahling)

  • Had a meeting yesterday; Discussion topics—Shuffling, Leads, consolidation; Meeting lasted 6 hours; Organizational chart is currently being reviewed

# 8:09pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

  • Burning Man is happening
  • A community truck is still being arranged to bring stuff out to the playa (see previous meeting minutes for more info)

# 8:09pm TOPIC: TOWN HALL (All)

  • Discussion is over FORMAT and AGENDA items
  • Parking lot is smaller at the new warehouse; Considering blocking parking lot off for the event; There will be space for booths, if needed
  • Suggest tables inside; Logistics being considered
  • In the Fall Town Hall, most booths are people who are pimping their theme; Consider LLC and CC booths (inside/outside warehouse?)
  • Suggestion for Kate, Emily, and other Town Hall organizers go in person to view the new warehouse to get a better idea
  • We should offer all entities (LLC, CC, AFs, etc.) a station; Some of the community will be bitching of the new space; Others will be nostalgic; One of the most important things of Town Hall is to make people fall in love with the new space and motivate them to see the new potential; We need to remember, as a community, we have to absolutely BRING IT
  • Consider presenting diagrams of where spaces are, including spaces neighbors have, etc.
  • Idea of having the tables outside the door, and everyone who walks by, sees the table, including signs encouraging them to volunteer; Also can be a table to sign waivers; Can be a nice greeter station; People promoting themes can set up inside the perimeter
  • Izzi can help run a tour of the new warehouse for those interested
  • JOB DESCRIPTIONS (from the CC standpoint):
    • PRODUCER (Kate): Secure MC; Set agenda
    • EVENT COORDINATOR (Emily): Securing port-o-potties
    • CC: Recruits volunteers for various things (set up chairs, stage, parking, etc.); Helps manage volunteers

# 8:28pm MOTION: As producer, Kate is empowered to make final decisions, and the agenda has been delegated to Kate; Motion was BLOCKED

  • The theme suggestion is TBA; The “Save-the-Date” has gone out
  • Town Hall will be at the NEW WAREHOUSE
  • The after-party following Town Hall will be at the OLD WAREHOUSE
  • AI: Putting our own EAST-like event (set as topic for the next Calendaring session on 09/14)
    • Stickit Stuff
    • Presentation of Themes
    • Theme voting
    • LLC update
    • AF info/Volunteering
    • Leads process
    • CC report
    • Census update
    • Warehouse stuff presentation
    • Moop map presentation
    • DAFT presentation
    • More Stickit stuff
    • Theme announcement
    • Community announcements
    • (Adam will copy all agenda items onto the list
  • Consider dedication ceremony; Grand opening for Town Hall at the new warehouse? Not yet—Consider Town Hall to be a SOFT opening for the new warehouse; The warehouse is not going to be ready yet when Town Hall happens; It’s still a work in progress; Bare studs = DECORUM
  • Vital info can be presented in a short amount of time
  • Time keeper?
  • Getting people to respond online is more difficult than in person
  • Discussion over artifying the new warehouse with art panels (murals); Also, suggest a guest book for the new warehouse
  • Fall Town Hall is 5 WEEKS out
  • MC: tba
    • WELCOME (Kate)
    • DEDICATION (Kate)
    • LLC
    • THEMES/VOTE (Theme presentation czar?): (Kate, Turtlebunnie)
    • STICKITS (Pixie)
    • AF UPDATE/VOLUNTEERISM (Prost, Dahling)
    • DAFT (Bonobo): Contact former DAFT list
    • WAREHOUSE (Henry)
      • Each speaker will have (5) minutes


  • HISTORY: Early entry for theme camps got introduced 7-8 years ago, and has expanded every year since; Early entry was extended to Theme Camps and Art Installations, especially when the need extra time to setup; With some of the biggest Theme Camp and Art Installations, even early entry was not enough; In a handful of cases, we have permitted Theme Camps to drop off part of their infrastructure and/or pick up the following Saturday after the event ended; In a few cases, we have had Theme Camps that wanted bulk fuel dropped off from the same vendor we get fuel from; There have been a few inquiries of having vendors drop off materials that Theme Camps could not/would not bring themselves. Is this GOOD or BAD? If it’s good, what are the parameters?
  • There was an inquiry of having a large volume of food being dropped off which didn’t happen (catering situation)
  • Issue with dropping off fuel at a theme camp when no one was there
  • If you are having something dropped off at early entry, you must have someone there to sign off for it; If you just wanted to have something dropped off and get early entry just to sign off for it, you would be denied; This was a problem and a reason to avoid it becoming a problem in the future
  • Question: From a logistical standpoint, if a vendor shows up after the event has started, should we let them through the gate?
  • Question: If a theme camp wants to have something dropped off by the vendor, should we have them meet at the gate, come on in, or scale back?
  • Pre- and Post- issue: Doing Exodus is a pain in the ass when people leave stuff on property
  • Early entry has an impact on the community and host
  • Post-event: There is NO allowance to let people leave their stuff on the property until Saturday; However, exceptions happen; Everything is supposed to be off, and it has been getting worse, impacting post-op operations; Everyone should be off property by Monday at 5pm
  • Recommend policy via Accommodations—Health safety reasons should be considered when making accommodations (i.e. getting hay)
  • Early entry is a case-by-case basis to be used in moderation
  • 3 areas of big Theme Camps: Generator, Fuel, and Other Stuff; Limit use of same vendor; Designate a liaison; Ensure drop-off is not at wrong place; Outlier is acceptable; Theme camps can be required to pick up their generators at the gate; Limitations can impact Theme camps’/Villages’ ability to bring space to the community
  • Regarding Registered Art/Installations: Limiting things that can come early is okay; Allowing camps to think its okay to leave things that haven’t been registered is a slippery slope, and needs repercussion
  • Options regarding MONEY: Charge people to have vendor deliveries that are not part of the event; Make it organized with all info getting delivered; If we are pushing beyond the boundaries of what the event is providing, it would be reasonable to pay money; Have a policy to pay for delivery; Buy early entry passes; Approved vendor list—Not necessarily exclusive, but consists of a superset of lists; One cannot simply just get something delivered to the land
  • Suggestion: Create approved vendors list, and have accountability for pickup
  • Suggestion: Be flexible; Set policy
  • Art/Theme Camp Execution: Adhere to principles
  • Large Art Projects: Make accommodations and limit scope of art projects
  • AAR Discussion:
    • Local vendors vs. landowner (e.g. hay)
    • Commodification issues
    • Money-changing at event
    • Question: What can we do to stop vendor use from getting bigger?
    • Discussion over not letting vendors in during the event
    • Approved vendor list
    • Note: Equipment is already set in advance
  • Discussion over Accommodation/Favoratism: Because it’s open to everyone, if you have a big project, it’s NOT favoritism; There is a limiting factor—Regressive tax for extra dollars (weight, volume, how much infrastructure needs to be delivered); Anticipating the problem, and making sure application and placement happens late; When requesting shipment, have fuel drop-offs on Tuesday, Theme Camps early entry on Wednesday; Having approved vendor lists is like having camp dues; Have batch numbers for accountability, and utilize 100% pre-approval and deadlines
  • I’M AWESOME!” –Dahling
  • Typically, Art logistics deliver art from the warehouse to the site on Saturday
  • In order to foster big art, people may need heavy equipment

# NEXT MEETING: Monday, September 14, 2015


# STACK: Decibel

# SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

# TOPICS: Town Hall (Kate), Calendaring (all), Exodus (Wrinn)