CC Meeting 28 September2015




STACK: Turtlebunnie

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

ATTENDEES (24): Izzy, Problem, Adam, Thomas, Princess, Beth, Kat, Pixie, Turtlebunnie, Chim-Chim, Henry, Hawk, Breezy, Dahling, Monkey, Kate, Doc Mitz, Oxyace, Private Bare, Decibel, Clovis, Samantha, Bonobo, Jedi


7:53pm AAR/LLC UPDATE (Problem)

The office space will be completed shortly

No theme has been selected for Flipside 2016

Internet for the new warehouse is currently being worked on

DO NOT leave anything at the warehouse, even if it’s considered a donation; The warehouse has to make room before accommodating stuff; Please leave beer/Gatorade/water in the fridge; Non-consumable items will not allowed at the warehouse

7:57pm AF UPDATE (Dahling)

Nominations for Leads are happening; 62 positions are available; This is an opportunity to apply for a position; You don’t have to be a Lead, but can be part of the team; Leads nominations ends October 26;

Leads retreat will be on the weekend of November 15

4 new Leads created—Volunteer Assistant Squad, Tactical Art Installation and Navigation Team (TAINT), Genesis AF, and Safety AF

LEADS RECRUITMENT: Half the Lead roles have been filled; All positions are chances to learn

More information on Leads nominations and volunteer recruitment will be available soon via link from Susan

8:13pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

Letter of Intent (LOI) is due  out in October/November—This is a chance to receive art grant money from Burning Man; Money received goes toward your art project for Burning Man. If you, or someone you know, is interested in applying for an art grant from Burning Man, watch for email


Town Hall overall was a SUCCESS!!!

DRAWBACKS: 1) Need more shade; 2) Heat management (inside/outside warehouse); 3) Conduct meeting with more decorum; 4) Voting process could be improved; 5) Coordinate better on port-o-potties; 6) Better timekeeping; 7) DO NOT PARK IN THE LOT NEXT DOOR; Park in the street; 8) 6-packs full of empty bottles in the fridge and crushed cans behind certain areas of the warehouse are considered MOOP; 9) Need to run sound OUTSIDE; Develop a short list of sound people to contact for future warehouse events; A sound system for the warehouse is in the works; 10) Check with the warehouse managers before donating anything to the warehouse

MOTION: To discuss how we vote on themes; MOTION PASSES; Monkey will speak on this topic, and the topic will be put on the calendar


BACKGROUND: CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT, the Combustion Chamber (CC) handbook WILL outline the CC functions and responsibilities, and this will improve CC effectiveness; Discussion for this topic is specifically over what to do to become more effective; Although efficiency is nice, we don’t want to confuse it with effectiveness; We can do better to stay on top of meetings

GOAL: Effectiveness

CHALLENGES: There is not leader of the CC; This is a FLAT organization; The challenge is to define ways to backstop themselves to make CC operate more effectively.

DISCUSSION: Options regarding Action Items (AIs)—Designate a Task Master/Mistress/Taskinator; Owner of AI determines date, and reports back on that specified date; POINT OF INFORMATION—CC did have a Taskmaster in the past; Use Trello or Slack

A lot of the same things that prove efficiency also prove effectiveness; We ought to keep things short and concise; Consider renaming meetings to ‘PARTIES’; Some people who ramble, although not the best communicators, are sometimes trying to make a point; We want to make sure that all responsibilities we take on for Flipside and the money, time, effort, and warehouse is managed and reflected back-and-forth; The efficacy of a meeting is not predicated on the efficiencies or other shorthand that can call for people’s respect for time (mechanics); The point is to: 1) Have ideas; 2) Communicate; 3) Decide; 4) Deliver; We are FAILING on those; We need to sharpen our focus on specific tasks, especially those topics (ticket prices, shrinking the size of the event) that can get kicked back and discussed at a later date; Identify key things we can’t drop and spend time on the rest of it

Certain demographics (e.g. Those participants in their 20’s) will typically not get involved with CC meetings

When someone takes on a position/responsibility, we should all support that person, and ask how we can further help support

CC is NOT an operational body (with the exception of Town Hall)

Consider meeting up as a CC body at Flipside and having an OPEN FORUM at the creek—This would be good for community outreach where lots of ideas are pursued; Attend Church Night and ask community for topics to bring up with the CC/LLC in trying to make a better community

MOTION BACKGROUND: Considering we talk for a while over process/CC handbook, does anyone have a philosophical objection to holding people to those rules? It’s been stated that we can’t hold people to rules because ‘that’s not nice’

MOTION: To commit trying to hold down those rules; Motion passes

THE PHILOSOPHY OF PROCESS: The process is supposed to serve the body and not vice versa; The process can protect people from the efficiency of the meeting

The community has to take care of itself; There are always questions of why aren’t we taking care of [insert complaint here]

READ THE BOOK “The Tyranny of Structurelessness”

Research Trello and Slack

The most important items from the CC meeting minutes are the TASKS, MOTIONS (and blocks of motions, with explanations of the block), and SPECIFIC ITEMS

Ask the community, “What would you like to see at the new warehouse?”

Develop Quick Guide for Trello; Set up projector for how to use Trello

MOTION: To add AIs to end of each meeting—a review of immediate AIs to ensure we are staying on task; MOTION BLOCKED; Reason—Need to specify or explicitly call out and separate items into different MOTIONS, and work with each motion

MOTION: To add to recurring agenda at the end of our meetings time to discuss existing action items (AIs); MOTION PASSES

MOTION: To manage AIs—Set for the next meeting; CC will decide in brief discussion at the next meeting what tools (Trello, Slack, Google docs, etc.) to use; MOTION PASSES

MOTION: Pursuant to the discussion of what tools to use, we move to gather requirements for that tool so that we evaluate that tool, and have requirements for said tool for the next tool; Motion is to use Trello; MOTION PASSES

POINT OF INFORMATION: AAR/LLC is currently working to make task management happen easily

MOTION: If you take an AI, you are responsible to put it in Trello; MOTION BLOCKED; Reason NA

Turtlebunnie volunteers as Tribune to work with Trello

MOTION: When a motion is made, a second stack will be used until the motion is complete, and then we return to discussion; There shall be no more than ONE MOTION at a time; AMENDMENTS go on stack; MOTION BLOCKED; Reason—Request for further discussion online with other members to weigh in; Discussion is kicked to the next meeting; POST PROPOSAL TO CC LIST that acts as a motion


We are a consensus body…silence is consent if you don’t say anything


Theme Voting Process (Monkey) scheduled for Monday, November 30, 2015

NEXT MEETING: Monday, October 19, 2015


STACK: Breezy

SCRIBE: Charlcye

TOPICS: Meeting Room Booking Policies (Beth); Warehouse Storage Policy (Prost)